Re-Summoned Hero Episode 143

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Dina chose the sword guard
Antgar-san, please wake up!
What will the name of the katana be?

Souta had focused only on creating the katana until now and hadn’t thought about the inscription of the finished katana.
「What to do…」
The blade was black, the handle was red for the sharkskin and black for the wrapping, and the scabbard was crimson as it was created from firebird wood. And although there was no direct connection, it was the successor of Izayoi. Souta thought of a name based on that.
Souta crossed his arms and closed his eyes before he knew it. The room was dominated by silence. Dina and Antgar gulped and waited for Souta’s answer.

After a few minutes or even tens of minutes, Souta opened his eyes.
「I have decided, your name will be 『Yozuki』」
Souta chose a name that reminded him of the moon floating in the dark night.
Dina didn’t know anything about Japanese Kanji, she only had the image she got from hearing the word, even so, she nodded with a satisfied smile as if she felt a certain impression from it.
Antgar cocked his head as he tried to figure out what it meant, but he wasn’t going to complain about Souta’s decision.

「I finally got a katana I can consider a partner.」
Souta was experiencing a feeling that he hadn’t been able to satisfy when using Izayoi. It was just made, but it felt familiar in his hand, and he could feel a sense of unity like he had been using it for a long time.
Dina also looked like she felt a myriad of emotions on her face.

「Hahh~ it’s been a while since I created something…… With this, I hope I can create weapons too.」
Antgar was pleased to have created the greatest masterpiece in his record and had a plan for the next one in his mind.
「It will be alright, your ability has been proven by this katana. All you have to do is be confident.」
Souta spoke to Antgar without looking away from the katana.
「I-Is that so?」
Feeling a little shy, Antgar scratched his head.

During that exchange, the outside of the workshop became noisy.
「Hmm? There is a lot of noise outside…… I will take a look.」
Antgar went outside to see what was going on.
「I wonder what happened?」
Souta and Dina exchanged looks then looked at the direction Antgar was going.

After waiting for a while, Antgar still didn’t come back. Souta and Dina were looking at Yozuki as people were talking loudly outside.
After dozens of minutes, Antgar returned to the workshop while looking grim.
「Ah, Antgar-san, welcome back…… Is there something wrong?」
Even when Dina greet him, His expression didn’t change as he went toward Souta.
「Bad news…… I was told they have a lot they want to know about this time mining. And I need to bring not only myself but also you guys who accompanied me there.」
Souta felt this ruined the congratulatory mood of Yozuki’s completion, but he expected this possibility.

「So it really comes after all. After all, we’ve had our run-in with the General, and we’ve come back having served our purpose…… But then what happened to the mined dragon iron? What happened inside? What did you make? Things like that.」
Antgar nodded to Souta’s words.
「That’s right. Naturally, both of your abilities are reported above. What did those powerful people do? What did they make? In the first place, I was being carried at that time, right? It seems that’s also related to what they think had happened.」
Dina looked a little embarrassed as she waited for Souta’s answer.

「So when and where should I go?」
Souta’s answer was unexpected, it was to comply with the summon.
「Are you going?」
Surprised, Antgar asked.
「Well, it can’t be helped. It would be a nuisance to you if we don’t go, and it’s a bonus because we’ve got what we’re looking for. So when are we going? 」
Souta wasn’t angry from being summoned, maybe because he was so happy that Yozuki was completed.

「Ahh, right. It’s the royal castle, I was told to come as soon as I’m ready.」
Upon hearing that, Souta stood up and headed for the backyard.
「Hey, what’s wrong?」
Antgar questioned Souta’s action.
「No, I’m sweating and dirty from various stuff, so I thought I would wash it off with water. Then change clothes and finally head to the castle.」
「From now on!?」
Surprised by how fast things unfolded, Antgar raised his voice even louder.

「Shut it.」
「Isn’t it better to get rid of troublesome matter as soon as possible? Also, I can’t go as it is, so I need to prepare. That’s why I want to get ready…… You too, you can’t go while looking like that, right?」
Only after being pointed out by Souta, Antgar checked his appearance. He still had work clothes on, as were the dirt from his work.
「Ah, Did I fall asleep looking like this…… I will also wash myself and change clothes.」
Although Antgar was tired, he regretted sleeping in bed in dirty clothes a little.
「If we’re going to the royal castle, then I will change my clothes too.」
Each of them began to make preparations to go to the castle.

When Souta, who finished his preparation first, went out of the workshop, the neighboring craftsmen were waiting outside.
「Oh, it’s you, how is it? Is it finished? Perhaps it’s that thing on your waist?」
The craftsman who met Souta the day before yesterday asked questions like they were interrogating Souta.
「That’s right, but I’m not going to show you guys. I don’t want to devalue the partner I finally created.」
The craftsman furrowed their brows from Souta’s answer, but because they were also a craftsman, they could understand the sentiment, so they stopped asking any further. However, some other craftsmen weren’t convinced and continued to pester Souta.

「Why can’t you show it? It won’t devalue it, you’ll pull it out when you use it anyway.」
Souta sighed at the words of the inconsiderate craftsman.
「Hahh~ How can I put it, guess there is also the type whose curiosity won over pride and dignity as a craftsman…… No matter what you say, I’m not going to show it.」
That craftsman lost their cool after Souta said that and tried to press Souta further, but he was stopped by the other craftsmen.
「Sorry, it’s the curiosity born from wanting to know about Antgar’s latest work. But, it’s certainly wrong as a craftsman to force someone to show their creation. I will give this guy a scolding, so please forgive us.」
Having said that, the man that tried to press Souta further was restrained and forced to bow by the surrounding craftsmen.
「Well, if you understand that, then it’s fine. This is a trivial matter.」

The craftsmen still couldn’t hide their curiosity about the katana at Souta’s waist and kept glancing at it, but Souta didn’t pay them any attention and waited for Dina and Antgar to finish their preparation.

Actual TL note: “I don’t want to devalue the partner I finally created.” this line in particular is not exactly what the japanese say, my english is not good enough to convey the exact thing I understand from the sentence and I’m not confident enough with my japanese to just modify the line directly in the main body of the chapter, but from what I understand, Souta want to say that his katana (partner) is not a showpiece, it’s a weapon and pulling it out just for showing is lowering its value, or if translated literally, “selling it cheaply,” the TL note is just in case it’s not clear enough

The original plan was to release this after I release 144 on patreon, but I don’t feel so good today I ended up just sleeping most of the day, I already read the chapter multiple time though, so it shouldn’t take me that long to translate the entire thing, there should be 2 chapters for patreon tomorrow and one here, also, I finished the main story content of atelier ryza 2 2 days ago and found out atelier sophie 2 was announced a month ago, thank god it’s still a long while away, now I’m playing tales of arise before going back to ryza 2 dlc content

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