Re-Summoned Hero Episode 130

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Waiting knights
Only if you can defeat me
Borrow a room at the checkpoint

In the room, they could only hear the clanking sound and Antgar’s sleeping breath.
As they wait for Antgar to wake up, Souta and Dina sat on top of the fur they laid down on the empty spot in the room and took care of their weapons. They were offered they could use the guard’s resting cabin as they like, so two decided to take advantage of the offer.
Antgar who slept in the bed didn’t seem to wake up yet. The wound inflicted in the battle against the dragon wasn’t completely healed yet, the amount of the ore he mined alone in that state put too much burden on his body.

Since few people came to the checkpoint, it was quiet, there was almost no sound coming into the cabin, but suddenly they could hear the noises that broke that silence. It seemed to be a loud voice of dispute, and the voices gradually approaching the cabin.
「Somehow it’s getting noisy outside.」
Having a clue of the source of the approaching voices, Souta glared at the door. Then the door swung open with a bang. Even with that sound, Antgar didn’t wake up from his sleep.

The one who opened the door was the general that had a duel with Dina.
「Hmm, so you’re here. You over there, let’s bring this outside!」
The general’s line of sight is sent to Souta.
The person in question gave a quick glance to the general, and then immediately went back to take care of his weapon again in silence.

「Did you not hear me? I’m telling you to go outside!!」
「Don’t need to shout, I can hear you. I’m not one to talk, but you sure don’t have a good manner. Someone is sleeping here, and you just yell in that situation. And seriously, what’s in your head that you immediately telling people to go outside the moment you arrive without telling any reason?」
Without hiding his anger, Souta was glaring at the general. Dina too showed her irritation and displeasure because of the loud voice the general used near where Antgar was sleeping.

「Kh, grr. Sorry, I was in a hurry and didn’t consider that. Once again, I’m sorry.」
After Souta pointed that out, the general apologized obediently at him.
「If that’s the attitude you take, then I would lend my ear to hear whatever you want to say. So, what exactly did you mean?」
Souta stood up, and then move closer to the general.
「Um, right. I’ve come to put into practice what you said earlier in front of the cave. If I want to hear the story, I need to defeat you, that was what you said right?」

That was what Souta said, but it seemed he had already forgotten about it. Souta was scratching his head.
「A-Are you really have forgotten? Despite all what I said before?」
「I said that, probably. I was exhausted and irritated before, so I might have unintentionally said that.」
Souta’s word made the general’s mouth agape.
「W-What? Sorry that you’re tired. However, I don’t know where I’m going to go with this then…」
The general looked puzzled. Unlike the general, the knights who accompanied him looked at Souta angrily.

「Sir, it doesn’t matter. Let’s teach this man the taste of pain.」
「Yes, there is no need for you to handle this, Sir. Let us deal with this.」
Two knights stepped in front of the troubled general and sent a provocative look towards Souta.
「You said it was unintentional, but you’re also a man. Don’t withdraw the words you have said. If I can defeat you, then you must tell us the story.」
At the moment one of them implied they would defeat Souta, Dina’s shoulders twitched, but only Souta noticed that. As for the knights, they were in high spirits, they didn’t question their words and seemed to think it was a given that Souta would take them on.

「Hahhh~ doesn’t look like you will stop unless I accept….. Alright, let’s go outside, I will keep you company.」
Souta went out with his shoulders slumped. Waiting outside was the checkpoint’s guard that was being polite to Souta and the others, He looked at Souta with an apologetic look.
「I’m sorry, I tried to stop them, but they refuse to listen…」
「Don’t worry. There are always people like that everywhere.」
As they passed each other, Souta tapped the guard on the shoulder to make sure it was alright. And then, Souta went to the center of the square and turned around.

「Well then, is here okay? Just come already.」
Souta said that to the two knights while his Dragon Executioner still in its sheathe.
「Bastard, are you mocking us!? Draw your sword!」
One of the knights that had drawn his sword yelled at Souta who was still barehanded.
「Are you still playing around? Come at me together, both of you. Still, the result will be seen soon.」
The knight who had drawn his sword was about to leap at Souta, but the other knight stopped him.
「Calm down. Now that you’re saying this, I’m going to take you at your word. Hey, let’s do this together, we will teach this guy he’s mistaking recklessness for courage.」

Souta sighed at the exchange.
「Hahhh~ Don’t talk too much and come at me already. The sun is about to set, you know?」
That was the signal for the fight to start. Both knights were one-handed sword users with good enough ability to accompany the general.
「Eat thissss!」
Their movement was fast. An average swordsman might not be able to stand a chance against it.
Souta walked toward them, avoided their attack, and went past them.

Because of that, the two knights looked back uncomprehendingly at the result. There was Souta, about to swing his fist towards their bellies, and then, the next moment, the knights collapsed.
While Dina just nodded at the outcome like it was a given, the guard and the general were wide-eyed in surprise from the event that was too fleeting but also too one-sided that happened right before their eyes.

Souta, judging that the knights had fainted, looked back to the general.
「So, will Sir general fight me too?」
In response to Souta’s question, the general shook his head, face pale.

This ended up becoming really late, I’m sorry, I got a bad news from distant relative, thankfully it doesn’t affect me in any way, but it soured my mood and killed my motivation, I can’t say more because it’s family matter though.

I thought I was fine already, so I started the translation of chapter 131, but considering it took me 3 days to finish (it’s posted already on patreon), my mental state seems to still not quite right yet, the plan was to translate next chapter of banished healer, but I might end up doing 1 more chapter of re-summoned hero before doing banished healer, because it’s just easier to translate and shorter in general.

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