Re-Summoned Hero Episode 3

「err~, can I pass?, I’m not a hero.」

The place quieted down suddenly.

Daiki who understand the meaning of the words flustered and spoke to Souta.
「O-Oy, Konoe, what are you talking about? I’ll be troubled if you don’t help!」
「I feel bad to say this … but you did not know my status, the king and the minister should know that my title is 『Person Dragged in a Summon』.」
「eh, you are just dragged in?, does that mean you don’t have 『Hero』 title?」
「That’s right. My title is 『Person Dragged in a Summon』, occupation 『swordsman』, no magic, one skill 『one handed sword 3』, no unique skill, and no divine protection… and yet, you still want me to fight together with you?」
When Daiki saw the face of Gauss and the Minister, they nodded. There is no lie in what Souta says.

Actually, everything is a lie but only Souta knows it.

「Listening to the story, it seems like you guys have quite a status, also hero title. Compared to it I was just dragged in, the status also said the same. I have no power to fight the demons. Of course, I won’t asking you to take responsibility from dragging me in. Just, it’s enough if you let me travel freely without undertaking the demon kings subjugation.」

The minister groan, Daiki and two others showing dumbfounded face while watching Souta, Aki give a sharp gaze.
「Aye, I understand, it would be enough with four heroes, Souta you said? you ought to go on a trip, let’s give you some money as your immediate funds.」
The king showed his determination and judged from the calculation inside his mind.

Souta is guided into a separate room, Elizabeth rush over to Souta.
「Th-that … … I’m sorry, Umm… for getting you dragged in the summoning … ….」
For the disappearing voice, Souta answers without changing his expression.

「Don’t worry about it, I’m not really concerned for getting dragged in the summoning. You only have to be proud that you summoned four heroes.」
Listening to it, Elizabeth lowers her head and become teary-eyed.
Not saying anything more than that, Souta was guided away and the explanation continued to the Daiki and other.

This was the crossroads that separating him from their fate.

Next morning, I’m summoned to the north gate of the imperial capital.

There was almost no sign of life here, there were only bird’s chirping and two soldiers, and trying to go out was only Souta.
「Souta-dono, here are the funds that were told to hand over to by the king, and from the minister, black hair and black eyes are conspicuous, so don’t come close to the imperial capital for a while.」
Souta receives a small bag full of money.

Dressed in the clothes of the people of this world so as to not become conspicuous, while putting the money into the backpack, I look up to the front gate and give my thanks to the soldier.
「Keep up the good work, it was helpful, tell him I understand and won’t come near.」
「If you proceed along the road this way you will arrive at the forest, the road for people to use in the forest is maintained, and if you keep following the road, there will be a small village, and beyond that there is a city of adventurers so I think that it is better to aim there first.」
「Understand, well then.」
Raising my hand to the soldiers to say goodbye, I turn my back and walked on the road that continued from the imperial capital to the forest.

A few hours passed, I reached the entrance of the forest. A bit later the soldiers riding horse come to Souta.
Souta feels the face is familiar. It was the soldiers who handed money to Souta in front of the North gate.

「What? did you forget to hand over something?」
The soldiers don’t answer the question and attack me with spears from horseback with eyes filled with a thirst of blood.
I ward of the spear easily, but I have a doubt on how they are so different from some times ago and use 『Appraisal』 skills.

Name: Eric
Status: Brainwashing
Gender: Male
Title: None
Occupation: Knight
Magic: None
Skills: Sword Technique 2, Spearmanship 3
Name: Rob
Status: Brainwashing
Gender: Male
Title: None
Occupation: Knight
Magic: None
Skills: Sword Technique 3, Spearmanship 2
「Both of them have 2 skills, moreover, their status is 『brainwashed』.」
They unleash a barrage of attacks one after the other while Souta talking.

「It’s either the King, minister or one of the aide….. either way it’s a cruel thing to do, to use brainwashing to make someone do something against their will.」
Souta also expected that someone would attack after he got a bit away from the imperial capital, never thought it will be soldiers from before, moreover, it was unexpected that they came in brainwashed state, I feel angry at the way the country do thing.

「Gotta put you at ease now.」
While saying so, I grab the spears thrusted by the two at the same time and lift two people together with their spears.
I fire unchanted weak lightning magic after throwing them to the ground as it is, both of them fainted.
Their status is 『fainting』 and 『brainwashing』. I give them the Potion of Abnormal Status recovery that I take out from the backpack.

「U-uu.., what happened here?」
Rob remained fainted, but Eric woke up. the numbness probably still not completely cured, he has a hard time raising his body.
「Yo, It’s been several hours, do you remember anything?」
Looking at the face of Souta, Eric is surprised.

「So-Souta-dono, why are you here?」
「Oi oi, that should be my line, this is the forest that you told me.」
Eric looks around and tries to grasp the situation … however, he just woke up from brainwashing and fainting and the numbness still remains, his head movement is dull.
「I am sorry, my mind is a bit fuzzy… Can you tell me what happened?」
「No matter what I said, both of you have strange eyes and attacked me, furthermore, I manage to make both of you fainted, and then I give you guys Potion of Abnormal Status recovery. That’s all.」
Eric was surprised and forget to close his mouth.

「Looking at you right now, I understand you don’t have any intention to attack me. Do you remember what happened after you saw me off?」
Shaking his head, he starts recounting his vague memory.
「… After we see you off, I made a report to the Minister … If I’m not mistaken, after that … after that … after that I felt like I was being thanked by the court magician, Lexus-sama … … I can’t remember what happened after that.」
「That guy, I guess that Lexus somehow manipulate you guys with magic or skill.」

「Such thing …!!」

「If you go back without killing me you will be dealt in reverse.」
Eric with eyes wide open, can’t say anything. Blood drained from his face.
「The choice you can choose is killing me consciously and present the corpse, or don’t return to the kingdom and run away.」
「I don’t think that I can kill Souta-dono, even though I have attacked you, but I don’t want to do such a thing … but I have a family in the kingdom, I can’t just abandon them and run away.」
Souta thinks while scratching his head. The idea to help them came instantly.

「Then, it’s the third, you return and report that I’m already killed … as something to prove… My cell phone should do, this is not from this world. I will give back the money as well. Just add some blood to one of them.」
「Are you sure, Souta-dono … ….」
「Don’t worry about it, the phone isn’t usable anyway, and I will manage without gold somehow. I plan to hide for now but someday the fact that I’m still alive will comes to light, before that happen you should take your family and escape from the kingdom.」
「U-uu, I’m sorry, I will not forget your kindness.」
There is also a possibility they won’t believe the report because the brainwash is released, or they are killed anyway to seal their mouth, but souta purposely not saying it.
I say goodbye to Eric and go into the forest, but after a few minutes I went off the road and enters the bushes.
In order to shake off another pursuer if any, and to check the status and verify the item at the time of the previous summon that was stored in the Dimensional Storage.
After going for a while, I reach an open place, and sit on a stump nearby and check my ability.

A/n: Dimensional Storage: Space magic to store objects and others.
Item box, storage, inventory etc equivalent.

「Status open」

Name: Konoe Souta
Status: Optimizing
Gender: Male
Title: Person Dragged in a Summon 【Limit Breaker, One Who Reach Extremity, One Who Loved by the Gods】
Occupation: Swordsman 【Samurai, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Great Mage】
Level: 1 【150】
Magic: None 【Attribute Magic 8, Life Magic 8, Dragon Magic 8, Space Magic 10, Enchant Magic 8】
Skill: Swords Technique 3 【Katana Art 10, Body Technique 9, Appraisal EX, Concealment EX, Smithing 10, Alchemy 10, Skill Acquisition Rate UP Large, Skill Growth Rate UP Large, MP Consumption Reduction 8】
Unique skill: None 【****】
Divine Protection: None 【Goddess Ishrina’s Protection, Dragon God’s Protection, Smithing God’s Protection, Magic God’s protection, War God’s protection, Katana God’s Protection】

Souta uses appraisal skills for each entry on status.

· Person Dragged in a Summon
People dragged in a summon, as well as those actually summoned, are automatically acquiring language of this world.
Physical modification has been done when summoned, and it gains greater power than when he was in the original world.

· Limit Breakers
The title of a person who breaks through level 100, which is said to be the level limit.
The level upper limit is eliminated.

· One Who Reach Extremity
A title granted to a person who acquired Level 10 on either magic or skill.

· One Who Loved by the Gods
A person who was granted the protection of multiple gods.

· Swordsman
A profession that fights with a sword as the weapon. Give a bonus to the swords technique skill.

· Samurai
A profession fighting with a katana as a weapon. Give a bonus to the katana art skill. Counter skills may be invoked against opponent’s attack.
There were several otherworlders who were summoned in the past, but in other times no one has the occupation of samurai.

· Blacksmith
Those who create weapons and armor by smithing skills. Give a bonus to the smithing skills.
Dwarf unique occupation. In the rare case, it might achievable by those who receive dwarves teaching.

· Great Mage
A person who reach extremity on one of magical skill. Give a bonus to each magical skills.
MP Consumption also reduced dramatically.

· Alchemist
Occupation to create items by alchemy skills. Give a bonus to the alchemy skills.
Higher level alchemist has recipe search capability.

· Attribute magic
Eight attribute magic of fire, water, wind, earth, light, darkness, lightning, and null can be used and all skill available at level 5 or more
Integration of all attribute magic.

· Life magic
Magic related to living such as cleaning dirt, or returning nearby objects to their original position.

· Dragon magic
Magic that is said to be only available for the Dragon tribe, Dragonkin. Also available to people who receives protection from the Dragon God’s, it can be used by other races.
Power of the Dragon’s, release dragon qi as magic

· Space magic
Magic to manipulate space. Currently, the existence who can use this magic only exists as a legend.

· Enchant magic
Magic that enhances ability or grants attributes.

· Sword Technique
You can use Sword Technique skills. The handling of the sword becomes good.

· Katana art
You can use Katana Arts skills. The handling of the katana becomes good.

· Body Technique
You can use Body Technique skills. Body usage gets better.

· Appraisal
You can read the information of the target. The amount of information changes depending on the skill level.

· Concealment
You can hide your status and tamper with it.

· Blacksmith
You can use smithing skills.

· Alchemy
You can use alchemy skills.

· Skill acquisition rate UP
The time to acquiring skills is shortened.

· Skill growth rate UP
The time required for skill to growth is shortened.

· Consumption MP reduction 8
Reduce MP consumption when using magic.

[Unique skill]
· ****

[Divine Protection]
· Goddess Ishrina’s protection
It’s under the protection from the Goddess Ishrina, who is said to have made Halderia.

· Dragon God’s Protection
It’s under the protection from the God conveyed by Dragonkin.

· Smithing God’s Protection
It’s under the protection from the Kaiyako the Smithing god.

· Magic God’s protection
It’s under the protection from the Magic God Crishara.

· War God’s protection
It’s under the protection from the War God Futsunushi.

· Katana God’s Protection
It’s under the protection from the Katana God Iwasaku.


「So appraisal 5 is like this, there will be too much information if I use level 10, so I should suppress it.」
Souta keeps it at this level because there was a time he is suffering from a headache due to the amount of information when using appraisal 8 in the last adventure.

「Even so, there are too many things to retort. First of all, there are too many divine protections, I don’t remember Dragon God and Katana God.」
Other than that, what was different from last time was level, title, Samurai, Dragon Magic, and Katana Art.

「The level is probably from defeating the Demon King. For samurai and katana art probably from what I learn in the old world. The dragon, title and the protection are … … I don’t understand. Even during optimization, unique skills …. It’s postponed.」
I decided to postpone what I do not understand even though I deeply thought about it, for now, I should check the items.
Even though it’s to be expected that there was no change in the item, it’s been four years since Souta was repatriated and re-summoned, so his memory is vague.

When checking the dimensional storage, there are a lot of items stored, thanks to my collector habit.




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