Re-Summoned Hero Episode 152

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The restaurant after it’s closed
You care too much!
A large amount of food

The next morning, Souta and Dina were sent off by Sylvan, Zofi, and Rudredd. As Rudredd had spent a lot of time with Souta on his previous visit to the beastkin’s country, he gave Souta a document containing information of the latest situation in the country with confidential information filtered out.
There was also subsequent information of the participant who participated in the fighting tournament and advanced to the final recorded there. Santana and Tennesse from the knight order remained as is; Tobine, the son of the general, joined the knight order. As for Gargis, the one who fought Souta in the final, he refused the invitation to the knight order and set out on a journey.
The dual-wielding swordsman, Reyshaw, entered Carlos’s guild; and the elf, Plum, returned to her country.

「Hmm, a lot of things happened. Dina, do you want to read it too?」
Dina received the documents from Souta in the coachman seat and read them.
「…Everyone is doing their best. Souta-san too is getting a powerup after getting your new weapon, the other participants are doing various things too.」
Neither Souta nor Dina were very interested, but for the time being, they shared their thought.
「For now, the only people we might meet in the future are the people in the guild and Gargis.」
「Indeed, Gargis-san has done a lot for me, and I would like to see him again.」
Including her conversation with Gargis when she was strolling alone looking for information, he was the closest to her among other participants.

「Ah, that’s right. I think he had the most potential for growth among the participants this time. I wonder if he would like to fight again once he trains more and becomes stronger.」
Although it could be seen as looking down on Gargis, Souta meant what he said. The other participants like, for example, the S-rank adventurer who was said going to be the champion, Carlos, and the commander of the knight order, Santana, already peaked their potential, they wouldn’t become much stronger than now unless they broke their limit. That was why his expectation of the still unfinished Gargis was sky-high.
「I don’t know if he’ll participate in the next tournament though, so that wish might not come true.」
As he said that, Souta inwardly thought that that was a flag and smiled.

「I would like to participate next time, I have to be stronger.」
Dina, who already had the ability on par with the heroes from a thousand years ago, was also hadn’t peaked her potential yet, it wasn’t hard to imagine that if she participated, she would become Souta’s greatest rival.

「Well, that depends on what we’re doing at that time. For now, let’s enjoy a leisurely trip back to our house.」
Dina’s uncontrollable happiness was evident in her voice and expression when Souta said it was “our” house.

The next few weeks were a leisurely trip. Along the way, they stayed at inns, or camping out, though, because of the Tent of the Sanctuary, there was no doubt the condition was much better than the usual camping out.
The only trouble only amounted to a drunken adventurer was hitting on Dina in the diner in an inn town and Souta who tried to stop him was getting attacked and he turned the table on him.
Other than that, it was quiet and the trip went smoothly, and finally, they returned to the town of adventurers, Tuula.

Upon entering, they both had Adventurer Guild cards and the guards remembered them, so they were able to enter easily.
Before returning home, they stopped by the real estate agent and asked Fuura to return the key.
「Oh my, if it’s not Souta-san and Dina-chan. Finally back aren’t you? The house is clean, here is the key.」
「Ahh, thank you. Is the money I deposited enough?」
「Yes, there is plenty of leftover from the money you deposited. Shall I return it for now?」
He gave a lot of money when he left for the elven country, but he knew the next trip would be long as well, so he gave her some extra.

「No, just keep it as is for the next time I’m going for a trip again.」
「Again? Well, you’re an adventurer, so I guess it’s not weird, but you have bought a house, nothing wrong with relaxing in it for a bit isn’t it?」
Her tone contained a hint of reproach as, for her, a house was a place where people lived.
「While that’s true, we also have our reason. I feel bad for the house that we only stay in it for a short time, but in the end, having a home to return to is nice. No matter what anyone else said, my own house is the best! is what I used to say every time I went home from my parents’ house.」
「Hmm, there is that line of thinking as well, I see. Well, it’s certainly more comfortable to stay at your own house after coming back from a trip instead of staying at the inn.」
Fuura was impressed by Souta’s take.

「Well, everyone has their own opinion. Now then, let’s go back, Dina.」
「Yes, Fuura-san, excuse me.」
「Yeah, see you again.」
The two said goodbye to Fuura and went home.

Once arriving at their home, they got off the carriage and unlocked the gate with the key returned by Fuura. Once inside, Souta removed the carriage from Ed and put it in his dimensional storage. Ed settled directly into his place, an area that served as a stable.
「It’s been a while since I’m home. First of all, I want to take my time to soak in the bath.」
In the inn town, even though there were a few inns with baths, they were small, so both of them wanted to take their time to soak in the bath.

「First of all, I’ll heat the bath. Will you prepare our meal, Dina?」
「Alright. We’re tired from traveling, so I will prepare something a little refreshing today.」
Souta went to the bathroom, while Dina went to the kitchen to start their own work.

Dina prepared a refreshing, slightly sour meal like she said she would. It was pork shabu-shabu salad with pickled dried plum dressing and soup with ginger. She also made drinks with three kinds of citrus fruits. To top it off, she also prepared the rice they obtained in the dwarven country.
「Itadakimasu…… This is good. My fatigue feels like it’s being washed away.」
「I’m glad. Itadakimasu. Yeah, it’s delicious.」
After saying that, both of them continued to eat silently. They took many breaks along the way, but fatigue still crept up on them and they concentrated on eating.

「Hahh, it was delicious… It’s been a long time since I’ve had a meal that made me feel this relaxed.」
Souta had three refills and was rubbing his swollen belly.
「That’s good to know, let’s take a bath after I finish washing the dishes.」
「Okay, do you want to take a bath first because you have prepared the food?」
Dina was thinking a little about Souta’s question.
「If you don’t mind… How about we enter the bath together?」

After that shocking statement from Dina, Souta was open-mouthed in surprise.

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