Re-Summoned Hero Episode 8 Intermission

This is the story of the Heroes a thousand years ago.

「The Legend of the Seven Heroes」

A thousand years ago, the world was overrun by the demon king and its demon subordinates.
Each country tried to defend with their respective war potential, but the might of the demon race was too great, and each country gradually became exhausted and pressured.

The King of the Human race of the time called for an alliance with other nations and suggested to create a group of elites to subjugate the Demon King.
Heroes were selected from each country.

From Elves, the fourth Prince who was devoted to spirit magic,
From the Dwarves, the blacksmith who was strong and able to create solid weapons,
From the Beastkin, the lion’s hero who won the fighting competition,
From the Gnomes, the elder who was skilled at support magic,
From the Dragonkin, the strongest warrior who survived the great war 500 years ago,
From the Human, the third princess of the kingdom who was called the Saint,
Furthermore, the hero with black hair and black eyes who was summoned from another world.

The seven heroes were selected and went on a journey to subjugate the Demon King.

The Hero from a Different World had less experience than the other heroes.
At the beginning of the trip, he often dragged them down.
But as their journey continued, his abilities grew, and he eventually gained enough power to lead the other six.

On the way to the Demon King’s Castle, they borrowed the power of the divine beast, the great spirit, and so forth.
They also traveled to a place that was called the unexplored region.

To build the equipment, to collect the material,
The suppression of a mine that was becoming a dwelling of demons,
The subjugation of the black dragon who was called the dragon race’s strongest,
Such trials that were difficult to imagine, let alone do.

Also on that journey,
They destroyed invading demons and released the occupied land.

And then the seven people arrived at the Demon King castle without anyone lacking.
In the castle, there were powerful demons called the Executives.
During the battle against them, the Hero of the Gnomes and the Hero of the Dwarves died.

The remaining five headed toward the Demon King soon to not waste their companions’ deaths.
The battle with the Demon King was fierce.

Each of them fought with all their effort.
The Divine Magic of the Saint prevented the powerful magic that the Demon King possessed.
The Hero of the Beastkin and the Hero of the Dragonkin made use of their skills without worry of taking damage.
Breaking the Demon King’s defense was the Spirit Magic of the Elven hero who only had little magic power left.
Taking away the life of the demon king who was said to be immortal by the unique skill of the Hero from a Different World 『Evil Severing Sword』

The defeat of Demon King should be the Grand Finale of this legend, but this story has a continuation.

The Hero from a Different World who gave Demon King the killing blow was bathed in the blood of the Demon King.
The last gift from the Demon King, Dark Magic
Its influence made his heart to fall into darkness.
The other Heroes who were exhausted could not resist their insane ally’s attack, and their lives were taken one by one.

The moment when he tried to point the sword to the last remaining Saint,
The Saint used her life to cast repatriation magic.

Although the Demon King had been subjugated,
The Hero of the Dwarves and the Hero of the Gnomes fought the Demon Executives and lost their lives.
The Hero of the Elves, the Hero of the Beastkin , and the Hero of the Dragonkin lost their lives to the Hero from a Different World who fell to the Dark Magic.
The Hero from a Different World was repatriated to his former world by the Saint.
The Saint burns her life to send that insane hero back to his original world.

None of the Heroes who set out for the Demon King Subjugation survived.

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57 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 8 Intermission

  1. i don’t want to taint this chapter with my t/n so i will say it here instead, expect next chapter in 2 or 3 days, also i go on a trip at 9th to 12th, i will try to create a backlog for that day, i will tell you if i can actually post something on my trip later,

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    1. Actually, I suspect that this is the ‘true history’…and all that the people of the world know is that the Demon King (and some/all of the Executives) was killed, and that everyone died to fulfill the duty.

      Hrm…I guess there IS the possibility of the Saint (or others) causing the others deaths through betrayals or whatever…and the Saint using their magic to send him back home to save his life.

      I imagine we’ll probably find out in due time, though…

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      1. Though, as I said in a comment below…it’s suspicious now that I think about it…

        It sounds like someone betrayed the others, and they either forcefully sent the MC back home so they could twist the tale, or someone did it to save his life.

        Either way, if that’s what REALLY happened, why isn’t there any sort of effect or indication on the MC here (though maybe that’s due to the fact that his status is still “Optimizing”, but it’s hard to say right now, tbh…and I kind of doubt it, heh).

        Unless it was just a status effect and not something else entirely…then that would make sense, but I suspect we’ll probably find out in due time. =x

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        1. Especially so if you consider the fact that the first thing the creation goddess did was to apologize and compensate the MC…the goddess also mentioned that the worlds inhabitants with an s meaning plural, there was more than one person deciding to repatriate them.


        2. Especially so if you consider the fact that the first thing the creation goddess did was to apologize and compensate the MC…the goddess also mentioned that the worlds inhabitants with an s meaning plural, there was more than one person deciding to repatriate them.


    1. most of them should be known by everyone, the last part is either the truth that nobody knows but author tell us everything, or the story from minstrel, i mean 6 dead, 1 missing, most people will conclude something happen with this one guy, and because he is a hero, the story probably go to the direction of “he is being controlled because no way he do something evil” instead of plain “he kill everyone for no reason”


  2. Thank you for the chapter! So the common knowledge is that the summoned hero was brainwashed, and nearly killed everyone, but then the saintess killed him with her dying breath? Wow, where have I heard that before?


    1. Thanks for being the only one who thinks the same way i do. I’ve read too many ln o fanfics where humans do something like this to gain power or influence and for what we’ve seen so far humans are totally capable of such thing.
      (Sorry for my grammar, not my native language.)


      1. Hrmm…I think what they’re getting at is…”If that was what really happened, why isn’t there ANY indication of it in his status?”

        Also, would all of those gods REALLY bless him if that had happened? It definitely seems suspicious now that I think about it, heh.


  3. so, the last on the chapter is bait for the reader.
    bait for continue read this series.
    everyone wants to know what reaction MC with this truth, right?

    anyway, thanks for the chapter


    1. well of course, the story is basically slice of life, manga have their art style, anime is…. anime, this is a novel so it still need a point of interest in the story even with slice of life genre


  4. the shit? that’s some dark constantine shit we have here.

    I just started reading last night, and was supposed to comment once I caught up but, this chapter is insane. Me gusta.

    btw the first two chapters were smooth to read, though I understand those were re-editted.


    Cheers for the hardwork~


  5. Oh! Quite a story, but i believed this is a lie. If he became insane, then in the original world, he would’ve still killed many bystander there and the goddess would’ve said something reasonable like “be careful”. So i believed the story is made up.


  6. That sounds ridiculously suspicious but that might explain why he doesn’t remember not much of that particular time. Anyway it still sounds too convenient for the human kingdom and such.


  7. Wait a minute?! Then if this story before he was sent back to the original world is true, then the king and the princess lied to the other four heroes (and Souta) about they can return to the original world by the saint?!
    …..Those sly royal family…


  8. This is story which should be written in history or rather made up by them after betraying him in the past so I said!


  9. This is a ridiculous little story. If everyone died, then who told the story? How do they know what was in the castle or who died when? Plus, he doesn’t have Dark Magic in his abilities list so huh?? The so-called Saint probably betrayed everyone and who knows what happened afterwards.


  10. So basically, the remaining alive Heroes were killed by their own people, because they were too strong, or something, and this story was made by the people… is that how it is?


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