Re-Summoned Hero Episode 127

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Dina also drank the soup
The chronology of the fight
Antgar said something good

「And that’s that, I now absolutely need to make a new sword because Izayoi is broken. And so, Antgar, we need you to find good ores. I’m counting on you.」
Souta smiled and put his hand on Antgar’s shoulder. The smiling face of Souta instead made him scared, his body trembled.
「I-I know. Even I risked my life in that fight, I’m going to get it right!」
Said Antgar as he stood up and shook off the fear, to the end, he made his tone somewhat stronger.

「Now you can make voices that loud, should we leave now?」
Souta cleaned up the soup while checking Antgar’s movement and Dina’s expression. The pot was already empty.
「I am fine!」
Dina thumped her chest to appeal for her recovery.
「Me too!」
When he saw Dina, a woman, didn’t whine, Antgar also thumped his chest to appeal for his recovery.

「…Well, you look fine now. I will handle the fight if an enemy shows up. Guess were going now.」
Souta extinguished the fire with water magic and then sent his line of sight to the passage the opposite way they came in. There were some signs of monsters from there, Souta thought they should take it easy for a while.

The monsters Souta and the others defeated might be akin to the lord in this place, the other monsters might be afraid to approach them as their party was the one that defeated those monsters. Souta moving forward while radiating intimidation might also be one of the reasons the monsters didn’t dare to attack them.
「So, what kind of place can you find that… that metal you call dragon iron?」
Antgar scanned the wall when Souta asked him that.
「Umm, it doesn’t seem there is any around here. Let’s go further.」
Antgar had a craftsmen glint in his eyes, his walking speed increased and before he knew it, he was already leading the way.

If Souta kept radiating his intimidation, it would hit Antgar, so he reined it back and concentrated on detecting nearby presence. Dina also called a spirit and getting ready to fight at any time.

After kept advancing for a while, Antgar suddenly stopped. In front of them was a clearing, but unlike the previous clearing, there was no flowing magma and the walls were shining. Also, monsters were flocking at the wall.
「That is…… Tch- the monsters are in the way.」
Antgar couldn’t help but clicked his tongue when he saw the demons were standing in front of his objective.
「Is dragon iron, by chance, a magic ore? Otherwise, it’s strange for those monsters to eat them.」
「…I treated it like a normal ore, but I think that’s probably the case. Maybe not many wondered about that because they never see this.」
Antgar answered Souta’s question while pondering.

「In any case, killing them first…」
Looking at the flock of monsters, Souta held up his Dragon Executioner.
「You two just stay here, I will take care of this myself.」
When the other thought Souta was taking a step forward, he already accelerated in an instant and started slashing at the monsters. The Dragon Executioner, an anti-dragon sword with the sharpness fitting to its name, split the monsters into two. It was like cutting butter with a heated knife.
「That’s crazy. I already thought about it when I saw your battle with the knight but, you’re even beyond that…… What it is… even calling this in a different league seems not enough.」
「That’s right! Souta-san is amazing! It’s rude to compare him with me! Moreover, he’s still becoming stronger, it’s amazing!」
Souta’s movement was better than during the battle in the beastkin’s country. That was how Dina saw it, and it wasn’t a mistake.

「Moreover, isn’t he putting the monsters he’s killed one after another into his bag?」
To be precise, it was his dimensional storage, but Souta stored them one by one so that he didn’t notice. Speaking of rank, there were also monsters equivalent to B-rank, but as he was killing without precision, the monsters were stored like the others.
「That’s right…… Souta-san has been collecting various things for a long time, so maybe it’s just a habit from that time.」
Dina had expected that from Souta’s personality.

「That’s quite a lot of them.」
As for the person in question, he just stored everything so his feet didn’t get buried under the monsters’ corpses. A long time ago, when saving a village attacked by a large number of monsters, he had a problem with securing his foothold because of the monsters’ corpses that had piled on top of each other, since then, he would try to store the monsters he had defeated into dimensional storage as soon as possible.
The monsters stuck on the wall noticed the other monsters were being killed one after another and tried to enter fighting stance, but they were all killed all the same. Some didn’t even notice that they were killed.

「He can use magic too right? If so, wouldn’t it be faster if he kills them with powerful magic?」
Antgar thought that with Souta’s ability, he could have cleared all of them at once.
「Maybe he’s trying to keep the ore from being damaged or being affected with magic. Since this is the ore that would be used to make his weapon, maybe he’s being careful.」
In fact, there was even an example of fire magic affecting the ore and turning mere iron ore into a flame ore.
「Oh, I’ve heard that story in the past. Certainly, it’s better to refrain unless that’s what we’re aiming for…… like throwing Izayoi. I thought he was just being rash, but I guess he already thinks it through.」
「No, that’s… it looks like it’s about to end.」
Dina tried to correct Antgar about Izayoi, but before that, Souta almost finished killing all the monsters.
「How fast…」

Souta took out another sword in the middle, he doubled his killing speed by dual-wielding. The blade of that sword was pitch black, it was a little inferior to Dragon Executioner and Souta just happened to choose it, but its sharpness was top-notch.
「This is the end.」
After stowing the last monster, Souta went back to the two. His clothes were covered in the blood of the enemies.

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