Re-Summoned Hero Episode 124

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The dragon attacks Souta
A glimpse of the Dina and Antgar’s fight
VS the black knight, Izayoi…

After confirming the black knight had completely turned into ash, Souta turned to see Dina and Antgar.
Dina and Antgar succeeded in delivering the perfect opening blow to the dragon, but after that, the dragon counter-attacked, leaving the two of them injured here and there. Particularly Antgar, as his only means to counter the fire attack was with the water cloak, the part that wasn’t covered with the cloak like his arms, and his face was burned. Compared to Dina, Antgar who was inferior in speed was unable to dodge the attack and often need to use his weapon to block the attack.

「Oy, I’m done here.」
Hearing Souta’s voice, they glanced at his direction only for an instant, they couldn’t afford to do it longer with the dragon as their opponent.
「I will leave that one to both of you, I won’t help, so, do your best.」
After his second remark, Dina and Antgar looked at Souta, but their reaction to this was the exact opposite. Dina felt that Souta trusted her enough to entrust this task to her and tighten her expression, while Antgar looked shocked and seemed to question why Souta wouldn’t help them.

「Antgar-san, let’s do this with only the two of us!」
「D-damn it! Okay-okay, let’s do this!」
Antgar shouted, half in desperation. From the battle so far, they were able to read the movement of the dragon now, albeit somewhat. The power of the fireball wasn’t so high, but it could be fired rapidly without any need to charge it up. Other than that, it attacked with its sharp fang and claw, it also did a tail swipe that had wide attack range. These were the gist of the dragon’s attack pattern.

Antgar’s attack was strong, it was even effective against dragons, however, other than his opening attack, he couldn’t get another chance to deal a clean hit. Dina was rarely attacked due to her speed, she only got burn from the aftermath of the fireballs, but, her attack lack power, she couldn’t deal a fatal blow to the dragon.
Although Dina’s water magic was effective against a fire dragon, the temperature of this dragon exceeded the power of the water magic. Also, the influence of the surrounding environment prevented her from calling the water spirit, so it wasn’t possible to increase the power of her magic.

「Antgar-san, I will make the opening, please focus on attacking when that happens.」
「Okay, leave it to me!」
With Antgar’s high attack power against a huge opponent, they could damage the dragon. That was their conclusion. Souta nodded with his arms crossed, thinking it was a good decision.

Dina changed the magic she used to one that didn’t deal damage. Starting with stopping its movement. So far, the dragon had been stopping its leg when it was hit by magic.
It didn’t look like it felt pain, the dragon was more annoyed as it drew its leg back.
Next, to block the dragon’s eyesight, Dina scattered a large amount of water with water magic around the dragon. The high-temperature heat from the dragon evaporated the water. Furthermore, Dina also fired water magic toward its eye.
The dragon turned its neck as the visibility gradually worsen.

It wasn’t possible to completely stopped its movement, but its movement slowed down because of that, Antgar immediately plunged in for the attack.
The hammer Antgar used was a special one he made on his own. This was an elemental weapon, once it was filled with magic power, it was able to release earth magic at the moment of impact. However, as a dwarf, he wasn’t good at dealing with magic power, so he was accumulating the magic while Dina buying time for him to attack.
In addition, Dina shot a water bullet into the dragon’s eye in order to raise the success chance of the attack. Since it was a small bullet, the dragon didn’t bother to dodge the bullet and tried to head toward Antgar who was approaching it. However, Dina hid wind magic inside the water bullet and the wind cutter hit the dragon’s eye.

As expected, the dragon’s eyes had lower defense compared to its skin, it bellowed on the spot due to the pain. With its attention taken away from Antgar, he released an attack at the place in which movement had slowed down. The attack pierced the skin of the dragon’s left leg and a large amount of blood spurting out from the wound.
The dragon’s roar echoed throughout the clearing. The dragon, blinded and struck with intense pain in its leg, indiscriminately swung its tail to mow everything down. Although it couldn’t reach Dina who was at a distance, Antgar who was attacking the dragon’s leg was hit by the tail and got blown away. He barely avoiding the fate of falling into the magma, but he also lost his consciousness.

Dina called Antgar out loudly, but he didn’t move. Feeling impatient from the lack of reaction, Dina tried to heal Antgar. However, the dragon had been aiming for Dina who had started running.
Light gathered in the dragon’s mouth, and it released its fire breath.

Souta noticed that and called out to her, but Dina had started running and couldn’t dodge it.
「Kh, gooooooooo!」
Souta threw the cracked Izayoi into the dragon’s opened mouth. An attack containing as much magic power Izayoi could contain flew straight to the dragon’s mouth.
The moment Izayoi touched the breath gathered inside its mouth, Izayoi released the magic power contained inside it and exploded. The explosion was so big it blew away the dragon until its neck.

Dina who was running was blown away from the blast coming from her behind. The force sent her tumbling to where Antgar was.
「Did I put in a little bit too much magic power in that?」
He thought that because Izayoi was cracked, the amount of magic power he could put into it wouldn’t be too much, but the capacity of Izayoi was larger than he expected, as a result, the explosion was also several times bigger than he thought.
Dina stood up shortly after and started to heal Antgar. She didn’t seem to be affected by the blast.

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