Re-Summoned Hero Episode 138

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Antgar still sleeping too today
High-purity dragon iron
Moved by the rice!

「Hahh~ So that’s how it was…」
Antgar gained an understanding after he heard the situation back then from Souta. The number of people growing rice had grown since 1000 years ago when Souta and Dina were active and the fields were gradually expanding. Especially in the dwarven country, it was eaten daily.
「I never thought about it because it’s completely normal for me, but I guess for people from back then, they would be surprised.」
「Yeah, but I’m glad it’s easy to get now. Let’s buy it in bulk later.」
Souta had a strong feeling about this as if it was a done deal.

「Now I can work in a good mood. We’ll finish it this time.」
Thanks to the rice, Souta’s motivation was higher than ever.
「Ouu, now that I’ve refined a good one, we’ll choose the right metals to combine, so it should work this time!」
Antgar was also highly motivated as if Souta’s motivation rubbed on him.
「Sorry, but I’ll leave the clean-up to you, Dina.」
「I understand, please do your best on your work.」
Souta left the cleanup to Dina, stood up, and head toward the workshop.

Taking the same position as yesterday, they started preparing.
「About the metal we’re going to use today, considering the purity of dragon iron, unless it’s of the same quality, it will be impossible isn’t it?.」
「Right, yesterday’s metal was a decent one, but that’s the result…」
Recalling yesterday’s mottled sword, Antgar wrinkles his eyebrows.

「So about that, I’m wondering if we can use this metal.」
Souta took out a lump of metal. It wasn’t among the metal he put out yesterday.
「This is……?」
Antgar had no familiarity with the metal either.
「I’m not sure either, it was found in the depths of a cave, and even with appraisal skills, I couldn’t quite figure it out. However, the hardness and the magic compatibility are quite high. But it’s rare, I haven’t seen one other than this one. I was reluctant to take this out.」
This metal had many mysteries, it was unknown to Raugo, and was something that wasn’t in the memory of Elder with his wide range of knowledge.

When Souta and his comrades found it in the cave, this metal had become a golem and could be obtained by defeating it. But that wasn’t easy. Its hardness prevented any blow from Dragon Executioner, and magic would just get absorbed. The heroes managed to defeat it after giving their all.
Was the monster mutated? Or was the metal turned into a monster? They never found out in the end, but it was a unique presence in the cave.
「I’m sure it’s powerful, even Raugo found it too difficult to handle. It was impossible to process this without a special tool. Anyway, this being the case, it should be able to match dragon iron.」

「Even my ancestor…… Let’s use that! I’m sure this is it. It’s to make something that nobody ever created, so it must use the metal nobody ever seen.」
Antgar intuitively felt the metal was necessary for what they wanted to make. Of course, part of the motivation was because the metal wasn’t something that Raugo could handle, but the former feeling was stronger.
「Alright, I also thought we should use this, so I have no objection. But, we will be using this as the tool.」
Souta took out the special tool mentioned earlier. It was a hammer, its main body was made of orichalcum while the mysterious metal from earlier was used as its tip.

「It would work with this, but…… I’m surprised you can make something this good. It’s splendid.」
As he picked it up, he marveled at the processing technology.
「It was quite a brute force approach, and it took quite a long time to just create it… Well, let’s talk about our hardship another time, shall we start then? It’s time to work even harder than yesterday. Both metals are hard to work with after all, and one of them we hardly ever dealt with.」
Antgar nodded at Souta’s words with a mysterious expression on his face.
「But there is no choice but to do it. Alright, let’s get started!」
With Antgar declaration as a signal, the two began to make the katana.

The sound heard from the workshop carried more zeal than the previous day, it unknowingly motivating the craftsmen in the neighborhood workshops. The quality of the products made that day in the workshops in this area was excellent, but no one knew why.

The other day, they completed the katana before the sun went down, but today, even after the sun went down, they still hadn’t even reached the magic transfer part. However, both of them didn’t think about it and kept going with everything they got without losing their concentration. It was because they were aware of how difficult this would be from their first strike.
Dina came to the workshop because she was worried over the two who didn’t come out when it was time to eat, but she cried out from the unexpected hot air that came from the workshop. The workshop was hotter than usual, the room temperature was even higher. The two continued to work, not even wiping their sweat, probably too focused on their work.
She thought about using spirit magic to lower the room temperature but decided against it to not disturb their concentration. Dina quietly returned to the living room without calling them out.

Work continued for a while after Dina went to check on them, but their hands stopped once they reach a stopping point.
「Hahh~ hahh~ this is about halfway, I guess?!」
Antgar loudly confirmed to Souta.
「That’s about right, hahh~hahh~ why don’t we take a break?」
It seemed to be a lot of work even for Souta, who had been working out, the color of fatigue on his face deepened.
「I-I would appreciate that. I’m about to reach my limit.」
The two of them acknowledged each other’s break and sank to the floor.

Souta took out two energy drinks and handed one of them to Antgar. He was about to drop it but managed to grab it and drank it in one go. Souta also drank it in one go. Their body became lighter after they finished drinking.
「This drink is amazing. Just drinking it seems to blow away my fatigue.」
「yeah, there is so much stuff in it after all… though, I think it’s better if you don’t ask what’s inside.」
Souta remembered the recipe, but his expression was complicated.

「Oi, what’s that, you’re making me curious.」
「No, don’t worry about it.」
「Tell me!」
It took less than a minute until Dina showed up after she heard Antgar’s shout.

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