Re-Summoned Hero Episode 4

When checking the dimensional storage, there are a lot of items stored, thanks to my collector habit.
1. Potion: Physical Strength Recovery, Magic Power Recovery, Defense Up, Attack Up, Speed up.
2. Food: Meat of various monsters, fish, fruit, sweets.
3. Materials: Horn, skin, feathers etc. of various monsters, for the rare material there are Black Dragon’s Horn, Phoenix’s Feather, Gaia Turtle’s Shell, etc.
4. Magic Stones: Each attribute Magic stones.
5. Weapons: Swords, spears, daggers, katana, axes and other high-rank items, like Magic sword, Magic Katana, Holy Spear, etc.
6. Armor: Various part of the armor, for the high rank one, there are Cloak of Everlasting Darkness, Armor of the Light Star, Morning Star Helmet, etc.
7. Tools: Various convenient items such as magic tent, cup of Water Spirit, dismantling knife, etc.
8. Money: King gold coin, White gold coin, Gold coin, Silver coin, Copper coin (the currency used still the same as the one thousand years ago).
Etc etc. There were too many items that it’s impossible to explain everything it in detail.

In the past, the currency used lacked precision, but this changed when a man aware of modern technology set about making a new and more sophisticated money system. The technology used back then has yet to be rivaled despite the fact that numerous other magic tools have been invented. Nothing has come close to the manufacturing precision which is why the old currency is still in use.

After some discussion by the party members at the time about the dimensional storage, most items were kept by Sota.
Those that were said to be disposed of were also put in the aerial storage, so the quantity is enormous.

「This is amazing, everything including our beginner equipment is here. There are many material and magic stone that I kept without selling it too.」

Although dimensional storage is a storage that can store item normally, Souta uses modern knowledge to remodel it.
Just like dividing folders on a personal computer, it is possible to sort items and make it possible to search using item names.
The user interface for the folder is in tab form in the status plate which is only visible to me.
By the way, the item name comes with a simple appraisal function where the name of the item itself was displayed automatically when it is stored.

I take out some items from it.
「First, equip the camouflage bracelet.」
When I equip the bracelet, magic power spread and turns the color of my hair into a deep blue color.
I also need to change my clothes into something that they didn’t give to me.
「Next is, weapon and armor that’s not suspicious to use.」
When summoned last time, I use an iron sword and wore a light iron breastplate that was popular among low-ranking adventurers.

After changing clothes he decided to go through the forest without returning to the road.
Souta who naturally has superior sense of direction tried to escape from the forest without hesitation but suddenly stops his leg.
For some reason the atmosphere has become heavy, he felt a strong presence from the back of the forest.

『You learned Presence Perception skill』

「huh?, I got a skill just like that?」
Souta wonders while concentrating on the presence again to use the skill.
「There are more than 100 …. some of them have quite a strong presence… Let’s do it then.」
After deciding his choice of action, Souta run toward that presence.
When I arrive at vicinity, there is a large magic spring, where various monsters such as high orc, orc general, orc king, big boar, boar king, high goblin, general goblin, goblin king and others are crowded and evolved from magic power It absorbed.
「This is bad, isn’t it just a step away from big monster stampede?」
While muttering that, his feet never stop, There is no hint of impatient showing on his face.

I pull out the freshly equipped iron sword and go straight into the group of monsters.
Originally it is difficult to make a scratch with an iron sword, on the contrary, just one stroke of the sword is enough to break it completely against an opponent like this.
Since it is a low ranked weapon, it is not a problem to use it as disposable, however, running out of weapon is a thing that needs to be avoided when fighting against many opponents.
However, Souta’s iron sword didn’t break, it cuts down and destroys monsters one after another. Despite approaching the center of the pack, where the stronger monsters were Souta encountered no real difficulty.

Souta was constantly pouring magic power into his blade, increasing the flow to suit the opponents strength.
When he finished defeating the low-rank monster and middle ranked monster from the surrounding with iron sword alone, he changed his weapon.

Souta stopped his feet in front of the king class monsters like orc king, goblin king, boar king, etc. Wolf Emperor which is further above them is also there.
Several King class monster, together with Wolf Emperor, keep their eyes on Souta.
「As expected Iron sword won’t do for these guys.」
In my hand is magic sword Izayoi, since the magic power has already been put in it, the blade releases a blue light.
Putting power on to the stopped feet again, I run into the center of the monsters.

the orc king thrust the huge spear held in his hand to Souta. Releasing a sharp blow with speed that doesn’t suit its appearance.
However, that blow is the same as the previous soldier for Souta. He avoids it in the same way and grasps it with his left hand, he lifts the monster together with the spear and throws it to the other monster.
Boar king comes with a ramming attack and his sharp fang at the same time in the gap that I showed at the time I threw the orc king. I avoid it and slash it by mistake and cut the torso into two.
Goblin King has magic powers, one casts fire magic, the other is ice magic, and it also casts a high ranked flarestorm, ice flame.
Because of the distance, Souta is unable to interrupt the casting.
And at the same time, the magic is released.

I strengthen the magic power in the Izayoi and slash the two magic, to prevent the aftermath of the magic I also create a barrier with space magic.
Meanwhile, I keep running without stopping my feet and going to the Goblin King to kill it with one full swing of Izayoi.
「If the King like this… that guy seems to have a chance」

Wolf Emperor took a distance and is staring at Souta, it looks like he was trying to measure his ability.
Unlike the monsters from before, things like carelessness and arrogance were not felt and it never attacked carelessly.
Souta also purposely make a gap to invite tempt it to attack while still holding Izayoi.
Then, something unexpected happened.
『Who are you?』

t/n: this one is far shorter than last 2 chapter, but the struggle is more than both chapter combined, i hope i don’t misunderstand what the author try to convey,

btw, demon and monster in this novel is different right?

also, i keep hearing toka~tonton~ when translating, i will try my best to release 2 chapter per week to make sure i’m not burned out, more than that depend on the length and mood

if you have any suggestion for the translation, just post it in the comment

p/s chapter 1 is edited, credit for Naze

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  1. btw, if you are confused by the perspective, don’t, just think of it as 3rd view perspective with occasional inner monologue, that will save you from the confusion, or at least, it does for me


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    It’d be more interesting if he had at least a few inconveniences from being summoned a thousand years later. Not only are the coins the same (though at least it was explained instead of being just because) but he even has an item that will disguise him conveniently.
    Give him a few struggles eh?


  3. Thanks for the Chapter
    Minor Edits
    1 Change “impatient” to “impatience”
    2 He “avoided” it in the same way and “grasps” it with his left hand
    3 Souta also purposely “made” a gap to “[remove invite]” tempt it to attack

    BTW try using Grammarly, its free and will help with these simple mistakes


  4. Please stick to ether 1st person perspective or 3rd person perspective uniformly, it give me a big headache when it’s change from the main character thought to an outside person monologues.


  5. Cant believe what im reading…. its like the 2nd satou but has an the konjiki first background story.

    i wonder if the author is one and the same and just want to put two novels into one WTF. Well, i hope theres no exagerated titles… i hope.. like plss seriously… there are dar too many MC who has this kind of background nowadays with wanting a carefree life…

    And i hoped this wont wreck too much common sense in me or maybe it already did…. well… what the heck ill read for now each chapts


  6. Ughh I have a headache reading this, it keep changing from first to third person all the time and the dialogues are pretty bad and …..ughh my head


  7. Noooo!!! Why is the sword name is Izayoi, you know because of that whenever it was narrated that the MC is swinging Izayoi around I kept imagining Sakamaki Izayoi from Mondaiji tachi being swung around you know?


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