Re-Summoned Hero Episode 10

After leaving the guilds, Souta plans to explore the City of Adventurers, but not long after, there is a sign that someone kept following him.
Souta bought meat skewers and other necessary miscellaneous goods while gradually moving into an unpopular alley.
There was an open place just a little ahead of the alley, it was a dead end with only a well in it. It’s probably being used as a water source for daily necessity, there were also tubs and other thing placed nearby, but now there seemed to be no one that uses it.

「Now then *munchmunch* what do you guys want?」
Souta purchased a large amount of skewers that he liked after tasting one of it and stored them in the dimensional storage.
He makes it looks like he was taking it out from the shoulder bag that he also bought on the way, he was speaking while eating them.
「So you noticed, oh well if you value your life, obediently give me the money you got from the guild earlier.」
「Even money is enough, I will overlook you with that.」
「While you are at it, give us the magic bag and the skewers too.」
When they know I already noticed that I was being followed, they start to threaten me.
Those three people who were one step away from being mistaken as bandits are C-rank adventurers who were on the same floor when Souta was receiving the payment for the material in the guild, each of them holds a dagger, a one-handed sword, and two-handed axe in their hand.
「If I say I don’t want to *munchmunch* what will you do?」
「You bastard, stop screwing around, and stop eating!! If you refused, then we will take everything away after we kill you.」
The guy who looks like the leader shouting, blue vein popping from his forehead, the other two also showing their anger.
「Then *munchmunch* *gulp* let’s go.」
Throwing away the skewers, I run towards them. They readying their weapons.
Souta jump over them with a shout.

Souta laughs for a while when he lands.
「Can you catch up with me with your feet?」
As it didn’t progress like how those guys want and being provoked by Souta, blood rushing to their head, they chase after Souta in anger.
While Souta weaves through the crowd while running, those guys just knock down everyone in their path in order to chase Souta.
Although those guys shouldn’t be able to catch up with Souta normally, Souta maintains their distance by slowing down purposely.

After running for a while, Souta slowed down and finally stops and looks back.
「Hahh~ hahh~, so you finally give up. Give us your money quickly!」
「Is it okay to say something like that loudly in front of so many people like this? There will be some people who know about you.」
Souta guided those guys to the adventurer guild and exposed them to the people within.
Milfa was also looking at Souta with an uneasy face. Since she was working on the first floor, she heard the commotion and immediately come running.
「Shut up, this is a dispute between adventurers. The guilds have nonintervention rules and there is no reason for other people to intervene!」
Is it so? when I sent my glance to Milfa, Milfa nodded with a bitter face.
「Hoo? that’s good then.」
Souta laughs grinningly.
「Do you make fun of us?!」
「We are C-rank adventurers!」
「I mean, I won’t get any problem if you guys are killed.」
I take out the iron sword from the backpack.
「Now you’ve done it, you cheeky brat. Oy! you guys, kill him.」
The situation becomes tense, those guys start showing their bloodthirst.

「Cease it!!!!!!!」
The Guild Master jumped out in between Souta and those guys and release his Haki to stop them from attacking.
Those guys trembling, while Souta shrugs his shoulders.
「I don’t mind stopping, but they are aiming for my money.」
「No matter the reasons you must not make any quarrel in the guild. If you do then challenge them to duel and do it in training grounds.」
Those guys nod reluctantly to the guild master remarks, Souta decided to follow them for now.

Courtyard of training grounds, on the central stage

「We already clear out people from here, I don’t mind if you do it here. First, decide the rules.」
Souta tilts his head with a question mark on his head.
「What kind of rule?」
「What, you don’t know? let us explain then, could you Milfa.」
「I understand. When dueling with a witness, you need to fight with some rules, but although it’s a rule, the first thing that needs to be decided on is the victory condition, like win if you make your opponent faint, when your opponent accepting their loss, or when one side is killed. Please decide them first.」
The leader like man answer Milfa’s explanation with a vulgar laugh.
「Gehahaha, We don’t mind whatever the rule-ze, but because making someone faint is troublesome, it would be easier if it’s to kill or to admit defeat.」
「I don’t have any problem with it, but keep it on admitting defeat or fainting, it will be too easy if I can just kill them to win.」
Those guys start to trash talking Souta, but Milfa keeps the talk going without stopping them.
「Well then, the victory condition is when your opponent faint or admit their defeat. Next, please decide your rewards, it’s something that you will take from your opponent in case you win. It doesn’t matter what the reward is as long as both parties agree on each other.」
「We will take the reward that this person got, he sold the material he got from someone else anyway, it’s no problem even if we take it, isn’t that right?!」
「Yes, that money is ours!」
「It is as Aniki said!」
「In addition, I also want that magic bag he is wearing on his back and shoulders.」
Milfa sighs.
「Is it okay for you Souta?」
「Ahh, it’s fine. But it doesn’t seem like I can get anything from them, they don’t seem to have any money or items.」
「If so, how about slavery, if it is a C-rank adventurer it will be about 5 to 10 gold coins per person.」
「That would be fine, I decided to not kill them and that seem good enough.」
Souta also agrees to guild master proposal.
「How about Garu-san and other?」
Those guys were three brothers called Garu (eldest son), Geru (second son), Goru (third son), although their behavior was bad, C-ranked adventurer should have some ability to them as they should already pass guild assessment.
「We don’t care-yo, I already say that earlier.」

「With that the rules are decided, please take a distance to each other.」
The Three brothers and Souta took a distance, the three brothers readying their weapons, but Souta puts the iron sword back to his backpack and puts the backpack outside the stage.
「Don’t you need to prepare your weapon Souta? Or do you want to lend weapons for training?」
「No, I don’t need it, bare hands are enough, I might kill them if I use weapons.」
「What are you saying-zo?! Let’s finish this quickly!」
Souta ignores Garu’s word as if it was just the sound of wind blowing.
「Well, it’s fine if you say you don’t need it then. Victory condition is if one admit defeat or fainted, Souta doesn’t use a weapon and doesn’t mind other party to use one, Both side, prepare yourself.」
The three brothers and Souta nod.

「Ready… … Start!」

t/n : thank you for randomReader for suggesting using grammarly, despite giving more effort to this chapter, I still get some minor mistake here and there, mostly the usage of s and tenses, on a side note, there are some sentences that i’m not sure yet, i will go back to edit it after some more chapter to make sure if it affect something or not (if it’s not then i won’t fix it asap)

ohhh don’t ask me about inconsistent verbal tick, it’s really only show up there and it always change for some reason, they probably use one for each brother instead of every verbal tick comes from garu

btw should it’s garu geru goru, or gal gel gol? garu is better as gal imo, but the other 2 is better as geru and goru, so i’m a bit confused

i will go back to all of the previous chapter on my trip because i don’t think i can translate more chapter then, i however, should be able to do editing,

like always if you have suggestion or fix, just post it in the comment

next chapter will be up in 48 hours, if i’m motivated enough, i will get 2 more chapter in before i go


oh we also reach chapter 10, *pachipachipachi*

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27 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 10

  1. Time for them to get totally thrashed~

    Can’t wait to see the responses when they do, too. XD

    Also…congrats on 10th chapter and thanks for the hard work. *pachipachipachi* ^^

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  2. noticing he was being followed then go to some alley —typical

    running from them —didn’t want to mindlessly kill I guess

    …and went to adventurer guild —leaving to the authority. good

    but they still proudly(?) extort him in front of everyone with excuse that the guild won’t interfere —now hold on a sec..
    if that’s the case then why don’t they just rob him directly after exiting the guild? no need to follow him then
    and don’t they fear the law enforcement of the town?
    and for the guild, this is not just some dispute, its a f-ing robbery! don’t you still have a name to maintain? well at least the GM still have some sensibility..

    …then come the typical adventurer duel complete with the sh*t talk and underestimating the MC —*sigh*

    by the way, cheers for the chapter


  3. Thanks for the chapter translation, but there is an issue that I think that could be resolved. The issue is that you wouldn’t know which character is saying which dialogue, so it would be great if the translator can add the speaker’s name at the end of the dialogue.

    For example: 「No, I don’t need it, bare hands are enough, I might kill them if I use weapons.」(Souta).

    Like this you can know who is speaking which dialogue or phrase. Keep up the good work


  4. The author needs to be more consistent with his plotting. Souta needs to hide his existence from those specific Kingdom royalty, nobility, and court mage that are trying to kill him off to tie up loose ends. But Souta is boldly attracting ego-boosting attention with many different actions much less using his real name in addition.


  5. Contrary to MC not trying to expose himself and maintain low-key (somewhat), he is quite roundabout in dealing with problems. Led a group of adventures in a chase back to the guild, and is so nonchalant about fighting them. Strangely, he was fine with killing them at first, but not long after decides to spare them. The author also made the management of the guild trash. Disputes between adventurers cannot be intervened? Clearly they were trying to lynch and steal from MC… If they cant even intervene for that, adventurers must be an unruly group of outlaws… A lot of complaints with the story itself.
    Thanks for translating. Could use a beta reader for mostly the tenses, but its good enough to understand. Only that its sometimes hard to understand who is saying what at the time of the conversation, but its manageable.


  6. Yeah… It seems like the incoherent behavior of mc has been already called out in other comments so I would just complain about how japanese don’t have the slightest idea of how regular criminals behave while assaulting someone. If you give a fast and unexpected counter attack and knock out one of them usually the other flee because once you have to fight for it then it becomes work and that is precisely what they are trying to avoid XD. Also it’s kinda dumb that they can prey on others adventurers reward as soon as they exit the guild. Like power tends to stabilize really quickly so in this system I don’t get how this problem hasn’t been dealt with. If this is so recurring then no one would trade with the guild and instead they will sell the materials to a third party that could safely trade with the guild or better yet take the guild out of the game entirely XD

    So far it’s an standard world building for a japanese writer so I think it’s ok because there are worse and the concept is entertaining. Like seriously I can only remember one japanese light novel that felt like the author actually knew how to write without endless exposition but he quit the novel at the best part for some reason.


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