Re-Summoned Hero Episode 147

TL Change: Gnome to Minihuman, Town of Adventurers, Toura to Tuula; the change is caused by differences in philosophy between when I first translated those terms to now

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

More ores than expected
Paid in kind
Feeling bad from paid with gold too, Souta gives more ores

After they finished delivering the ores, they returned to Antgar’s workshop. It had been several hours since then, naturally, the people around the workshop had dispersed and it was pretty quiet.
「Is it okay to give that much?」
Antgar asked the most important question.
「Well, that’s only to make up for the value of the stuff they have given to us. Given the value of the ores currently, the possibility of them thinking they owe us a favor is enough benefit, don’t you think? Besides, that’s still only one part of it, right?」
In fact, there were dozens of times more ores than what Souta took out in the warehouse in his dimensional storage.
「I-I see.」
Antgar cheeks twitching from the fact that the ores he mined single-mindedly in that cave were more than expected.

「I see you say, you’re the one mining it right? To mine that amount solo…」
Souta said so, amazed, but while he remembered he was mining, he didn’t remember how much he mined.
「I remember collapsed after it was over, but the amount…」
Antgar tried to remember while touching his beard, but he only ended up tilting his head.

「Well, you mined quite a good amount. More importantly, let’s talk about the rewards, let’s split the gold reward into three equal parts, then I want to know what reward both of you chose from the warehouse.」
Souta was curious about the criteria the other two used to choose their reward.
「Mine are these. Earrings and two bracelets. All of them have the attribute of water, I choose them because they go well with me, my spirit, and Undine. And…… their design is cute too.」
She said the last part with a smile.
「I see, it looks good on you.」
It was a casual compliment from Souta, but Dina blushed so hard her ears also turned red.
「T-T-Thank you very mush.」
She stammered and then bit her tongue.

「How about you, Antgar?」
「For me, it’s ores. Nothing is as rare as the one you provided before, but I still found some interesting ores. With all this, I can make a lot of stuff for a while.」
Antgar was beaming happily as he saw the ores Dina took out from her bag.
「S-Souta-san, what about you? You mentioned Grevin-san’s book back then.」
Dina, who hadn’t recovered from the blush on her cheeks, asked Souta while trying to control her embarrassment.

Souta took out the book written by Grevin from his dimensional storage.
「These two books are written by Grevin.」
Souta handed one book to Dina and opened the other by himself.
「W-Wait a minute. Didn’t you take so many books?」
Antgar exclaimed in surprise as he recalled the number of books Souta took from the warehouse.
「Those are hobby books I want to read. While these are the books that may become our guide in the future.」
Souta replied to Antgar’s question with an expression that spoke “what the heck are you saying?”
「A-Am I in the wrong?」
Antgar immediately looked at Dina, but he was given the cold shoulder as she was already reading the book that she received from Souta.

「Well, that’s not important. More importantly, there are two main things these two books are about.」
After Souta said that, Dina stopped skimming through the book and raised her face.
「The book you read, Dina, is a story written by Elder, but it’s talking about the dragonkin, so maybe there is a lead to their whereabout there. As for this book, this one talks about what happened to the minihuman race after that. This one is also written like a story, but there is a depiction that bothered me.」
「And that is?」
Dina immediately asked.
「No, I still don’t know if it’s really what I have in mind, so I will keep quiet for now. Either way, we’ll have to return to the city of Tuula once to confirm.」

Antgar reacted to Souta’s words with a twitch.
「Are you guys leaving this country soon?」
「We may stay for a little longer, but I think we will leave in the not-so-distant future. After all, the purpose of coming to this country was to create this katana.」
Souta replied as he put his hand on the katana at his waist.
「…I see. I’ll miss you.」
Antgar enjoyed his life for the past few days. He prepared the metal since the night before, and then Souta and Dina came in the afternoon. He worked with Souta and once he reached a good stopping place, the three ate lunch made by Dina. It was safe to say that the past few days had been the most fulfilling of his life so far what with him keeping his body and mind occupied with blacksmithing all day long. Although it was just for a short time, it was an important memory to Antgar.

「Well, first of all, let’s start with reading through these two books and pick whatever bothers us from them. It’s time to go back to the inn and read.」
「Yes! I’m curious about the continuation!」
As she had been enjoying Grevin’s book as a story, she gave a spirited nod to Souta’s declaration for she was itching to read more.
「I know we just arrived here, Antgar, but we need to return to the inn, sorry. You’ve done a lot for me. When we’re going to continue our journey again, we will show up here first.」
「H-Hey, wa-…… they already leave, huh?」
Souta and Dina left without waiting for Antgar’s reply.

「…Guess I will just work, huh?」
In the quiet workshop now that the two had left, Antgar tried to make something, but he couldn’t light the fire in his heart. Without knowing the reason, he picked up his hammer and powerlessly swung it down and repeated that, but in the end, he couldn’t make any progress that day.

On the other hand, once the two returned to the inn, they gathered in Souta’s room and started reading. Like when they were still in the workshop, Souta was reading the book about the minihuman while Dina was reading the book about dragonkin.
The only sound in the room was the sound of pages being flipped.
Souta was reading the book with a slight skim while focusing on the main points, so he was going to finish it soon. Dina was so engrossed in the story that she seemed to have lost sight of her original purpose of gathering information.
Souta smiled at Dina, who occasionally raised her voice while putting together his own notes.

Okay, I should stop wasting my time and start actively translating daily already, I’m sorry for the delay, procrastination strike again

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    1. That was what I thought too, but this is the correct translation unfortunately, gone is the day when I made up some term because I think it’s cooler or fit better


        1. to be fair, I still use that privilege, it’s just, translating what literally means small person tribe into gnome is too much deviation in my opinion, I can use hobbit or its alternative name, halfling, but choose minihuman instead because it’s more descriptive for people who are not aware of what hobbit is, not to mention its alt name


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