Re-Summoned Hero Episode 123

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Dense magic essence
Dragon and the knight in black armor

Before setting foot into the clearing, Souta cast physical strengthening magic on Dina and Antgar.
「I will keep that armor company. Can you two deal with that flame dragon?」
Souta asked that to the two while looking at their eyes. If they answered with difficulty, Souta planned to deal with both the dragon and the armor by himself, but both Dina and Antgar answered that question with a nod.
「This is kinda obvious, but that dragon is quite strong… Don’t die.」
After confirming their answers, Souta cast fire-resist magic on them, after he applied the same magic on himself, he walked toward to knight in the black armor.
Dina and Antgar looked at each other faces and nodded, and then they entered the clearing toward the dragon.

The dragon let out a war cry to intimidate the three as they entered the clearing. The black knight didn’t move from that place and only took a sword out from nowhere and turned to face Souta and the others. They couldn’t read its expression because the armor was pretty much hollow, but it was easy to assume that it already recognized Souta and the others as enemies.
「I will pass by that dragon and head directly toward the black knight, I will leave that one to you.」
Souta started to run without confirming their answer.

When the dragon saw Souta approaching, it shot fireballs from its mouth to block Souta’s way. Souta cut the fireballs with Dragon Executioner and kept going toward the black knight. Maybe in a bad temper from Souta being able to defend against all of its attacks, the dragon tried to bite Souta.
「Your enemy will be us!」
Antgar attacked the dragon with its still hanging open jaw with a hammer from below.
That one blow shut its mouth with a snapping sound and thrown its head backward. Taken by the momentum, the dragon took a few steps backward.
「Me too!」
Dina shot water magic strengthened by the spirit at the undefended belly of the dragon one after another.
The dragon roared as it was blown back.

Souta nodded once when he confirmed the situation with a side glance. And then, when he turned his eyes to the front, the black knight was right in front of him. Up until a while ago, the black knight hadn’t moved from the vicinity of the dragon, but the moment Souta turned his sight away from it, the black knight had closed the distance in that momentary gap. The sword in its right hand was swung down at Souta.
Souta hurriedly held his sword above his head and, despite getting pushed back, blocked the black knight’s attack.
「As I thought, it’s not just armor.」
Souta and the black knight faced each other, weapon at ready.

At the same time Souta started to move, the black knight also started running. This time, the black knight was the one blocking Souta’s attack, but unlike Souta, it wasn’t pushed back while perfectly blocking the attack.
「It’s ironic that the strongest enemy I met after being re-summoned is an empty armor.」
Souta’s attack didn’t stop even while talking, on the contrary, his attack speed was gradually increasing. However, the black knight blocked all of that.
「Tch, it’s the armor’s quirk. This will be bad if I don’t get more serious.」
Souta increased the magic power he poured into the Dragon Executioner. The already sharp sword became sharper. Increase the power of his weapon to whittle his opponent’s weapon, that was his strategy.

Due to Souta’s attack, the black knight’s weapon was being whittled down, but it was also slowly getting repaired. The weapon was also the part of that armor, it was being repaired by the black knight’s magic. As a result, the black knight’s magic would slowly be drained, but it was insignificant compared to the physical strength used in the attack.
「In that case, how about this!」
Souta took out Izayoi from his dimensional storage and held it in his left hand, then he started attacking with two swords. Souta’s attack speed further increased, the black knight could no longer handle it. Souta, noticing that change, swiped the black knight’s sword with Izayoi and then, using Dragon Executioner, cleft its currently defenseless body apart.
That one blow split the black knight’s body in two.
「Is it over?」

Feeling the resistance in that attack, Souta said so, however, the armor started moving and fused back into one and then it headed toward Souta once again with the sword in hand.
「So, I guess this is the type where just cutting it thoughtlessly won’t kill it?」
If he kept continuing this, this would go on until the magic power of either Souta or the black knight ran out. However, it would repaired in the same way if it was only cut. Souta was wondering what he should do, but there was really only one answer.
「I have to find and destroy its core.」
Living Armor is an armor-based monster, but its body had a core, which was its only weakness. However, it was difficult to pinpoint the location of the core by appearance alone as the position depended on each monster.

Souta cut the black knight with his two swords again, this time into four instead of two. It would repair itself again by its magic power, but it would take more time as it was cut into smaller pieces now.
In the meantime, Souta strengthened his presence detection skill to search for the strongest part of the armor.
「…Over there!」
After identifying the place, Souta readied his sword and slashed at the black knight.

The black knight, after finished repairing itself, attacked Souta while muttering with a voice containing deep hatred like it came from the bottom of the hell. There was light in its eyes socket that wasn’t there before.
Souta was surprised to hear its voice. Not to mention he actually heard this voice directly unlike the telepathic kind like with the emperor wolf or ancient dragon. No matter how you chalked it up, a living armor, in the end, was just an armor. They didn’t have a vocal chord, and Souta had never heard of the type where it could produce sound.

「What the hell are you!」
Souta was surprised at the change of the black knight’s appearance.
Its body was covered in darkness magic power, the magic also flowed into its sword, strengthening its attack. When Souta received its attack with Izayoi, the blade cracked. As he used Dragon Executioner as his main weapon, he only poured a small amount of magic power into Izayoi, not enough to let it block the black knight’s attack.

Souta opened his eyes wide from the surprise, but he immediately refocused himself and, without giving the black knight any opportunity, swung down Dragon Executioner at the black knight. The attack moved as in it was being sucked into the core. The core was positioned near its left eyes and it was cut into two by Dragon Executioner.
The black knight seemed to whisper something, but it didn’t reach Souta’s ears. The armor then collapsed on the spot, then turned into dust a blown away by the wind.

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