Re-Summoned Hero Episode 5

『Who are you?』
Without any hostility against Souta who has defeated the surrounding demons, he asked that question with a doubting looks.
Although there is an exchange of words between demons, it was said that it is impossible for a demon to speak a human language.
But Wolf Emperor talks using human language and asking questions to Souta.

「Can you talk?」
『I don’t admire returning questions by question. But let’s answer that question, 「I can speak」.』
During the interaction, Souta was holding Izayoi, but because it can communicate and have no hostility for now, he release his stance and put the sword back to scabbard.
『Fumu, you finally sheathe your weapon, I don’t need to mind about being cutted down.』
「Well, looks like you really doesn’t have any hostility.」
『Then I will ask again, who are you?』
I slightly think about that question.
「…… Who… you said? I’m just a bit strong traveler.」
Wolf Emperor looking around the dead body of monsters scattered around while sighing.
『Fumu, Let’s just say I’m convinced with your answer if you don’t really want to answer it, although the current situation doesn’t say so.』

『So are you also going to kill me?』
The moment he ask about it, the presence of Emperor Wolf increased and he sent a sharp glare to Souta, though it’s without hostility.
「No, I won’t fight if you don’t oppose me. these guys just came to me and if left alone they seemed to develop into big monster stampede, that’s why I stuck my hands in. Well if you are going to do it, then yeah, I will be your opponent.」
Even under a strong gaze, I answer light heartedly.
『No, if that’s the case then it’s better if you overlook me. It doesn’t looks like I have any chance to win.』
「I think you also seem quite strong. Well not only against me, I hope that you never hostile against my close friend, I won’t overlook it if it happens (Well, not like I have any right now).」
Although the way of saying it was light, the wolf feel the weight of the word swallow loudly.
『Of-of course. I have never hostile against human…… excluding cases when I’m attacked.』
「That’s good. Let’s make it you owe me one for me overlooking you now. When I am in trouble and you ar able to do something … Well that’s not going to happen, but lend me your power at that time.」
『I understand. Let me swear on the name of my previous master.』
Like that the Wolf leaves the spot in the moment.

「…… There is something that bothering me … Was it tamed by the previous master? It should be difficult to do so to something at that level. Well, There are other places where you are under a demon, but it is a rare story that it’s still that loyal to say that even though it was released. I don’t quite understand.」
I’ll think about it later, concluding that I don’t know, I store the monsters magic stone and material scattered around me in the dimensional storage without dismantling it.
One of the dimensional storage remodeling functions, the material of monsters that have once been stored is disassembled and stored.
The storage is divided into 「summoned first time」 and 「summoned second time」 folder, and the material destination is in the latter.
「Well, first of all I need to remove the blood that get on me. Clean clean(1).」

I clean up oil and blood on clothes and equipment. I also taking out the iron sword from before and put back Izayoi on dimensional storage.

「Now then, I need to go to city of adventurers quickly to sell the material.」
After passing through the forest, and the small village the soldiers told me, I keep running and head towards the city of adventurers.

Souta ‘s legs are fast, he keep running at speeds far exceeding those of ordinary adventurers. Because he is also strengthening his leg strength by magic, it’s less tiring.
However, because it is difficult to run at night, he decided to take a rest with a tent from the dimensional storage.
I’m seasoning the meat of the monster killed in the forest and eat food grilled with bonfire.

It was supposed to take a long time to go there with horse carriage from that village, but Souta was drastically shortening the period with his physical ability.

A few days later
Town of the adventurer 「Toura」

Like the castle town, the town is covered with an outer wall like a circle.
There are two guards stationed in each gate in the east, west, north and south of the city, and the persons entering the town are checked.

In front of the south gate
「Is this the first time you come to this city?」
「Yeah, I’ve traveled from the south.」
「Do you have anything that can prove your identity? If you don’t have it, the entrance fee is five silver coins and then you need to touch this crystal.」
Souta puts her hands in his pocket and connects it with the dimensional storage and takes out five silver coins. From the guards viewpoint it seems that he took out the silver coins from his pockets.
「1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, I have received it. Next is this crystal, it’s to confirm the criminal record.」
I touch the crystal. It flashing for a moment but settled immediately, the crystal remains transparent.
「There is no criminal record, no problem. Once you created your identity card in town, and bring it here within one week, I will return the silver coins. The identity card can be registered in the adventurer guild or you can make it at the government office. If you have confidence in your skills, the best choice is the guild, if you have a guild card it can be used as a pass in other towns.」
「all right.」
「The adventurer guild is going straight ahead on the main street, and the government office is nearby so you should see it.」
「Thanks for everything.」
I advance to the adventurer guild while saying goodbye to guards.

The adventurer guild he arrived at was more lively and wider than when Souta visited during the last journey.
When entering from the opened door, there is a counter on the front, and three receptionist ladies dealing with adventurers. There is a counter for checking the delivery and material purchasing on the right side as well.
There is a bar area next to it, It was crowded with various adventurers, including those who drink, exchange information, and eat from daytime.
Soon after confirming that one of the counters was empty, Souta heads there.
「Welcome, how may I help you?」
Half-elf receptionist who have ears a bit smaller than elf sways her blonde long hair and began to ask with a smile.
「I’d like to ask for guild registration and material purchase.」
「I understand, let’s do it from the guild registration, please fill this to the extent possible here, a substitute writer is also available.」
There was an entry column for 「name」, 「race」, 「weapon specialty」, and 「skill」 on the paper that was presented.
「It’s fine, I will write it myself, if it’s going to the extent possible which one I absolutely need to fill?」
She placed her index finger on the chin and answers while smiling wryly.
「Hmmm, You need to write at least the name and the race. As for weapons and skills, it helps to introduction to the party and introduction to the request, but it’s fine if you don’t fill that.」
「all right.」
Replying so, I submit the card with 「Souta」 in the name column, 「Human Race」 in the race column, 「One handed sword」 in weapon specialty, and 「Not filled」 in skill skill column.
「Yes, it is okay. Next, transfer it to this card … …. 」
When placing the application form on the plate, the contents of the entry are transferred to the card which is fitted there.
「Could you put a drop of blood to this card next?」
I lightly puncturing my fingers into a small pedestal with a needle, and put the blood on the card.
「Yes, it’s done, please fill out this card, please submit it every time you process here, as well as when selling material.」
「all right.」
「Then, I will explain the guild next. After registering, rank will start from F rank, by achieving the request or making big achievement. Your rank will go up to E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS ranking. If you raise it above C you will be given a guild designated exam.」
「Is there any merit / demerit in raising the rank?」
The receptionist nods.
「Yes, there is an extra on the price of material purchase as the rank goes up, discount according to the rank is applied at the tavern, and the inn, which the guild operates. Other than that, there are many request which you can’t take if you doesn’t raise your rank, because you can only accept requests for rank one higher than your rank. 」
「Hmm, what is its merit or demerit?」
「Let’s see, when you get over C rank you will receive a nomination request. This need to be accepted unless there is a reasonable reason. The remuneration is high compared to ordinary requests. Although it is also possible to refuse, there are also rank downs and penalties, the heaviest ones is guild exile, which is rare.」
「That means, if I do not take the exam I will not rise to rank C and I don’t have to take a nomination request?」
「That will happen. But I think it’s better to raise your rank considering the higher rank request and the renumeration of the nomination request.」
「Is there rank limitation for selling the material? … For example … Is it okay for adventurers in D rank to sell monsters materials and magic stones of rank A monsters?」
「That is not a problem, because merchants who do not belong to the guild may want to purchase it」
「All right, I understand about the rank, is there any other explanation?」
The receptionist think in the same pose as before.
「Well, next is the explanation of the type of request.」
「Ah, I’ve heard of that, nomination request, permanent request, common request, escort request, collecting request was that all?」
「Yes, I will omit the explanation if you know. Since the request form has been affixed to the board, please don’t strip it and apply for the request here, then you can start the request. You can ask if there are any questions. 」
「No, I understand, I will come again if I don’t understand something.」
「Hehe, please come whenever.」
Finally, the receptionist smiles and the firmness at the time of explanation disappears and it becomes a gentle attitude.
「Oh, what’s wrong?」
「No, as there were many rough people who become adventurers, it just feel a little strange that I could give decent explanation after a long time.」
「Well, I don’t want to miss the explanation and regret it later. Collecting information is basics of adventurers in the first place.」
「It would be nice if that kind of person would do it.」
The receptionist gives bitter smile.
「Well that’s all for now, if there is something then I will come again.」
「Yes, I am waiting … Ah!, I am sorry I am called 『Aireen』, who is in charge of reception desk of the guild, please feel free to call me Airi.」
「Ay, Airi. Well then.」
Turning my back from the counter, sharp glare were sent from adventurers who were around.
Souta doesn’t know, Airi was a popular receptionist at guild.

「Somehow, I’m being watched … ohh well … For now I will sell the material and convert it to money.」
Like that, I go to the material counter without paying attention to their glare.
「You purchase the material here?」
「Ehh, err.. Here is okay, if the amount of material is small it’s here, but if there are many, it will be purchased by the warehouse in the back.」
Since the line of sight is chasing Souta, the staff overwhelmed by it and stuttered, but staff in charge of material purchase somehow fulfill the duties.
「Because there are a lot of it, it’s probably better in the warehouse … … it’s difficult to do this with this many looking.」
The end was told to the staff with whispering voice.

I’m guided to the warehouse in the back and take out the material for purchase from the dimensional storage.
「Th-This is..」

t/n :

(1) 清潔 クリーン. probably some reference to something. i’m not sure

okay, I finish this faster than my plan (originally it’s for tomorrow), so i release it now.

for Aireen, it could be eileen, or airin, i choose aireen because her nickname is airi, so why not airin? because it’s written with ī, which mean it’s read as ee.

if you have any suggestion or find any mistake, just post it in the comment.

also i don’t know if i can release any chapter before chinnese new years (i need to prepare many thing), but i will post one right away if i don’t do so before cny, it should be at 30th or 31st at the latest

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