Re-Summoned Hero Episode 146

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Enter the audience hall
The King complementing Souta and Dina
How about sharing the ore?

「Can you put it here?」
The General guided them to the warehouse and after talking with the Warehouse Keeper, they were guided to the empty space inside.
「Alright. Dina, can I borrow your bag?」
「Here you go.」
Asked by Souta, Dina handed him her magic bag. Then, Souta took out a certain amount of ore from the bag. It was only a small amount compared to what they mined, but the General and the Warehouse Keeper were surprised at the amount.

「You mined so much… Will the leftover be enough for you?」
「I’ve already made what I want, and that should be enough for you, right?」
「That’s more than enough, but…… deciding the remuneration for this much ore is troubling.」
Because they got more than they expected, the General wrinkled his eyebrows. Normally, they should be delighted to receive such a large amount of Dragon Iron ores, but considering the low amount of ores in circulation recently, a reasonable price was also required.

「In that case, can I take a look inside this warehouse? There’s going to be all kinds of unusual stuff in there, so I’m willing to be paid in kind.」
「Umu, I can’t say you can take whatever you want…… But if there is anything you like, I can give you the approval to most of it with my authority. These were mined by all three of you, so Antgar-dono, Dina-dono, please take what you want too.」
The General thought about Souta’s proposal for a moment, but not wanting to miss out on this much ores, he quickly decided to get on board with the proposal.

「Really?! What should I pick, I wonder?」
「M-Me too? What should I do?」
The two of them followed Souta, who already started searching through the warehouse, and looked at various items.
There were various ores other than the one they gave in the warehouse. Wanting some materials, Antgar was looking for something unusual among them. As for Dina, she followed her womanly instinct and looked at accessories and other finely carved items in turn. As a country with elaborate craftsmanship, many of the carvings were finely designed with a high level of skill that could not be seen anywhere else.
On the other hand, Souta didn’t pay them any attention and went deeper and deeper. Ores, weapons, armors, accessories, etc were placed relatively close to the entrance, while in the back was a collection of stuff that wasn’t much of an interest for Dwarves.

「This is it.」
Souta stopped in front of a shelf. The deeper he went, the darker it was, so he made a small light with his magic. Lined on the shelf were books. The dwarves often passed on their skills orally or by watching, and rarely left them in written form. Because of that kind of culture, reading books was less common. Consequently, the importance of books seemed to be low in this country.
「Is there something…」
He flipped through the books that caught his eyes, then put them back on the shelf. After repeating that several times, he found something interesting.
「This one… This too, also this, this and this…」
Like an avalanche, once he found one, he also found many others he wanted.
Then, after about an hour, they found everything they wanted and gathered at the entrance.

「Hmu, have you decided what you want? Show me.」
The General checked what each of them had decided.
「I want this.」
Antgar was holding a large number of ores and metal ingots in both hands.
「Oh, that’s a lot. But it’s a pittance compared to how much ores all of you brought, you can take it.」
「Thank you very much! Sorry, can I put these in your bag? It’s nice to be able to take these, but, it, is, heavy…」
「Oh no, Antgar-san! Please hold out a bit more!」
Dina, who was next to him, hurriedly put what Antgar was holding into the bag one after another.

「Fuh~ thankfully nothing dropped. I’m next, I will be taking these.」
Dina showed the General three accessories.
「Oh, are you fine with only those? You’re so greedless, Dina-dono, you can take double that amount if you want.」
The accessories Dina showed had special effects, but it was still far inferior in value compared to the ores.

「So I’m the last one, huh? This is my choice.」
Souta stacked the books on a big box nearby. As the stack got taller, the General’s cheeks started twitching. About seventy percent of the books on the shelf were piled up there.
「This is… quite an amount.」
Antgar was also looking at the mountain of books wide-eyed.

「I-I didn’t expect you to bring this many, but…… well, we rarely read books, you can take those.」
Since the General was also a dwarf, it was easy to get approval because he wasn’t interested in books.
「That’s great. I looked around for something interesting, but I never thought I would find Grevin’s book all the way here.」
「What!? Souta-san, did you say Grevin-san’s book!?」
Dina gave quite a response to Souta’s words and Souta answered her with a spirited nod.

「I came to this country just for weapons, but I’m glad I got this kind of bonus …」
「Indeed! Please let me read it later.」
「Of course.」
Looking at Souta and Dina getting excited about books, Antgar and the General, who didn’t understand the value of the books, tilted their head.

Cough-! Anyway, I’m glad that all of you find what you want. Also, this is the gold given by His Majesty, please divide it among you three.」
Antgar, being the closest to the General, received the bag the General took out, but the moment the General let go, he could feel how much gold inside from the weight of it.
「C-Can we get this much?」
「Umu, this is just a change compared to the ore you brought, the difference is compensated in the form of stuff you picked just now.」
The General said that with his arms crossed like it was just natural, but the three of them felt somewhat awkward.

「In that case…… I will give you a little more.」
Souta took out additional ores from his own bag and put them next to the ores he took out previously.
「T-There is still more? But we have nothing else to offer for compensation.」
「It’s more effective to play your trump card later, right? Besides, I’m giving you these extra ores because we think we’re getting too much in return. So, don’t worry about it.」
As Dina and Antgar also thought they were getting too much like Souta said, the extra ores that Souta took out made them feel more at ease.
「I’m sorry, to be honest, I’m really thankful.」
The General bowed deeply to express his gratitude.

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