Re-Summoned Hero Episode 11 Duel

「Ready… … Start!」
Both parties begin to dash forward after Guran’s shout. But contrary to Milfa’s and Guran’s expectations, they stop right away.

The youngest of the three brothers, Goru, starts chanting magic, while the other two wait for it to end.
Souta stands on the spot, waiting for the opponent’s move as he yawns.

The battle progresses after the chant ends.
When Goru releases the fire magic, Garu and Geru run as if to chase it. Goru follows them.
Aside from the chant at the beginning, the three’s cooperation impressed Souta – they were each entrusted with a role that suited their abilities.
They were siblings, and their cooperation was breathtaking. Even during the subjugation of monsters, there were cases where a top rank monster was knocked down with it.
If they release magic and beat it with that, it ends. If it was not defeated, it would be distracted, and then Garu and Geru could attack from its blind spot. On top of that, Goru would attack just a bit later for insurance.
Magic grabs the enemy’s attention, and then they unleash a series of attacks as insurance. They do this with excellent cooperation and carefulness.
They believe it will go well this time as well, but the opponent is bad.

Souta flicks the flying fireball into the sky with his bare hands. Then he grabs Garu’s one-handed sword with his right hand and Geru’s one-handed axe with his left. The weapons break under Souta’s grip.
「Oh my, you’re using quite weak weapons.」
Souta snatches the broken weapons while the two were stunned from seeing their weapons ruined. He tosses them behind him and sends his fists into the brothers’ stomachs.
Souta then connects his magic power to the fireball that he threw into the sky before. It rushes down from the sky and hits Goru, who was behind his brothers.
『You learned Magic Power Manipulation skill』
The fireball that was assumed to hit Goru directly was offset by a dagger he threw.
Souta catches the dagger and throws it back while muttering his admiration.
Goru anticipated that. He avoids the dagger with minimal movement while he attacks Souta with a one-handed sword pulled from his waist.
It seemed like it would not work on Souta, as the sword is caught and will probably meet a similar end to that of his brothers’ weapons, but Goru already starts making his next move.
As soon as the weapon is about to be crushed, he takes his hand off the weapon. He takes out a knife from a pocket with his left hand and thrusts at Souta’s throat.
Because of Goru’s disappointing brothers, Souta shows a surprised face. He didn’t think that Goru could do so much.


The knife is repelled by Goru’s broken one-handed sword in Souta’s hand.
Right after his knife is repelled, he creates distance between them.
「You, you’re doing quite well. Because you aim for other people’s rewards, I thought you were just a small fry, but it seems you’re first-class.」
He responded so, but from his expression, he was seriously observing Souta’s actions.
The magic was repelled with his bare hands, the dagger was already thrown, the one-handed sword was destroyed and deprived and finally, the knife was prevented.
To prevent Goru from playing more hands, Souta tries to deal a finishing blow, but Goru’s struggle continues.

「How about this!」
He uses smoke bombs to obstruct Souta’s vision and throws the last knife, which was still hidden in his pocket. He also cast chantless magic.
「Ice Arrow!!」
Souta rotates the one-handed sword with both of his hands to create wind, and it scatters the smoke and blocks the knife at the same time.
But even though the damage was prevented, both of Souta’s hands are frozen to the one-handed sword.

「「Not yet, eat this!!!」」
The next moment, Garu and Geru, who were thought to be knocked out, stand up and slash at Souta with different weapons than the ones they had before.
They are familiar with the risk of losing weapons when adventuring, so they had some weaker reserve weapons aside from their main ones.
Souta channels fire magic power on both hands to destroy the ice. Against the two who use their new weapons, he catches the attack with his bare hands like the first time.
However, it was different from the first time in that the weapons are not destroyed.
Souta who tried to break them revealed a momentary opening.

Goru’s spell, which could be said to be his finishing blow, was fired.
Before it reaches Souta, Garu and Geru already moved away so they would not get caught in it.
Firestorm is an intermediate magic that creates a flame tornado at the point of impact. Although it is smaller in scale than a real tornado, it is a powerful range attack because of the fire attribute.

「Did it succeed?」
Garu’s remark was one that would be retorted with, 「Don’t raise a flag, you fool! 」 if it was said in Japan.

As the one who knows the principle of this magic, Goru feels impatient. Normally, if the magic effect has disappeared, then the flames should vanish.
However, the flames were increasing in momentum rather than disappearing.
Sweat drips from his forehead.

「You guys are good. I never thought you were this good. I wish I’d put out more power without making light of you guys.」
The moment when the voice enters the three ears. A mass from the center of the flame tornado … … Souta jumps out and throws the three people off the stage.

Those three guys are blown off in different directions and faint as they hit the wall.
Thus the 「Duel」 reached its conclusion.

t/n: my trip is re-scheduled to tomorrow, to 12th, yes it’s just getting longer, next chapter is the conclusion of the duel so i will finish this before i go,

this chapter is a bit unpolished, i need to sleep, i will do full editing to all of my released chapter in my trip,

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