Re-Summoned Hero Episode 116

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The failed method so far.
Dina’s home cooking.
New metal, Dragon Iron.

「Is it a difficult to obtain material?」
In response to Souta’s question, Antgar groaned and then nodded while being vague.
「Umu, it’s a difficult material to obtain, but more than that, it’s necessary to obtain permission from the country… I’ve recently neglected the job to make weapons, so it’s possible I won’t get the permission.」
「I don’t know how to get permission but, is it not good if we get the permit instead?」
Antgar thought with his arm folded.

「… I think it’s not good. The mountain where we can get Dragon Iron is state-owned. Basically, only dwarves can get the permission. Furthermore, even as a dwarf, you can’t get permission without applying as a blacksmith to the country.」
Antgar’s expression became more severe.
「That means, we need someone to give us…」
When Souta said that far, Antgar cut him off with a shook of his head.
「Not good too, huh? Then, there is only one way, Antgar, you have no choice but to get permission. If it doesn’t work, we will think about it again then.」
「…… Alright, let’s do that. But, even with permission, mining it is difficult. Before, anyone could get it. At the times of its discovery, many dwarves were pushing to mine it.」
He talked with a nostalgic expression on his face, but it changed to a more serious one from there.

「With new metal, everyone was excited and not pacing themselves. That was when an accident happened. There were a large number of monsters in the mine, I didn’t know how that many monsters appeared, they could be attracted by the magic power the Dragon Iron emitted, or they could feel threatened that the Dragon Iron being exhausted, in any case, it was expected that the reason is related to Dragon Iron.」
「I see… In that regard, there is no problem if I’m here. I will escort you to the mining site, you will do the mining, Antgar.」
Souta said that as if it was obvious, but Antgar was quite surprised by his remark.

「Wa-Wait a minute. Did you not hear what I said? I’m not talking about goblin when I said monsters, you know? Their ranks are high and there are a lot of them. Even other blacksmiths could only get a small amount at the mining point near the entrance if they’re lucky.」
Antgar panicked, while Souta only responded with a nod.
「Like I said, rest assured. I will be their opponent. Don’t be stingy and only take a small amount in front, we will get a large amount in the back. I got a magic bag, so carrying it would be easy.」
Antgar was looking at the confident Souta with his mouth half-opened.

「Souta-san, Antgar-san is worried because he doesn’t know Souta-san’s power.」
Dina supplemented an explanation for the two that were talking out of sync.
「Oh, right. But, how can I show my power…」
「We-Well then, there is a square at the back where you can try your weapon. You can show me there.」
After saying so, without waiting for their reply, Antgar stood up and walked to the square. Souta and Dina didn’t say anything and decided to follow. There, there were several targets made out of wood.

「So, what should I do? You don’t say I need to cut down those woods, right?」
「No, no, I will prepare another target, I made this quite a long time ago, but it couldn’t be used for slashing trial because most of the weapons would lose against this. If you can scratch it, I will believe in your power.」
While saying that, Antgar went to take out a puppet from the hut at the edge of the square. He carried it with a trolley, the muscles on both of his arms were bulging out.

「Hahh~hahh~ t-this. try to scratch this.」
What Antgar brought was a puppet that colored red, blue, yellow, and green depending on the angle it was viewed.
「…It’s creepy.」
「Yeah, it’s creepy.」
「S-Shut it! It doesn’t matter how it looks, it was made with dragon iron and various other ores. That’s why it’s super hard. I created it long ago, but no one has ever been able to scratch it.」
Antgar explained about the puppet while feeling upset from the reaction of Souta and Dina.

「I see, which weapon should I use?」
「I don’t care what weapon you use, but I’m not responsible if your weapon breaks.」
Souta thought for a bit and then took out an iron sword while pretending he took it out from the magic bag.
「In that case, maybe this is fine?」
With the iron sword in his right hand, Souta took a couple of practice swings.
「Oi-Oioi, is that an ordinary sword? Would you be okay?」
Antgar was surprised to see the sword Souta took out was nothing special at a first glance.

「Ahhh, it’s just a normal iron sword. I mean you did mention of the possibility of it getting broken. So, it’s natural to use a low-value weapon.」
「I did say that, yeah, but with such weapon…」
Souta moved to the front of the puppet and took a stance even before Antgar finished talking.
Antgar tried to call him, but Souta was too concentrated that the voice didn’t reach him.

Along with his voice, he swung down the sword filled with his fighting spirit. The moment the sword and the puppet collided, a loud metallic sound rang.
「Ahh, so that’s not an exaggeration.」
The iron sword in Souta’s hand broke in the middle, the broken tip flew away and stuck into the ground.

「L-Look, no way a sword like that can make a scratch on this.」
Antgar was proud about the perfection of his puppet, hiding the fact he was thrilled with how Souta’s weapon broke.
「No, I got it scratched alright. Look, see here.」
Antgar and Dina moved closer to check the puppet’s shoulder. There was certainly a scratch made by the previous attack.
「Ahh, you’re right. To be able to make a scratch on it with only common sword, as expected, Souta is amazing!」
「Uhh, b-but, I don’t really know with only this much damage.」
Upon confirming the scratch, Dina praised Souta while Antgar was being a sore loser.

「Okay, then I will show a better result.」

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