Re-Summoned Hero Episode 7

Souta leaves the Guild at a quick pace and headed toward the inn.

Toura as a city of adventurers is built so adventurers could easily pass their time inexpensively.
There is an adventurer guild in the center of the city, and there are several inns around it. There is a difference in the rank depending on the price, but all have partnered with the adventurer guild. The shops are on the road leading to the guild.

I enter the middle ranked inn.
The hall on the first floor is large, it also serves as a dining hall, and there are customers who only come to eat other than guests.
「Welcome, are you having meals? Or is it staying?」
Speaking of Japan, the girl who welcoming Souta was like a junior high school student. The height doesn’t go about 150 cm, shoulder-length swaying pinkish hair, and a smile brimming with vigor.
The most conspicuous characteristic is the beast ears at the head. She is a tiger beastkin, the tail that comes out of the skirt is striped and also shaking vigorously.
「I would like to stay, is there any vacant room?」
The smiling face shines even more and more.
「Yes, there is!」
「That is great, could you tell me the price?」
「Yes, it’s 7 silver coins per night, breakfast and dinner are included in the price. You eat in the cafeteria on the first floor. The lunch fee is separated but you can eat it in the dining room, we also make lunch box.」
As it’s her job to give the explanation, she explains it fluently.
「If that’s the case, it’s 10 days.」
「Mom! There is a customer! It’s a ten-day stay!」
She shouts to inform the landlady in the other room.
The woman whose called mother, like her, is a tiger beastkin, but she doesn’t looks like a mother at all, in fact, she looks young enough that she looks like her older sister instead. Unlike the lively girl from before, she has a long hair with the same hair color, and carry a gentle atmosphere.
「Thank you, Miri-chan, but if you make such a loud voice, it will be annoying to other customers, so you should lower your voice.」
she warns her while smiling.
「Yesss~, I’m sorry.」
While bowing to her mother, she turns her head to Souta, winking while sticking out her tongue, then she quickly moves away to serve the dining room. The customers who are supposed to be annoyed seems to know that it’s just the usual, they are smiling at Miri.

「Excuse me, she is a bit noisy.」
She gives apologetic smile while lowering her eyebrows to Souta.
「No, don’t mind. I’d like to stay for 10 more days but is it okay?」
「Yes, of course. I think that girl already told you, it will be 70 silver coins for ten days. If needed, a bucket of hot water is two copper coins.」
Souta puts his hand into the backpack and hands the silver coins out of the dimensional storage.
「… ….Yes, I certainly kept you. This is the key. You go to the second floor and go to the left, your room is the innermost room.」
「If I want to extend, will it be okay if I say it later?」
「Yes, it’s fine anytime as long as you say it before your ten days pass.」
「I understand, then please take care of me in my ten days periods stay.」
「Yes, please be at ease.」

After receiving the key from the landlady, I go to the room and lock it, I need to summarize in the memo pad concerning the future course of action.
Analysis of the current situation and problems, then future goals. I am trying to decide the future course by clarifying these.

·Current Situation
1. Escape from Kingdom complete
2. There is a possibility that pursuers will come from the castle in the future
3. Adventurer Guild Registration Completed, rank is the lowest F
4. There is some trouble with the material purchase
5. Currently no future plans
6. My status still 「optimizing」 and the ability has not been finalized
7. It is well beyond my previous status even now

1. The pursuer from the kingdom
In this regard, the appraisal is prevented by concealment, and there is no problem as my current appearance is disguised as well.
2. My own strength was known to those higher up of the guild
It is earlier than the schedule, but even if it’s found out, there is no problem.
3. There is no goal

·Immediate Goal
1. Rank up in the guild
I only planned to raise it to D, the nomination request of C or more is annoying.
2. Money earning
If you put past materials, gold, jewelry, you can build quite a fortune but I need to keep it to minimum to keep other unsuspicious, so it’s one of my immediate goals.
3. Securing a base
Securing a place to stay for a while, it’s not limited to purchasing a house.

.Long term Goal
1. Identify why myself in the past was repatriated
When I thought that I had defeated the Demon King, I was in the original world, there were days I thought it was a dream, but most of the time, I believed it’s actually happen.
2. What happen to my companion who traveled together in the previous summoning after that
Though they would have reached their end of life after 1000 years, but what happened after the fight?
3. I tried not to be repatriated, and I will find out why I am in this world.

「This is the situation huh?」
Souta calmed down after re-organizing what he know.
When I left the guild I regretted that I reveal my power, but I would have a leeway in my mind if I confirmed that there is no problem.
「While clearing the immediate goal, it is necessary to confirm the current situation and location of each country for long-term goals … even so …」
I suddenly repatriated back to earth, so my memory is fuzzy. But while I was traveling it gradually became clear, the memory was also stable.
However, the moment the repatriation magic was used was ambiguous. I remember until I stabbed the Demon King, then the next memory was in the classroom after school with no other in it.
Thanks to being summoned again to this world, my past memories regain the vividness from the air, smell, and the atmosphere, but the memory of that time still not come back.
「Knowing the truth at that time, that’s the biggest goal …」
While staring at the memo, I stand up and make a new decision. To have dinner.

When I got off to the first floor, the crowds in the dining hall calmed down, and several people were eating.
Souta takes a menu as soon as he gets to the nearest seat.
「What would you like?」
It was Miri that asked so with a smile.
「What do you recommend?」
「That is of course Boar steak with our original sauce!」
She point to the top menu in the menu list excitedly.
「Although it is hard if it’s grilled normally, we soaked it in a special sauce to soften it, grilled it slightly rare, then dressed it with special original father’s sauce, it is the best!」
Miri’s fervent speech make Souta drooling.
「I decided on it, give me a large serving!」
「Okay! Father, One order of big boar steak.」
When Miri told the order, a reply comes from the kitchen with a somewhat deep voice.

After a while, boar steak of a size of 1 pound and a bread is brought out.
The knife cut the steak without resistance. It have good smell from plenty of sauce.
At the moment Souta put it in his mouth, even when he didn’t intend to, a voice comes out naturally.
When meat was in the mouth, it was as soft as if it’s melting, and it could be bitten without feeling any resistance on the teeth.
There is also a depth in the sauce, and the vegetable taste is melting out.
Souta finished eating the steak without a word at all since then.
「No way, I did not expect to eat such a good one.」
「Isn’t it?, after all, my father is a first-class cook who studied at the restaurant of Kingdom.」
While talking about his father’s greatness, Miri puffed out her relatively big chest for her age.
「It was the right choice to choose this inn.」
Mili and the landlady who clears up another table smiling from that remark.

After finishing eating the fruit served as the service, he return to the room and leaving himself in the bed, he is sleep right away because of the fatigue that accumulating without he knowing of it.

t/n : sorry if the last part of translation is a bit disappointing, i honestly don’t have any idea how to translate those cooking term, i’m not fans of cooking manga or something like that after all

also i change all tribe from previous chapter into race, i don’t even know why i translate it as tribe instead of race

also i suspect there are some tenses problem, but i’m not sure where, just comment if you find any,

also next chapter is a bit special, and short, my sleep hours is in 2 hours or so, just pray i finish it before that, if there are no more chapter in 2-3 hours, then i will post it tomorrow morning instead

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  1. Typo:
    I understand, then please take care of me in my ten days perios stay -> I understand, then please take care of me in my ten days period stay

    Thanks for the chapter.


  2. There were quite a few tense problems in the chapter with a range of awkwardness, but I’m not sure how much they could be changed while maintaining the closely following translation you have here. I don’t think it would take much time for me to go through and edit them, but I’d probably want to do a google doc for it. That’s only if you’re interested, I don’t have a whole lot of time so I probably can’t do consistent editing…

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    1. it’s fine, i don’t touch the previous chapter yet as i know the earlier translation gradually become worse the earliest it is and that makes me depressed and angry to myself, that’s why i put it off so it doesn’t distirb next chapter translation, i already plan to look over them at 9th to 12th, while i don’t think i can fix everything by myself, it should remove most error


      1. Don’t feel too bad about it, I’ve tried doing some similar translations in the past and it’s kinda hard to be consistent with the raw. Usually I find it helps just to write it and then go through and look at all the tenses. Keep it us though, it’s just mild things I was wondering if I could help with.


  3. 「… ….Yes, I certainly kept you. This is the key. You go to the second floor and go to the left, your room is the innermost room.」

    ……That line 「… ….Yes, I certainly kept you.」 was just like a pick up line…..I thought “What the-? Is she trying to hit on him or something?” By the way, the “kept you” should change it to “I certainly received it”. That’s the best way to understand what she said other the pick up line.


    1. That sentence literal translation is “… Yes, figurative_meaning(“in this situation it is set in stone”) that(“the (reference) was entrusted to me in this event situation(in public interaction)”), leaving the possibilities of approximate translations similar to “Yes, I’ve certainly received that amount” or “The amount is certainly correct”.
      Some near offtopic: O prefix in formal situations have no such meaning as they lie about in grammar books, but, as “custom/event”, “your”, “my only”, “the only” and the likes. Yet the people are sprouting BS about it’s “politeness”, Its adding normally should not be used outside such situations, as it would mean that you are obsessed with something, in the idiotic way, example is “o-shiri”, if you are not keen on using “my respectable a**” in English, do not degrade or humiliate yourself by adding it when it is not strictly required to.


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