Re-Summoned Hero Episode 148

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Everyone’s rewards and reasons
Let’s go back to the inn
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Next morning

Because they were reading books until late, they both woke up before noon. Thanks to that, Dina had finished reading the two Grevin’s books and Souta had finished some of the other books he had collected.
「Ah, so sleepy,」
「We got a little carried away…」
The two rubbed their sleepy eyes as they were eating lunch in the inn’s dining room.

「So, what do you think?」
Asked Souta. A soundproof barrier made of wind was set around them to prevent their voices from being overheard.
「Hmmm, both of them feel like hints, but… the dragonkin’s one feels a little too vague. In the end, it doesn’t seem to lead to the people who know where to go or the place itself.」
There was a description of the place that might be where the dragonkin moved in the book, but it didn’t say the location of said place, in the end, they needed more information.

「Then, what about the minihuman?」
「As for minihuman, I think it will be easy to get in touch with them as they, from the first place, had spread into various settlements, but it’s hard to narrow down which village to go to with just the information from that book…….」
While recalling the content of the books, Dina analyzed them.
「It’s not like we can check every one of them one by one either.」
It was a well-known fact that minihuman spread themselves into multiple settlements, but in addition to being scattered all over the place, there were innumerable of them it was impossible to count even with both hands and feet.

「Is there something bothering you, Souta-san?」
「I… yeah, there is one. In the story, there is a mention of Elder’s familiar at that time. Do you remember?」
Dina responded to Souta’s question with a nod. She had read each book multiple times last night she knew the story by heart.
「It didn’t have many scenes, but I was impressed by the fact that it was a monster with knowledge.」
Souta, who had imagined the same thing, nodded.
「I was thinking that maybe that was just to get our attention…… Do you think I’m reading too much into it, Dina?」
「Hmm, I wonder. Even if it was, does it gives any hint?」
When Dina asked so, Souta had an idea.
「I may have a clue about that familiar. If we can meet that familiar, maybe we can ask it to become our guide.」

「If that familiar is the same as the one in the story, we might be able to get closer to our goal in one go.」
「Hmm, it might not work out that way, but I thought it’s more realistic to take that chance than to fumble around.」
Dina nodded and at the same time, asked a question.
「So, about that clue, in which country is it, Souta-san?」

Antgar’s workshop

「Hahh~ without them around, I don’t have much motivation.」
Antgar was in the workshop, but his work didn’t progress at all and he sighed.
Now, Antogar’s feelings were wavering. He wanted to go along with Souta in his journey. He had that feeling, but they seemed to have a goal. Not coming to the workshop today might be related to that goal.
Of course they gave that goal top priority, and that the only reason they had accompanied Antgar this time was to make the weapon necessary for that goal.
「I wish I’m also included in that journey……」

「Hey, why the long face? I thought you’re finally motivated, but you’re back to before.」
The one who asked Antgar that was his childhood friend who was part of the castle’s knight company.
「Ohh, it’s you… Hahh~」
「That, that’s what I’m talking about. You looked motivated and refreshed when I saw you in the castle, so, how come?」
Although he knew the reason, Antgar listlessly shook his head because he didn’t want to say it.
Like suddenly remembering something, Antgar’s childhood friend looked around the workshop.

「Are those two that come with you not around? I thought they stayed in your place……」
Antgar shuddered at his words.
「Aha! Did you have a fight with those two? No, you said they’re adventurers, so, are they off for their journey again? How is it? Am I correct?」
Antgar crossed his arms with a glum expression on his face.
「No, not fighting, it’s journey…」
「I see, so that’s why you’re secluding yourself in lonesome here.」

After getting a bull’s-eye with his guess, Antgar stood up and was about to yell at him, but he changed his mind and sat back down roughly.
「Oh, what’s wrong? Not going to yell?」
「No, even if I yell at you, it won’t change anything. Besides, it’s not something to get too upset about if I keep my cool.」
「You, you have changed. In a good way…… If it’s you from before, you would yell at anyone who said something that you don’t like.」
His childhood friend was surprised at Antgar’s change. Antgar was originally a good-natured person, but he didn’t like the people around that just talked about his ancestor, anyone who said something that rubbed him the wrong way would get yelled at and kicked out from his workshop.

「Ahh, I realized that I was the one who was obsessed with my ancestor.」
Looking completely different, his childhood friend decided to speak seriously without making fun of Antgar.
「So, do you want to follow them?」
「Hmm… it’s complicated. Of course I want to follow them. But, they seem to have a specific goal in mind. As I found out from our mining expedition before, their fighting capabilities are much higher than mine. If I were to go along with them, I would be slowing them down, and even if I went along, I wouldn’t share the same goal as theirs.」
The feeling of not wanting to hold them back by irresponsibly following them inside him was also strong.
「I see… I don’t know which is the correct answer, but I think you have two options. One is to forcibly follow them on their journey. If you can be with those two in any way, shape, or form, you should be able to distract yourself from that feeling right now.」
「And the other one is?」
While accepting his childhood friend’s words, he urged him for the next option.

「The other is to make use of your special skills, or what you’re good at. You’re a first-class blacksmith. You know that, right? However, you’re inferior in battle. In that case, you can further improve your skill as a blacksmith and make something that suits them. And then train your fighting capability to get as close as possible with them, if not the same too. Hey, if it’s training, I will keep you company.」
Listening to his childhood friend’s words, Antgar opened his eyes wide, tears naturally spilling from them.

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