Status Update

So another status update post, I honestly don’t like making these kind of posts, but plenty of things has happened since my last chapter release, and I believe it would be too long to put below the chapter like usual, so here we go

You know what they said, “When it rains it pours,” well, after the latest chapter release on 2nd this month, I just enjoying stuff without doing any translating, mainly watching vtuber stuff, reading light novel, and forum diving

At 5th, my notebook pc broke, the hard drive seems to be busted, it just stops being detected, I thought about bringing it to the service center, but decided to just let it go, it has served me for 7 years now, it might be a good time to look for a replacement, if I got the money anyway, so that’s pending until I finish upgrading my pc first, I lost some of my data, but nothing I can’t redownload, or some might not be available to redownload by now, but it just means they’re old enough I don’t care much about them anymore

In the meantime, I decided to just use my phone for my usual stuff, after setting some up, leaving epub reader for later because I don’t have anything I want to read right now, I notice something, you see, as long as I’m at home, I only worked on translation stuff on my pc, that was when I noticed my mouse, the only one I have available at my home currently, broke too, more specifically, the left click just doesn’t work most of the time, I left my other mouse at my aunt’s home, and since covid happened, I haven’t been able to go there, so I ordered a mouse that later arrived at 8th evening

After that, it was just another phase of procrastination, last night I started the translation of chapter 25 of banished healer, finished half of it, and then went to sleep, this morning, I woke up with a weird headache, after checking the symptom online, it seems to be called scalp tenderness, this is the 4th times this happened to me, the first one was 5 years ago, usually it went away after sleeping, unfortunately, sleeping right after I woke up is not really an option, it still persist now, I tried to keep translating but the pain irritate me, not in the way that I can’t concentrate, but it angers me for some reason, I’m going to sleep now, hopefully it’s gone tomorrow, but I might need to go to the doctor if it still there, the chapter is almost finished though, so I believe I will be able to finish it tomorrow regardless

This got really long, and I already skipped some detail too, if you’re reading everything, thank you, and also, I’m sorry for being slow and lazy

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