An update to my back condition

So, if you don’t know yet, last month, I got a severe lower back problem, I finally get my appointment with specialist and they advice me to get a therapy, or at least, learn to do home therapy from therapist (and do a monthly check up for a couple of month, but it’s optional,) unfortunately, as the hospital in the covid red zone, they also told me to stay in there as preventative measure, instead of needing to go there almost every day and risk getting infected despite all the safety measure I took, so stay there I did (rip wallet though).

That was on 5th, and I just got back home now, there is barely any problem with my lower back other than feeling sore if I squat for too long and if I purposely doing a posture that would bring back the pain (which also go away when I change my posture back,) so I will say the therapy session worked, or maybe it doesn’t and the pain just go away naturally even if I do nothing (will still do the home therapy session though, just in case), but in any case, I’m back and will resume translation tomorrow (it’s already evening here now, and I miss my games)

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