Re-Summoned Hero Episode 122

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Battle start.
Overwhelming victory!!
Let’s go to the mine.

Once reaching the entrance to the mine, they could feel unusual heat. Unlike ordinary mines, this one seemed to reside inside a volcano with flowing magma inside. It was natural the mountain was restricted considering the severe environment and increased monsters appearance.
「It’s hotter compared to the last time I came here.」
Antgar said so while fanning himself with his hand.
「Certainly the temperature is quite high.」
「It is. I’ve read about volcanoes in a book, but this is the first time I visit one, I’m looking forward to it.」
There was no hint of sweat on their forehead as they said so.

「…You guys, aren’t using some kind of cooling device right? Isn’t it weird that you guys don’t sweat at all?」
A large amount of sweat flowed on Antgar’s forehead.
「I use water magic and wind magic to control the temperature.」
「I too, using the power of the spirit and undine…」
When Antgar looked closely at them with a doubting look, he could see fluctuation in the air caused by their magic power.

「That’s unfair! Even though I put up with the heat, cast the magic on me too.」
Antgar, who was not very good at manipulating magic power, couldn’t bear the thought that he needed to endure the heat alone, he made a fuss while clinging at Souta and Dina.
「Geez, no helping it then. This too is for the sake of the weapon… Wait a minute.」
Souta dug into his magic bag and took out a water attributed cloak from dimensional storage then handed it to Antgar.

「This can be used even without magic. The equipment itself is imbued with water magic power. It’s not perfect, but it should be better than before.」
「T-Thank you. O-Oooo… cool, this is good.」
He raised a voice of admiration after he donned the cloak as he could feel the heat subsided.
「It might not be very effective if we get closer to magma, but it does reduce the heat.」
「Ohh, it’s enough. It’s like heaven compared to before.」

After solving the heat problem, they set foot into the cave. They couldn’t see any monsters around the entrance, but the ore was also exhausted in this area, no ore could be seen anywhere.
「It’s because all the ore in the safe place has been taken, unless we go deeper……」
Antgar said so while looking at the passage ahead.
「The magic essence sure is thick in this place, I remember some of this feeling.」
Souta recalled the places with thick magic essence he had come across before.

「This is not a very comfortable place…」
Elves were sensitive to the flow of magic power, and among them, Dina had an especially high sensitivity. The anomaly in this place made her a little pale.
「Dina, put this on so you don’t get magic intoxication. This should ease you a bit.」
Souta who couldn’t stand by and only watch took out a bracelet of magic resistance and made Dina wore it.
「Thank you very much…… With this, I will be fine.」
Centering from the bracelet, a film that resisted magic covered Dina’s entire body. Her countenance turned normal.

「Alright, let’s go straight to the depth. It’s better if we don’t spend too long here.」
When Souta confirmed that Dina’s condition had become better, he called them out and lead the way.
Antgar also brought a weapon with him, but maybe because he only had little fighting experience, he was nervous as he followed behind Souta and Dina.
「H-Heyy, i-isn’t it fine if we don’t go that far inside?」
「If we can get the ore that way, then sure, but…… it doesn’t look like there will be anything in the safe place.」
Even while answering Antgar, Souta didn’t stop and kept advancing.
「I guess so…」
Antgar drooped his shoulder in an easy-to-understand manner.
「It will be fine, I will fight alongside Souta if we encounter enemies. You already understand my strength from the earlier fight, right? Souta-san is so strong that a couple of me can’t beat him.」
Dina encouraged Antgar while clenching her fist.

While having that exchange, the three kept advancing deeper. They encountered monsters a couple of times along the way, but only low-ranked one and not the monsters that caused the entry limit to the mountain. After several battles, they eventually reached an open place. It was a circular clearing with magma flowing along the wall.

「Oioi, I know there will be strong monsters here, but this level?」
「T-This is……」
The three were surprised by the sight in front of them. Souta uttered that with a shocked voice, Dina cut her word short, and Antgar just stood there with his mouth agape, unable to utter a word.

There was a huge dragon with its body cladded in flame. As they looked at the dragon, terror and despair started to form in their hearts. However, Souta instead focused on the foot of the dragon. There was a knight in black armor.
The dragon didn’t surprise Souta as he already fought them in the past and after he was re-summoned too. However, his face turned severe as the black armor was something he knew and also housed an odd magic power inside it.
「Oi, that thing is bad news. I fought the same type of monster before, that armor is hollow, but its power would change depending on the ability of the base armor, and also strengthened after becoming a monster. Moreover, that armor looks familiar.」
The name of this monster was Living Armor, they weren’t an opponent that needed to be feared normally, but Souta had a bad feeling about the base armor.

「What is that armor?」
Dina also noticed the abnormality with the armored knight and asked Souta that question.
「I don’t know the actual name, but that’s the armor that was equipped by the demon king’s close aide when they and Raugo strike each other.」
His words made Dina and Antgar’s body trembled.
「In addition, it should have been damaged by Raugo’s attack, but there is no sign of it. It’s in perfect condition…… That thing is strong. Moreover, there is also that dragon near it…… We need to fight it at the same time. Can you do it?」
Dina wanted to answer Souta immediately, but she stopped herself right away. Considering the strength between those two monsters, it was likely that Souta would fight against the armored knight. In that case, Dina would inevitably deal with the dragon alone. Therefore, she couldn’t answer immediately.

「It can’t be helped then, I don’t really want to fight, but I will also fight.」
Antgar said so with a determined look.

You can expect a new chapter on 18th

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