Re-Summoned Hero Episode 12

The three brothers are thrown in different directions, and they faint when they hit the wall.
Thus the 「Duel」 reaches its conclusion.

Milfa casts restoration magic on Garu who fell near her. Meanwhile, Guran moves Geru and Goru so Milfa can take care of them.
Souta slowly heads toward Milfa.
When she was an adventurer, she contributed to her party with her recovery magic and received the title of 『healing saint』.
Bones broken by Souta’s blows and the damage taken from hitting the wall instantly heal. Even the recovery magic she uses is a high-rank one.

Goru, the youngest of the brothers, suffered fewer wounds than the other two, and he wakes right away.
「… Ughh, ouch ouch, I didn’t think he was so strong.」
A little after that, Garu and Geru also wake.
「This rookie’s too strong. We wouldn’t have been able to do anything if not for Goru.」
「Souta isn’t it? Are you really a rookie? 」
The way they act now makes it seem like the earlier evil and foolish way of talking was just an act.

Souta gets off the stage. When the three people calm down, Guran urges Milfa to continue.
「Sorry for the trouble, Milfa. May I announce the result? 」
Garu, the leader of the three, raises both of his hands like he already gave up on the result.
「The result is already obvious.」
Souta agrees with Garu.
「Yeah, it’s already obvious.」
Guran looks at everyone face and tries to announce the result.
「This duel —」
「— ends in a draw.」
Souta cut off Guran’s announcement.

Guran who planned to declare it Souta’s victory is dumbfounded.
Milfa and the three brothers are also showing questioning expressions.
「What is it all about?」
Milfa asks on behalf of those four people.
「These three guys fainted, so I should win, but I also said 『I don’t need a weapon.』. Yet I used the one-handed sword I took from him. Although it’s not a formal rule, I still broke it, so we have a draw.」
「I see, if you don’t mind with that … … If that’s the case, will you take the reward?」
「It doesn’t matter … or rather, you can end this farce already.」
Souta spreads his hands, showing a relaxed face.
「No matter how you think about it, this isn’t the ability of C-ranks. The difference between the violence at the beginning and the duel’s start. The cautiousness in battle. Then the change in the tone and expression afterward. The weapons too, the first weapons they used were reserve weapons to test the waters, and the weapons they used in the second half were rare and powerful ones.」
The three brothers avert their gazes, scratch their faces, and then close their eyes to dodge the issue.

「I don’t know if it was supposed to result in a duel or not, but you tested me by having them act like foolish and savage adventurers and attack me. In the first place, it’s funny that you passed me such a large reward so conspicuously.」
Guran let out a sigh and roughly scratches his head.
「So you figured it out? Damn.」
「The slavery part’s also a lie, you won’t actually make them slaves, but you’d still pay me money as if they’d become slaves.」
Guran groans with a bitter expression.
「Looking at that face, it looks like I’m on the mark. Now then, was the simple test you said before to have three adventurers over B-rank as opponents? 」
「No, that’s it…」
「Ohh wait you already said 『Eh, I got it, you’ll rank up with my authority. I won’t complain! That’s it.』 before. I guess you’ll never assert this affair as a test because of those words.」
「Uuu~, that… ….」
Guran voice disappears in the end.
「It’s unusual for a master to be cornered so far, even though I already asked 『Are you sure?』 before.」
「Milfa, you also blame me…」
His heart sinks and his shoulders drop.
「Souta-san, I’m sorry, could you please forgive me?」
「…… That’s right, then let me give you some conditions.」
「Conditions … is it?」
「Yes. First, make it so I’ll never rise above D rank. Then, I would appreciate it if you introduce a place to live somewhere as an apology for this time. The price is…… It depends on your sincerity.」
Milfa thinks while holding her jaw with her hand.
「I think that the first one is okay. In the case of a conspicuous achievement, it should be assessed in the Guild Master room so that it does not leak out. For the second one, do you mean owning a house …? 」
「That’s right, I’d like to stay here for a while, so I want a place to be my base. The condition is that there should be a bath, and the number of rooms should be around five, including a kitchen.」
Milfa takes out her notebook and makes notes of the conditions.
「… OK, I understand … It will take some time, but I will try to find it. Master, is that okay? 」
「There’s no choice … ….」
Guran acknowledges it reluctantly.
「Should I tell the Guild Master of another city about what the Guild Master of the city of adventurers did?」
Souta mutters in a small voice that can only be heard by those nearby.
「Right, let me find a house! Let’s look for a nice house, Milfa! 」
He shows his motivation to Souta by instructing Milfa as sweat forms on his forehead.
「Yes yes, I understand. It can’t be helped.」

「So can we go already?」
「Hmm? Ahh, I’m sorry. You’ve been a great help. Please issue the repair cost for the broken equipment later.」
「No, it’s fine. All that’s broken was cheap, so I can cover it with the reward.」
Garu says so and moves his gaze to Souta.
「Souta, we are B rank adventurers, almost promoted to A-rank. But despite that, if not for Goru’s talent, we’d be helpless against you. You have considerable ability … …. You didn’t even use 30% of your strength.」
「Well, you guys too. You’re also strong.」
「Wahaha, to say that after displaying that overwhelming power. Well, this time we were just acting, but if you’re going to stay at D ranking this time, be careful of this kind of thing. Because there will be many people who will look down on you just from your rank.」
Souta is annoyed by that.
「Muu, that’s a hassle … … Thanks for that advice.」
「Well then.」
Garu waves his hand.
「Next time I want to fight together, not as enemies.」
Geru gives a handshake.
「If there’s a next fight, I’ll show you my decisive blow.」
Goru points at Sota.

By the way, although they are both B-ranked, the party has been certified as A-rank. The only A-rank party in this city that Guran had previously talked about is them.

t/n : this is the last chapter this week next one will be on valentine day

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