Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 30

The Plan From Hereon


Labyrinth runaway was a peculiar phenomenon specific to the labyrinth, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was as feared as natural disasters.

Monsters that originally only existed inside the labyrinth overflowed outside. That was probably the number one characteristic of labyrinth runaway.
Moreover, the monsters that came out from the labyrinth, even the goblins and hobgoblins, were in a mutated state despite it should only occur to super-high difficulty monsters and had more intelligence that let them move in a group.
Even for a small labyrinth, a labyrinth runaway could cause damage that would crush two or three surrounding cities.

That was the knowledge about labyrinth runaway that I got from the book.
And it certainly bore similarity to what currently happened in Labyrinth City.

From the hobgoblins that had extraordinary intelligence and ability to the lich that completed tactical-class magic by taking the orcs’ magic power.
Those were impossible no matter how you think about it, but if it was labyrinth runaway, then that explained everything.

However, despite knowing all that, I was unable to accept Master’s words.

「… I can’t believe the labyrinth of this Labyrinth City is going out of control!」

The possibility of labyrinth runaway popped up in my mind when I faced the flock of monsters, but I dismissed the idea immediately.
Because they exist in this Labyrinth City, and as far as I know, they have fulfilled their role without fail until now.

The next moment, Narsena unknowingly voiced what was in my mind to Master.

「The other day, we have defeated Phoenix, a super-high difficulty monster, the other adventurers are also hunting monsters in the labyrinth! There is no way enough magic has accumulated to cause labyrinth runaway……」

Labyrinth runaway was said to occur when the magic power in the labyrinth exceeded a certain amount.
Magic power overflowing inside the labyrinth would cause the creation of monsters that could live outside the labyrinth, and those monsters would overflow outside.

In other words, it was necessary to prevent the accumulation of magic power in the labyrinth, and the only way to do so was by killing the monsters in the labyrinth so new monsters spawned with the excess magic power.
That was why Labyrinth City was born around the labyrinth and adventurers descent into the labyrinth to hunt monsters.

Knowing that, Narsena and I couldn’t believe Master’s words because we knew the adventurers had killed quite a few monsters.
That was despite knowing what was told to us about labyrinth runaway by Master was based on her experience in quelling numerous labyrinth runaway.

Master nodded, agreeing with us who couldn’t hide our discomposure and opened her mouth.

「That’s right, yeah. If you think about it normally, there is no way that a labyrinth could run amok in this labyrinth city. After all, this is the biggest labyrinth we’ve ever found. There is no way that the monsters have not been carefully defeated.」

Master’s words affirming our belief that a labyrinth runaway couldn’t occur in this situation.
But then, why Master still said this is a labyrinth runaway, such a thought came to my mind for a moment, but Master still hadn’t finished yet.

「But what’s happening right now is definitely a labyrinth runaway. No, maybe there is another phenomenon similar to that, but that doesn’t matter now. The important thing is there is a crisis right now.」

After saying that, Master stopped speaking for a moment.
It was like she hesitated to continue.
But it was only for a moment, Master opened her mouth again.

「I think…… this is artificially caused.」



I couldn’t hide my surprise after hearing what Master said next.

Artificially causing this situation? Someone causing labyrinth runaway?

I couldn’t believe that.
I looked at Master’s face, hoping she was joking, but what I saw was a serious expression on her face.

Still with the same serious expression, Master continued.

「I know someone who can do it without being suspicious. And that person has been doing something suspicious these days.」

「…Who is it?」

Master didn’t immediately respond to my question.
Instead, she asked a question.

「Hey, Raust. Do you know about Lost Technology?」


Not catching the meaning behind the sudden question, I let out a confused voice.
However, deciding that there was no way Master asked something unrelated to this situation, I tried to recall the knowledge about Lost Technology I read in the book.

Lost Technology was advanced technology developed and left behind by civilizations from hundreds of years ago or more, one that we couldn’t even imagine now.
After all, they were meddling on the labyrinth that was said to be the realm of the gods.

The transfer formation in this Labyrinth City, also known as Elevator, was also a lost technology.
Without it, just to enter the labyrinth, adventurers needed to go through the depths of the meadow where sometimes, even super-high difficulty monsters would appear, to reach the original entrance of the labyrinth.

I knew that much, but I still couldn’t understand the connection to the current situation, so I returned a question to Master.

「What about it?」

「It’s possible that the guild branch chief of this Labyrinth City knew about the lost technology and used that knowledge to cause the labyrinth runaway.」

「… What?」

I couldn’t keep my agitation out of my voice at the Master’s words.
Narsena was dumbfounded.

After a few moments, I sorted out the information.

Master said earlier that the person who could cause labyrinth runaway was making suspicious movement.
As far as I can tell from that, Master probably thinks that the branch chief of this Labyrinth City guild caused the labyrinth runaway.

But while knowing that, I still couldn’t accept what Master said.

The guild branch chief in this Labyrinth City was indeed strange, even to me, a mere adventurer.
Even so, I couldn’t think of any reason for him to try to cause a labyrinth runaway.
What’s waiting at the end of the labyrinth runaway is only enormous damage.
I don’t think there is any point in seeking such things.

In the first place, I couldn’t believe that the guild branch chief had the Lost Technology.
It was called that precisely because it had been dead for hundreds of years.
I couldn’t believe that he even had that kind of technology, and even if he really did have it, I didn’t know if he could really cause a labyrinth runaway with lost technology.

Of course, it wasn’t that I didn’t believe in Master.
Looking at the serious expression on Master’s face, I knew she was serious, and that was why I couldn’t help but be confused.
Glancing at Narsena beside me, she also looked as confused as I was.

However, Master didn’t wait for us to calm our minds.

「That’s why, our priority is to locate the missing branch chief and his aides. Raust, get ready immediately. Narsena, you go solidify the defense with Ronaldo.」


「I’ll be looking for you in ten minutes. Hurry up.」

The next moment after she said that, Master was in action.
She got up from her chair and left the room.

「Ronaldo, you protect this place with the adventurers…」

I let out a sigh as I realized that I had missed the opportunity to hear the detailed explanation from the distant voice of Master.


Sigh overlapped, I looked sideways at Narsena who had the same tired expression.
At that moment, our feeling was strangely transmitted to each other, and at the same time we burst out laughing.

We laughed for a little while, but I couldn’t stay there for long as I had to get ready right away, so I got up from my chair.
Finally, I opened my mouth to Narsena.

「Don’t overdo it if the next wave of monsters comes. Ronaldo-san will also be there, you should rely on him.」

「I’ll be alright. Onii-san, you too, please be careful… The branch chief might be more capable than we thought.」

「I know. Well, Master will be there too, so I think I will be fine.」

I answered Narsena with a laugh, but my mind thought otherwise.
Certainly, Master was the most powerful person I knew.
However, that was why I felt a little uneasy deep inside.

Indeed, Master doesn’t always listen to others, but this time in particular, she looks somewhat impatient.
Maybe the situation is worse than I thought.

That thought popped into my head and stayed there for a while.

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