Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 17

Unexpected Encounter


The next day after the attack of War God’s Great Sword, while dragging my tired body, I was walking through the city to visit a certain store.


The distance to that store was by no means far.
But for some reason, today, I felt tired from the short journey, I let out a sigh.
That said, what I felt wasn’t physical fatigue.
Only two days have passed since the phoenix subjugation, but as of yesterday, my body had completely recovered.
And yet now, my mental fatigue made my gait heavy.

The cause of that fatigue was the case with Narsena last night.

When I rejected her proposal to buy a party’s house yesterday, Narsena was visibly depressed.
I was feeling guilty and worried about that, but when Narsena came back to the inn after sunset, she was back to her usual self.
I could still clearly remember how relieved I was.
And then, while still feeling relieved, I went back to my room to rest.

…However, a little bit later, Narsena, wearing loungewear with higher exposure than usual, came to my room and destroying my peace.

No, if it was only that, then it probably still fine.
Except Narsena was a bit tipsy when she entered my room.

I didn’t know why, but Narsena who didn’t usually drink alcohol, drank some last night.
Perhaps that was why she was trying to get excessively physical, on top of that, she went and fell asleep in my room, completely defenseless.

Maybe that defenselessness is a sign of her complete trust in me.
It’s a real honor.
Since Narsena is the one my heart set its sight on, I’m really happy she trusts me.

…Even so, I’m also an unmarried man.

If she let herself to be that vulnerable, my heart would be at a loss.
But, despite her trust in me, regardless, so I didn’t think about anything bad, I continued to clear away my worldly desire last night.

And that was the cause of my current fatigue……

「…Narsena should have a little bit more of sense of danger.」

Remembering last night, I said so with a serious tone.
Even against family members, you still need a little bit of vigilance.
……No, seriously, please do.

As I was thinking about last night, I arrived at my destination, an accessories craftsman’s store.

「Okay, nobody’s around.」

Once I confirmed there was nobody around, I stepped into the shop.
In the shop, a middle-aged woman with a well-built body was the shopkeeper.

「Welcome…… Ohhh, isn’t it Raust!」

The woman, Emily-san, the wife of the accessories craftsman who was the owner of this store, the moment she saw me, she let out a soft smile.

「Hello, Emily-san.」

I smiled back at her and said hello.
Then I opened my mouth to get into the main topic, but apparently, I didn’t even need to do that.

「You come to check the progress of accessory, huh, Raust. What a passionate man.」

「Ahaha …」

Before I was able to say anything, Emily-san already saw through my motive.
As she looked at me with a knowing look, I laughed to hide my embarrassment.
Emily-san observing my reaction for a while, looking happy, but then, her expression turned apologetic.

「Actually, about the progress of your order, Nashia, my husband, is quite fired up and want to make sure the accessory is the best, so it’s not done yet. I’m sorry, even though I want to give you soon.」

「I see……」

There was the case with the party’s house yesterday, so I wanted to get the item as soon as possible, so hearing Emily-san’s words made me looked down a little.

「No, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, I hope you can give my regard to Nashia-san.」

However, the next moment, having changed my mind, I bowed to Emily-san.
Certainly, nothing I  can do if it couldn’t be completed fast.
But I’m thankful that he prioritized quality more than anything.
After all, the accessory I ordered now has just that much value.

「Ahh, I will. Anyway, your order is delayed, so please look forward to it!」

It seemed she understood my thought, she said that with a smile.
I just smiled and nodded, and then, after I told her I would come again, I left the store.

I left the accessory store while feeling refreshed.
It would be fine to leave the accessory I ordered in Emily-san and her husband’s hands.
Then if everything goes smoothly, I will buy a favorite house, I have to save money.
After deciding so with a festive mood, I went toward the guild.


……It was then that someone put their hand on my shoulder.

Not even aware someone was approaching from behind, the suddenness surprised me and I turned around with a jump.

「…F-Finally, found you.」

「…Ehh? Zieg-san?」

…The moment I saw the person behind me, I raised a surprised voice.

With his hand still on my shoulder, Zieg-san was a little out of breath.
That was a sign that he was specifically looking for me, that fact made me a little anxious.
Is another super-high difficulty monster appears again, was what crossed in my mind.

「Wha-what happened?」

While hoping that I was wrong, I asked Zieg-san.

「It’s about Narsena, I have something I want to ask you about.」


Then, in response to his words, I let out a stupid sounding voice.

◇ ◆ ◇

Ten minutes later, I and Zieg-san were in a cafe.
We couldn’t start talking on the side of the road, so we came to this place.

「So, what is it about Narsena?」

As soon as I sat on the chair, I cut straight to the main topic.
I felt like I was rushing this, but I couldn’t control myself because of the worry over what Zieg-san wanted to say about Narsena.
Maybe, he’s informing me that he has become Narsena’s lover……
My face became pale from my own imagination.

「N-No, you don’t need to put that much guard… I just want to ask why you still not buying a party’s house even though Narsena asked you so many times already?」


However, the words that came out from his mouth weren’t something I had imagined.
No, in the first place, why does he know about that?

「Actually, it seems that Laila and Narsena met by chance yesterday and there was a talk about the party’s house. I was told by Laila to ask you about it.」

Perhaps the question showed up on my face, but Zieg-san immediately giving further explanation.
Also, from that explanation, a couple of question in my mind was answered.
Apparently, the reason Narsena recovered early yesterday was probably because she had consulted with Laila.

……Even so, I never imagined I would be asked about the reason I don’t want to buy a party’s house.
It was something that came out of left field, I was a bit troubled over what I should do for a while.

「…Please don’t tell anyone other Laila-san, especially to Narsena.」

However, judging that it wasn’t worth it to hide it from Zieg-san and Laila, I decided to speak but with a condition.
He and Laila might be worried about Narsena, that’s why he decided to ask this.
I don’t want to unreasonably hide this and make them worry.
Thinking so, I started talking.

「Err, first of, while I rejected her proposal, it’s not like I don’t want to buy one, I just thought it would be better to follow the proper step.」

「Proper step……?」

Hearing my answer, Zieg-san looked puzzled.
From his reaction, I realized that my answer was too abstract.
……As I thought, it seems I need to make sure I say it clearly.
After deciding that, I opened my mouth while feeling a little shy.

「Yes, before I buy a party’s house, I’m going to confess to Narsena.」

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8 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 17

  1. It always bothers me how japanese authors can’t fully immers into the otherworldly setting and abandoned their weird urban etiquette. It’s really cringe that in this type of setting they have to move into a cafe to have an extremely short conversation. Why can’t they act more like medieval brutes and just lean into any nearby wall and talk like normal people. XD
    Also I know you might hate me for this but… I want so bad that either ugly fat guy or tanned muscular chad come and NTRed this fucker Raust… I’m really against main characters that behave like this to get the happy ending. He is only making her waste time and that is a severe crime in my book. Making a lady wait is always a big no. :Flashbacks incoming: “after I win the tournament then I…” “After I beat you in _some sport or game_ then I…” “When I come back from _random trip_ maybe we…” All of the men that said shit like that deserve the NTR treat XD


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