Re-Summoned Hero Episode 9

Next morning, after finishing his breakfast, Souta heads to the guild to receive the payment from the guild’s purchase of his materials.

Many adventurers take requests in the morning, so the bulletin board and request counter are crowded. Meanwhile, the material purchase counter is free, as people mostly sell materials in the evening.
Avoiding the morning bustle, Souta goes toward the material purchase counter that has no line.
「It’s Souta, I came to receive the reward for yesterday’s materials.」
Saying that, he submits his guild card. The guild staff is the same as yesterday, so it’ll be fast…. or so he thinks.
「Oh, Souta-san, thank you for yesterday, please wait a moment.」
Normally, it should only be confirming the card and giving the reward, but instead, he quickly goes to the stairs at the back without giving the reward.
「Huh? I have a feeling this’ll be troublesome.」

「Thank you for waiting. Souta-san, please follow me to the room on the second floor.」
When the guild staff comes back, he takes Souta’s hand and guides him to the stairs behind the reception.
「I refuse, give me my reward quickly.」
「I-It will take time to prepare the reward because preparations are done on the second floor. Please follow me there.」
Flustered, the guild staff gives a poor excuse and tries to guide Souta to the second floor again.
「Then please prepare it soon, I’ll wait here.」
「No, but … ….」
「If it suits you, I’ll come back in the early afternoon. Could you prepare it by then?」
「Well, that’s…, we can, but that’s not it, the Guild Master … ….」
His voice gets smaller until it’s inaudible, and there’s sweat on his forehead.

「Please forgive me for that, he was just being ordered by the Guild Master.」
For him, it would feel like getting a helping hand from a goddess. Milfa takes over for him.
「Yes, yes, I’d like Souta to come to the second floor today too.」
「I refuse. It’s probably just a troublesome discussion again.」
「Please make do somehow, I’d like to talk about your rank up.」
Souta frowns at her words.
「Why? I just registered yesterday, and I haven’t even received any requests.」
「Ssshh~ that’s including it.」
Milfa lowers her voice.
「Haahh~. It can’t be helped. I’ll leave right away if it’s disadvantageous to me.」
「Yes, then, please follow me.」

After knocking on the door to the Guild Master’s room, they enter under her lead.
Guran sits on the sofa first and prompts Souta to sit in front of him.
「You came. That was slow … No, that’s fine. I want to talk about your treatment.」
「Ahh, Milfa mentioned something about a rank up.」
「That’s right, I’m going to raise you to D-rank.」
Souta’s eyes widen in surprise from those words.
「What? I just registered yesterday, and my rank should be the lowest, F.」
An F-rank ranking up to D-rank is possible, but it needs the adventurer to demonstrate their ability by performing a certain number of requests or earning a notable achievement.
「That’s right, your rank will be increased on my judgment. The amount of materials you brought yesterday wasn’t an amount that F-rank can bring. Furthermore, you have a King class magic stone. It will be troublesome if we don’t change your rank.」
「Is that so? I’ll consider this to be good fortune and accept the rank up, then.」
「But I don’t mean immediately. I would like you to take a simple exam.」
「Well, I don’t mind staying at F-rank for now.」
「Hahh~ I thought so.」
Milfa sighs, and Guran wrinkles his eyebrows.

「Eh, I got it, you’ll rank up with my authority. I won’t complain! That’s it.」
「… Are you sure?」
「Ahh, that’s fine. Isn’t it better than getting kicked out of town if things get complicated?」
「That’s right, isn’t it?」
Sota scratches his face.
「Ummm, could you talk about that sort of thing when I’m not around?」
「It seems that the discussion will progress smoothly if we are blunt. If we have some ulterior motive, the subsequent opposition seems like it’ll be strong.」
「Maybe so. This time … I’ve decided to do as I want.」
「This time?」
Milfa responds to Souta’s murmur, but Souta just waving his hand like saying it’s nothing.
「So, is the discussion only about the rank up?」
「Umu, I wanted to ask about the magic stones again. I’m sure you will speak.」
「I don’t want to talk, though. I just killed them in the forest. Of course, I won’t talk about how the fight went.」
「I thought you would say that. I suppose I’ll issue a forest survey request for now. I don’t doubt your words, it’s just in case.」
Souta shrugs his shoulders.
「Do as you like. Can I go now? 」
「Yes, thank you for your hard work. I’ll keep the guild card and upgrade it to D rank, so let’s return to the material purchase counter. I think you can receive your payment now.」

The same guild member is waiting as soon as he returns to the reception.
「Oh, I was waiting for you. I was able to prepare your payment. Here are the details – the magic stones for the orc and goblin species; magic stones, the fur and meat for the boar species; and the magic stones, fur and fang for the wolf species, adding the 15% to the total amount of magic stones purchase, will be 44 gold coins, 95 silver coins, 78 coppers coins and 7 iron coins. Here.」
「Oh, thank you. I made it a hassle for you.」
Souta puts it away in his backpack after receiving it.
「N-No, it’s a job. Mass delivery is convenient for me, actually.」
「Souta-san, this is the upgraded guild card.」
Souta puts it in the pocket of his pants just for show. Both the rewards and the cards have been put in the dimensional storage.
「Oh yeah, I’d prefer if you don’t call me upstairs next time.」
「Fu-fu, it’s up to Souta-san.」
He shrugs and shows an expression of distress, but leaves the guild without responding.


After leaving the guild, Souta plans to explore the City of Adventurers. But not long after, there’s a sign of someone following him.

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  1. And someone follows him. This is a template right? Every time a main character does something in a guild they always have some one following him. Thieves, senior adventurers asking for “advice”, stalkers, guild personnel. Then there’s conflict right? Maybe an orphan or something.


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