Re-Summoned Hero Episode 135

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Sorting metals
Antgar secretly moved

「Then, shall we start the work in the afternoon?」
Said Souta to Antgar after he came back from taking the dishes to the sink.
「Yeah, if we combine what you just said with what I was thinking, it should work.」
During lunch, the two of them were reviewing the manufacturing method of katana that was handed down in Japan. It was a strong inspiration for Antgar and had a positive impact on the work to come.
「Even after I looked up how to create it, I still couldn’t think of a way to make it work. That’s why you’re my only hope…… please.」
Souta looked at Antgar with an unprecedented serious expression.
「I know. Leave it to me.」
Antgar slammed his chest and nodded grandly. This was because he wanted to respond to Souta’s trust and because of his pride as a craftsman.
The two went into the workshop and began to work on Souta’s katana.

While they were working, a no-entry sign was hung at the entrance of the workshop. Seeing that, Dina decided to do what she could for them and went into town to do some shopping for dinner.

「Oh, been a while since I last heard hammering sound from the hero’s descendant.」
「He’s still at it, huh? The forge didn’t seem to be lit lately though.」
Those living in the nearby workshop were standing around talking about the unusualness of Antgar doing blacksmithing work.
「Somehow, I heard sounds like an explosion the other day, I wonder if something had gone wrong…」
「I heard that from my place too, that was terrifying, I don’t know where it came from, but I guess it’s from here, huh?」
Neighboring residents appeared one after another and joined the talk about Antgar. Their expression looked like someone who was watching over others pleasantly, each one of them was pleased to see the return of Antgar the Blacksmith.

He was serious to a fault about blacksmithing, too serious it set him back. Some had experienced similar setbacks but they had overcome them in various ways. However, in Antgar’s case, the wall he needed to overcome was too tall, he couldn’t quite get over it and smoldered.
「I don’t know what triggered the change, but I’m glad.」
「Right, if it’s him, he won’t lose to his ancestor and become a good craftsman.」
Everyone nodded to the opinions of the two.

The two didn’t know the exchange that happened outside. At the workshop, the two were working hard to make the katana. Due to the fire they use, the temperature in the workshop rising rapidly, making them drenched in sweat. But the work was not over. Souta was wearing only a T-shirt, and Antogar was naked on the top half of his body.
After a while, the sound of metal hitting metal stopped, and they finally wiped the sweat off their faces with towels. The blacksmithing skills of the two were high, and due to the effects of the professional blacksmith, the work progressed several times faster than ordinary craftsmen.
Thanks to that, it took only a few hours after I started working on it for it to start taking shape.

「Here’s where the real thing starts, huh, no way you just want to make a normal metal weapon, right?」
Wiping his sweat messily, Antgar chuckled and asked that to Souta.
「Of course, now that we’re here, the next step is that, right?」
After Antgar answered Souta with a nod, he replaced the hammer with another one. Souta also changed the hammer he used and put his magic power into that hammer.
「What about the attributes?」
「I’ll put all the available attributes in order. Can I leave the no attribute magic infusion to you, Antgar?」
「Leave it to me, rather, that’s the best way to go. Now then, let’s start!」
Along with Antgar shout, they started to hammer the already heated part in turn.

This was not a part of the general process of blacksmithing but was a process called magic infusion. It would add attributes to the created weapons according to the element, quality, and quantity of magic power that could be infused. Souta was able to use magic from all attributes and the quality and quantity of his magic power were high.
On the other hand, the only attribute Antgar could use properly was the earth attribute, he had a small amount of magic power and the quality was by no means superior to other random blacksmiths. However, he was good at balancing magic power, he efficiently passed Souta’s magic power to the sword.
Then, gradually it took shape.

Souta put in as much magic power as the blade could hold, after reaching this point, he gave a sign to Antgar then stopped. With that, Antgar moved on to the rest of the shaping process.
After leaving the rest to Antgar, Souta returned to the living room, he sat down in the chair and leaned his weight on the backrest.
「It’s been quite a long time, as expected, I’m tired…」
Souta took out a cup from dimensional storage and poured water into it. He had been so focused on his work that he hadn’t noticed, but his throat was completely parched and the water seemed to soak through his burning body.
It was just normal water, but he could feel the water absorbed into his body like rain on dry soil.

Souta, feeling relaxed after drinking the water, looked around the living room, then he looked for a sign of presence in the dining room, it seemed that Dina was still out.
「Not here, huh…」
Souta leaned back on the chair and looked up at the ceiling. He then closed his eyes and listened to the sound of Antgar working. It was the same sound he had been making a while ago, but it was a pleasant sound to hear from a little distance.
After doing so for a while, the sound stopped. It didn’t seem like it would start again.
「Let’s go.」
Souta stood up and returned to the workshop while muttering to no one.

There was a figure of Antgar confirming the blade that was completed in the previous process.
「Ohh, you came, will you take a look at this?」
He handed the blade to Souta after saying so.
「Hmm, not bad, but…」
Antgar shook his head at Souta’s words after he was looking at the blade as if he were examining it.
「That’s right, it’s not bad. You can get 10 or more gold coins at the cheapest if you line this up at some weapon store.」
「Yeah. I’m sure it’s a great weapon, but it’s not for everyone.」
The two didn’t seem to be satisfied with the finished blade.

「「Not beautiful」」
Those words contained the consensus of the two.

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