Re-Summoned Hero Episode 144

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The name of the katana is Yozuki
Summon from the castle
When waiting outside, there are many people

When Antgar and Dina came out, they were surprised there was a crowd outside.
「What the hell happens?」
Unable to grasp the situation, Antgar asked Souta who was in the middle of the crowd.
「They want to see my sword. I refused.」
「That’s…… Well, it can’t be helped.」
Antgar knew that everyone he knew wanted to see the katana and he could understand why Souta didn’t want to show the katana, so he decided to not continue what he wanted to say after the first word left his mouth.

「Well then, let’s go.」
When Souta looked ahead, the crowd split in two, making a path for them. Seeing that, Antgar was wide-eyed in surprise.
「Hey, what are we supposed to do if you don’t lead the way, Antgar? You know we don’t know the way, right?」
「Antgar-san, please be our guide.」
「O-Ohh, right, my bad.」
Prompted by Souta and Dina, Antgar led the way while looking curiously at the face of the people that made the path. They looked terrified. Souta didn’t use skill or magic, he just let out his displeasure about the road that was blocked. However, it seemed to have had the same effect on the craftsmen as intimidation.

Even after Souta and the other left, the crowd didn’t disperse immediately and watched the three’s back.
「Who… is that?」
Someone muttered so, but nobody had the answer to that question.

After passing the crowd, they arrived at the royal castle smoothly without any more obstacles appearing on the way. Antgar went and inform the guard at the gate about their arrival.
「Can you pass this message? Antgar and his escorts who were told to come to the castle by the order of the king had arrived.」
「Ahh, Antgar-dono, please wait a moment.」
The guard knew about Antgar and went inside the castle immediately to make a report.

「Your face is immediately recognized just because you’re Raugo’s descendant, huh, Antgar?」
「Guess so… hahh~ if I was told that some time ago I would be angry.」
Antgar was surprised at the change in himself, as he no longer felt angry, even though the way the other person treated him was the same as before.
「Is that so? You can’t change the fact that you’re Raugo-san descendant, so getting angry at that is pointless, don’t you think…」
Dina tilted her head and questioned Antgar’s words.
「No, that’s… Right.」
Souta understood Antgar’s feeling and smiled wrily at his answer to Dina’s pure question.

「Well, that’s right. But when both of you look at me, you’re looking at the individual named Antgar, I thought the others were looking at me only as the descendant of Raugo the hero. I’m sure those people exist, but most of the people who gathered around the workshop and worried about me were there because they knew about my skills.」
Antgar recalled the time he wasn’t aware of that and smiled bitterly.
「Hmm, then it’s different now, right? Then it’s great. You created Souta-san’s katana, after all, if you can realize your misunderstanding is just a misunderstanding, then it’s a happy ending!」

「It’s not over yet… Look, it looks like the guard is here.」
The guard returned from the inside of the castle. Behind him was the General they met in the checkpoint and in front of the mine.
「Oh, long time no see. Though, guess it’s just a couple of days since then….. I know how you feel, so don’t give me a scary look like that. Don’t worry, I’m not going to force myself on you like that time.」
The General made it clear he wouldn’t be hostile, and, with a troubled expression, he raised his hands like he was surrendering.
「I’m still worried about various stuff, but I will believe you for now…… I hope we won’t be disadvantaged inside the castle.」
「Hrrnghh, I-It’s alright. Maybe.」
A line of sweat ran down his cheek after Souta said that, but he managed to answer even if only that. However, his agitation was visibly obvious and that made Souta thought that a problem would occur in the future.

「W-Well, let’s come in. I’m just a guide, you can listen to the detail from His Majesty inside. Come on, follow me.」
The General managed to gloss the matter over and chose to devote himself as a guide.
「That makes me worry, but… ohh well. We’re not going to get started until we get there, anyway.」
Souta was dissatisfied, but here, he followed the General without making a fuss. Dina and Antgar left the decision to Souta and followed Souta without saying anything.

Upon entering the castle, the soldiers were looking at the group led by the General from the distance. Then as they passed, the soldiers began gossiping in secret.
「Isn’t Antgar looking different?」
「Yeah, I know, right? He used to have this angry look on his face most of the time, but now he looks refreshed.」
「More importantly, who are the other two?」
「Rumor has it that they defeated the General or something.」
「The General? No way that’s right.」
The volume of their voice was so loud to be called gossiping, most of what they said was overheard by Souta and the others.

As he apologized to Souta’s group, veins popped up on the General’s forehead because of the soldiers that were gossiping.
「That’s fine…… You’re having a hard time too, huh? Those are your subordinate, right?」
「Hahh~ I guess the problem is that I don’t get angry at my subordinate when they speak ill of me.」
The General drooped his shoulders, lamenting the shameless behavior of his subordinate. Though even while he drooped his shoulders, his speed didn’t decrease, they arrived at the audience hall smoothly.

「We’re here, I’ll come in first, all of you follow after me. When I get to the front of the king, I will kneel. As for all of you… well, you two don’t belong to this country, so it’s fine if you don’t kneel. Only Antgar should be kneeling for the time being.」
Antgar, who originally intended to do so, nodded repeatedly at the General’s word.
「Then, I guess Dina and I can just stand there. Well then, let’s enter immediately.」
Souta wanted to finish this business quickly, so he urged the General.

「…I pray that nothing will happen.」
With that word, the General opened the door.

I don’t know what time it is anymore, my sleep schedule is wack

On a side note, I forget to include it in the last chapter note, but Yozuki = Night Moon, while Izayoi = 16th Night, or more easily understood as Night After a Full Moon

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