Re-Summoned Hero Episode 151

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Farewell to Antgar
Arrive at the beastkin country
The restaurant is thriving!

Judging they wouldn’t be able to take their time to talk even if they stood in line right now, Souta decided to eat their meal at another restaurant recommended by Rudredd and only visited Sylvan’s restaurant after it was closed.
Since Souta had introduced him to Sylvan’s restaurant, Rudredd had been visiting various restaurants in his spare time and had become familiar with the restaurants in the area. Although this store was inferior to Sylvan’s, it was good enough to satisfy Souta and Dina’s tongue. Afterward, Rudredd continued to help Souta pass the time and bought him a tour around the city.

As Sylvan’s store did their preparation the day before, the store was basically only open for lunch. Because of that, the three visited the store around the evening after they finished sightseeing.

Opening the door, they could hear the sound of a bell. Zofi’s voice could be heard from the back.
「I’m sorry~ but we’re already close for today. I thought I already put the closed sign, but…… Wait, Souta-san and Dina-san! Rudredd-san too. What brings you three here?」
Sylvan also appeared from the kitchen to Zofi’s voice.
「Oh, have the two come back? I will get you something right away, is what I would love to say, but alas, I just began the preparation, so I don’t have that many ingredients now…」
「No, we already ate elsewhere. We already came here before, but the line is so long. We want to take our time to talk with both of you, so even if impolite, we come at this time.」
Souta’s words made Zofi and Sylvan laugh bitterly.

「Ah~ about that. It’s great to have so many customers. Though, I guess it’s a little different from my original stance.」
Sylvan scratched his face as he said that, though he didn’t look too happy.
「I’m glad that various people come to eat, but I wonder if it’s alright to keep them waiting for that long.」
Zofi put her hand on her cheek and said so, looking a little uncomfortable.

「That’s what I wanted to talk about.」
Rudredd started talking while looking meek. He asked Souta to talk to them about it, but in the end, he couldn’t stand it and decided to talk about it himself.

「……Hah~ I was wondering what it is about, but you come all the way here for that? You’re the minister of this country, right? Don’t think so much about a little prosperity of a restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Heck, shouldn’t you be glad that many people are coming here?」
Sylvan guffawed when he heard Rudredd’s worries.
「That’s right, we’re certainly busy, but we’re thriving, also, what kind of a joke is it to feel dissatisfied with this situation!? Ahh, is it because this guy said he only needs to deal with the occasional customer that you’re concerned?」
Rudredd nodded silently to Zofi’s words, wide-eyed.

「Really? You were worried about that? Did it never cross your mind that that was just a justification this guy made because there were not that many customers?」
「Wha-!? I-Is that really so? I thought you really meant that…」
It was so shocking that Rudredd could barely answer Zofi’s question before he only stood still in blank amazement.

「Now now, that’s how it is, that’s why I’m not dissatisfied with the current situation.」
Sylvan felt awkward that his bluff was exposed, but he managed to conclude the talk.
「How should I put it…… Even if Dina and I didn’t come, this would have been solved if you had just discussed it properly.」
Souta was looking at Sylvan and Rudredd with exasperation.
「B-But, all is well in the end. According to Rudredd-san, both of you are too busy you might not able to do what you wanted to do after all.」
Dina changed the flow of the talk and tried to give a follow-up to Rudredd.

「In any case, I hope that solves that. We wanted to say hello to you too, and I hope to eat your food, but if it’s not possible, then…」
Sylvan frowned at Souta’s words.
「Hm? What is that? It’s like you’re saying that you’re leaving right away.」
「Yeah, we’re going back home, so we won’t be staying in this country for long.」
「Say that from the beginning then! Zofi!」
「Right up! You guys should wait!」
With his call as a signal, both of them stood up and went to the kitchen while rolling their sleeves.
The suddenness surprised Souta and Dina, they could only watch their back in a daze.

After waiting for a while, Zofi brought out the food.
「Here, keep these in your bag. More is coming!」
Souta put the foods on the disposable plate into his dimensional storage from the opening of the bag.

Since then, nearly fifty meals had been served. Once everything was taken out, Sylvan, Zofi, and Rudredd came back. Though Rudredd came back mentally instead of physically, they sat down in nearby chairs and took a breather all the same.
「I-I’m thankful and all, but is it alright? Like, will you still have enough ingredients, or…… didn’t you talk about preparation for tomorrow?」
Sylvan shook his head to Souta’s question.
「Don’t worry, the minister there thinks that the prosperity of this place is due to the people who serve the palace, but if you trace the origin, you two are the triggers, so this is a thank you for that. It’s only natural to thank our benefactor.」
Sylvan was embarrassed saying the latter half, he said that while looking away.

「I’m sorry. No, it should be thank you, isn’t it? I’ll eat it along the way. But are the ingredients for tomorrow okay? I think you used a considerable amount …」
The dishes served were all large.
「Ah, honestly, it’s not great. Maybe we should take tomorrow off…」
「Then, I’ll provide the ingredients. Let’s go to your kitchen.」
Souta cleaned himself with magic before entering the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen, there was a large table where Souta took out the ingredients for the dishes one after another. He stopped after there was a heap of fish, meat, and dried food.
「How is it? With this much, I don’t think you will have any problem with tomorrow’s dishes.」
The table was overflowed with ingredients that there were more of them compared to the amount of food they cooked.
「Where did you get all of this, no, it’s the bag, huh… How many ingredients do you have in it…」
「That doesn’t matter, we can’t take this much. If we do, we will be in your debt again instead.」
Sylvan and Zofi reacted one after another, but this time, it was Souta’s turn to shake his head.

「Don’t worry, this is the thank you for all the delicious meals you cooked.」
Souta smiled at them and told them to not hesitate. The amount was for not only the food cooked this time, but also previously too, so it was natural there would be this much.

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