Re-Summoned Hero Episode 115

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Tea discussion.
Souta: 「This is what I wanted to make.」
Antgar: 「I think I can understand…」

Antgar had obstinately refused until just now, on our way to this room, he planned to only hear the story. However, now that he heard the explanation, rather than 「we will create it together,」 his feeling had changed into 「I absolutely want to see this created.」
「So, what should I do?」
The words that came out from Antgar mouth were neither negative remark nor doubt, but a question about the work.
「You will do it? But, that’s a hard question to answer… I failed to create it in the end after all. That’s why I’m going to tell you how we did it before. If you notice something, please give me your opinion.」
「Alright, let’s hear about it.」
Antgar nodded to Souta’s request.

The idea he and Raugo had, which one they implemented, the materials used, and what was created from it, Souta talked about those as accurately as possible. Whenever Antgar had something he had in mind while Souta telling his method, they would stop the talk and discussed it further before continuing. Since the content of their talk varied widely, their exchange continued until noon without stopping.

Seeing the two in their own world without paying attention to the current time, Dina borrowed the kitchen and prepared lunch. Souta and Antgar stopped talking when delicious smell drifting from the dining room adjacent to this room tickled their nasal cavity.
「Looks like both of you have noticed, it’s already lunchtime. I prepared lunch in the room over there, also I used your kitchen and ingredients without permission, I hope you’re don’t mind…」
When enquired so, Antgar entered the dining room and felt astonished.
「Of course not, I don’t mind at all whatever you used, though… so you can make this much with only that little amount of ingredients, huh?」

The three got seated and started to eat. Souta and Dina started theirs with the usual 「itadakimasu」 as Antgar who was in the middle of bringing the food to his mouth cocked his head when he saw it. The dishes Dina made with the ingredients she had on hand was just enough amount to satisfy the two male, and since it had been a long time since the last time Antgar ate home-cooking of someone else, he shed some tears halfway through the end.

After finishing the meals, Souta and Dina ended it with 「gochisousama,」 this time, Antgar followed after them and said it too after he finished.
「It was delicious, indeed. I cooked using the same ingredients, but this’s superb.」
「Thank you for your compliment. Hunger is the best spice, so I think that was a big factor.」
「No, just like what Antgar said, it was indeed delicious. It had been a long time since I ate your home-cooking, but, it seems your skill doesn’t get dulled.」
Seeing Dina’s humility, Souta followed up after Antgar and expressed his impression.

「Err, yes, thank you. I will clean these up, so please continue your talk.」
After replying so, Dina started to pick up the dishes, her cheeks dyed red, but the two went back to the living room without realizing that.
「Fufufu, I’m glad, he said it was delicious.」

After returning to the living room, they resumed checking the creation method and picking up the problems. Antgar would propose a solution to the problem based on the newly devised technique between now and a thousand years ago. Their conclusion was even if they could make an improved version with the proposed method, it would still hard to make what Souta wanted.

When the sun went down, they started to talk about the creation of Izayoi.
「This is what Raugo and I have created. This is the list of materials we used, it’s not just metals, but also a mixture of other things, so I don’t actually know anymore which actually worked.」
Antgar was thinking about the possible interactions while looking at the list written in the note showed by Souta.
「This and this is…… No, but there are these two here, isn’t there?…」
Souta decided to not rush him and wait for Antgar to draw a conclusion. A few minutes later, Antgar raised his face.

「I see, it looks like we can variously tweak the last method. First, the raw material, there is this item called Tears of Spirit, I need enough to fill this bottle. Also, a couple of fire dragon’s scales and a lump of dragon iron, that should be it.」
The Tears of Spirit wasn’t actually tears shed by a spirit, it was a crystal clear magical water that rarely circulated in the market. Fire dragon’s scales were, like its name suggested, the scales of a dragon that controlled fire.
「I know the first two, I think I can prepare them, I also can imagine what they will be used for. But…… the last item, dragon iron, sorry, but I never heard of it.」
However, Souta wasn’t familiar with any item called dragon iron.

「I miss the chance to ask you this, but are you really the hero of a thousand years ago? Do this means you’re a thousand years old now?」
Only know Souta realized that while he did mention he was a hero from a thousand years ago, he never actually explained more about that at all.
「Come to think of it, I never explained it didn’t I? There is no doubt that I am the hero that was summoned a thousand years ago, the part in the legend where I was repatriated was also true. Though the detail of that is different.」
「Heee~ it’s amazing. It might not be so if I’m an elf or something, but for a hero from a thousand years ago and a dwarf like me to meet, yep amazing.」
As if his vocabulary suddenly went on vacation, Antgar increasingly using the word amazing over and over.

「Then, a few months ago, heroes were summoned in the human country. At that time, I, who was close by the heroes was dragged along and summoned here again. I don’t think there is anybody who connected me with the hero from a thousand years ago, so the secret is still not out yet. Then I managed to get out from the castle and go on a journey. By the way, just for information, the time I spent in my original world was about three years.」
「Hoee~ so that explains your youth? I thought your original world is a world which know the secret of rejuvenation and you lived there for a thousand years.」
Rather than the summoning, it seemed Antgar was more interested in the secret of rejuvenation.

「But that’s the thing, dragon iron wasn’t something that was discovered a thousand years ago. There is “dragon” in its name, but is it related to another dragon? or is it not? In any case, that kind of metal was discovered. Was it about several hundred years ago? If so, it’s no wonder I don’t know.」
This time, it was Souta that got excited by Antgar’s words.
「So, there is a metal like that, huh? Don’t you get excited when you hear new metal? Where can I get it?」
A smile floated on Souta’s face as he kept speaking.

「The problem is that…」
Antgar said so with a difficult expression.

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