Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 39

Goddess-sama, Praised

「I’m…… tired……」

On the way back home from the company, I inadvertently spoke my mind out loud. With Andou running wild as an incarnation of jealousy, my stress level reached the limit from the teasing by my colleagues.

Moreover, even though I was in an awkward situation, I wasn’t allowed to be selfish and need to work overtime today. Furthermore, I could easily imagine this would become a trend for a while. Everything because of the useless Goddess that made me a charaben.

I came back to the apartment while thinking about how should I bully Amaletta, I decided to take her favorite post-dinner pudding and then opened the door.

「……I’m home.」

「Ahh, welcome back!」

As I entered without hiding the fatigue in my voice, Amaletta who was heading to the kitchen with a cooking magazine in hand, came to greet me with a smile. And then, after receiving the luggage from my hand, she looked into the lightened paper bag and started to fidget with upturned eyes.

「…Umm, err, I tried my best to make this, how was it?」

Apparently, she couldn’t help but be curious about the evaluation of the lunchbox she made. She is also unlike her usual self. I recalled the content of the lunchbox and the disaster caused by it. However, seeing her showing 『praise me, praise me』 aura in front of me, for some mysterious reason, I felt like what happened in the company didn’t matter anymore.

「…Ahhh, the quality is so high it surprised me. It’s delicious too. Thanks.」

I honestly thanked her and gently stroked her head. Thinking carefully and calmly, Amaletta did nothing wrong. Not only the lunch being charaben, the taste also a world of difference compared to convenience store lunch. Right, everything is Andou’s fault for running wild. It’s him and only him that’s guilty!

Probably happy her lunchbox was being well received, while she looked composed, the wings on her back were fluttering. Then, sticking out her flat chest like usual, she started talking with a smug smile.

「Fufufu, the surprise attack success. In my hand, that was a piece of cake. You can have high expectation to tomorrow too.」

——As expected, she is going for a surprise. Will it be a charaben again even tomorrow?

I pictured Andou with a smartphone in one hand in a fit of anger for a moment and my cheeks started to spasm, but then I thought it was not a big deal anymore considering it was already well known in the company.

「Alright. I will set my expectation high then, don’t cut corner alright?」

「N-naturally! It’s for the sake of pocket money! I will show you the life of a gigolo, Tanaka-san, prepare yourself!」

As I found a new thing to look forward to, Amaletta turned around with blushed cheeks and said something terrible. I think she’s just hiding her embarrassment, but I feel like I’ve been too sweet to her recently, I need to be careful that what she said doesn’t become reality.

「Then, I’ll prepare dinner, so Tanaka-san, please take a bath first.」

「Will do then.」

Feeling the stress I felt at the company washed away by the interaction with Amaletta, I head to the bathroom to rid of my fatigue today. And then I suddenly thought. I was teased so much back in the company, but seeing this situation, I can’t deny what they said.

———However, Amaletta is my woman.

While taking a shower, I thought of Amaletta and tried to recall Andou’s stupid words, but I couldn’t quite recall them.

Shared destiny with a freeloader Goddess. She isn’t like my sister, nor a daughter. She is also not just a speck of dust, although she leaps over and become something wife-like, but that’s just a condition for her to live here.

If asked whether I have a feeling for her or not, then the answer would be yes, but I realize I can’t really call this feeling 『like』 or 『love』. However, as I said to Fellrose, I want to bound her to me, I want to keep her at hand…… It’s true this desire to monopoly is like a child. even if I say so myself, I feel this feeling is warped.

———Well, thinking about it won’t change anything.

While having a vague thought like that, I finished washing my body, I wiped my body with the towel prepared by Amaletta outside the bathroom, and then, after changing into my pajamas, I went out to the living room. It was about time for Amaletta to finish preparing dinner on the low table. Alright, if Andou sees this, he might faint.

As I looked at her back while she was busy, I felt blessed to have this good freeloader. She noticed I was out of the bath and then turned to look at me.

「Ahh, the dinner is ready. Let’s eat before it gets cold.」

I smiled, and when I was about to nod at Amaletta, it was at that time.

『I know right♪ I want to eat before the foods get cold♪』

An ominous voice resounded in a light-hearted tone. Startled, Amaletta and I turned our eyes at the living room window.

From the gap of the curtain swaying from the cold night breeze, he suddenly appeared with his usual arrogant attitude.

「Hello, hello, good night to both of you♪ I come to preach while being in your care again even tonight♪」

The one who appeared and said that was Listy, a beautiful boy in clown costume sent from the realm of causality.

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3 thoughts on “Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 39

  1. Thank you for continuing to translate this. I’ve enjoyed it all the way. I hope the author is getting it serialized or something.


  2. Given that it has a LN version, it’s no wonder.

    I would suggest you to use google and bing’s cache to see if you can find the rest (it worked for other series for me, just slap the url of the chapter in the seach box), and there’s this oage called megalodon.co.jp that’s an aggregator of Wayback Machine lookalikes (including The Wayback Machine), which sometimes let’s you find some pages that escaped WBM.

    (JIC,for people that may want to help, in order to look for specific chapters, you have to write ncode.syosetu.com/[seriesidentifier]/[chapter number]).


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