A change of plan

So, in my latest banished healer chapter, I already said what my plan is, well

Instead of re-summoned hero, I decide to do another banished healer chapter instead, I failed to finish on 25th, and I forget I need to take my 2nd vaccines shot on 26th, I thought it would be fine based on my first shot, but it’s been the 2nd day and I’m still in low energy mode now, I don’t feel like doing anything, my body feel weak and I get sleepy real fast, and my left arm is still sore as hell

I will take another day of rest on 28th if my condition doesn’t improve by tonight

2 thoughts on “A change of plan

  1. Ughh… I still haven’t took any vaccines, but a few peoples that already have, said that their arm really ached as well. Take care 😖


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