Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 29

Master’s Prophecy


「Are you fucking kidding me? Why should I listen to the instruction of a woman who can’t even fight!」

When I arrived at the adventurer guild with Master and the others, I saw an adventurer yelling at Laila-san and Armia and a crowd of adventurers surrounding the three.
Noticing the yelling adventurer was from the party we had a history with, the leader of War God’s Greatsword, I understood the general situation.

The man had quite a high self-esteem, as evidenced by his resentment and how he tried to drive me out of the city because of the jealousy he felt as I overtook him.
He probably didn’t like that Laila-san was trying to lead the adventurer instead of himself and complained.
Armia stood in front of the man to protect Laila-san, but because of her size, she looked like being protected by Laila-san instead.

Laila-san, without being overwhelmed by the leader of War God’s Greatsword, firmly replied,

「I’m representing Zieg. Do you have any problem with that? Or, are you saying YOU can beat Zieg, a guild agent?」

「Hahh? Why the fuck are you borrowing authority from a man who left and hasn’t come back? In the first place, in this situation, isn’t it normal that I, a first-class adventurer, take charge, instead of leaving it to a newcomer.」

However, that didn’t make the man withdraw. He touched the handle of his greatsword and started yelling.

That Laila and Armia were women and War God’s Greatsword had been a first-class adventurer in Labyrinth City for a long time made the other adventurers leaning more toward War God’s Greatsword.

Seeing that, Narsena opened her mouth, upset.

「That’s…! He wasn’t this opposed when I was here!」

「Don’t worry about it, Narsena. That guy probably acted out after no one stronger than him was around.」


I was exasperated at the man who, despite this situation, thought only of himself.

To be honest, that man, the leader of the War God’s Greatsword, didn’t have the ability to lead the adventurers in this situation.
It was true that War God’s Greatsword had been living in Labyrinth City as first-class adventurers, they got the skills, but that was it. That didn’t mean they know how to lead a large number of people.

Nonetheless, the man who was only craving for the limelight and turned on Laila-san was just plain unpleasant.

It seemed Master also thought the same.

「Stupid disciple, shut that adventurer mouth for a bit…… before Zieg kills him.」

Master said that with a disgusted expression. When I looked back, Zieg-san, in response to Master’s words, put his hand on his magic sword.
At this rate, Zieg-san will kill the man.
As long as such a person is still a valuable asset, it will be better if I shut him up.

Judging that, I strengthened my body and started running.
Immediately I closed the distance to the yelling man.

「Just Look around! Everyone also agrees that I’m better than women like you!」

Laila-san and the other adventurers around immediately noticed me, but the leader of War God’s Greatsword, who shouted in a frenzied voice, was totally unaware of my presence behind him.

Without hesitation, I kicked the man’s crotch from behind.

「If you understand, then soon, with me…… Hokyo-!?」

………The next moment, his words cut short and the man stopped moving.


After a beat, the man let out an inaudible scream with a pale face. The adventurers around him, especially the men, showed pained expression at the sight.

But I still didn’t stop.

The man was still conscious, as I hadn’t hurt him so much that he couldn’t fight.
However, Master ordered me to shut him up. As he was still conscious, I couldn’t say I achieved that goal.
Based on that, I grabbed the back of his head while he was still screaming.

At that moment, his face distorted as he foresaw what would happen to him.
It was as if he was begging for mercy, mournfully.

Ignoring that, I slammed the man’s face on the ground.


There was the sound of a broken nose and his power completely drained from his body.
After confirming that, I took my hand off the back of the man’s head and stood up.

I don’t hold a grudge over being oppressed in the past.
I have Narsena, I’m happy with that alone that I don’t care about the past.

But the story is different when it came to War God’s Greatsword, especially its leader.
There’s no way I can easily forgive this man who has driven me to the brink of being kicked out of Labyrinth City out of selfish spite.

Therefore, this time, I did not forgive at all.

A man who suddenly appeared and hit the leader of War God’s Greatsword and a man who fainted in a miserable position, holding his crotch with the white of his eyes showing.


A stifled scream escaped from an adventurer who was comparing them.
Suddenly, when I turned my eyes to the other adventurers, there was another member of the War God’s Greatsword in the back, but he looked frightened, it was clear that he had no objection.
Looking at that adventurer, I carelessly thought that there was no way these adventurers would stick to War God’s Greatsword as long as we were here.
It was then that Master called out.

「A fool who doesn’t even know his lack of ability.」

Everyone there turned to Master. She didn’t say that loudly, but she gave off a feeling of pressure that couldn’t be ignored.
At that moment, people finally noticed Master and Ronaldo-san, the two world-class adventurers. A look of astonishment and doubt showed on their faces.
However, no one asked any questions.
No one could open their mouth under the pressuring feeling that came from Master.

Meanwhile, Master opened her mouth with mockery on her face.

「I’ll tell you one thing. If you guys let this idiot take command, your death is certain.」

After telling them that, Master walked toward the guild while giving the other adventurers a sidelong glance.

「Ronaldo, I’ll leave the explanation to those adventurers to you. Raust and the others, follow me. I’ll tell you the rest of the story.」

「You’re so rough with people.」

「Master, I’ll stay here too. Raust, explain to me later.」

Ronaldo-san, while smiling bitterly, nevertheless went to the adventurers without complaining, followed by Zieg-san.
With that last scene, I walked away, following my master’s back.

Master led us to the inner part of the guild.
Along the way, she told the guild staff who were surprised by the sudden appearance of a world-class adventurer to not come into the room. Master occupied the guest room without permission and sat cross-legged on the chair.
Following her, Narsena and I sat side-by-side on the chair across Master’s.
Then, Master started talking.

「To summarize what I heard from you, it started when unusually strong hobgoblins entered Labyrinth City, then that group of monsters appeared. Is that correct?」

Narsena and I nodded to Master’s inquiry.
Before we reached the guild, we already finished explaining what happened so far to Master and Ronaldo-san.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to hear back from them, they probably could give us a general idea of what happened.

After taking our confirmation, Master opened her mouth with a look of annoyance on her face.

「It’s fortunate that I came to this place, or so it seems………」

Master’s attitude was clearly strange.

Frustration and distress. With a look I had never seen before, Master started talking.

「A warning before I start, this is the worst possible situation. Keep that in mind.」

From her words, my mind became more tense.
Tension was also shown on Narsena’s face.
For that master of mine to make this much warning, surely it’s not a trivial matter.

……But that resolution was meaningless.

「In my experience, this is a Labyrinth Runaway. ——-In the not too distant future, this labyrinth city will perish.」



Master’s words shook us.

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