Re-Summoned Hero Episode 13

Several days after the duel at the guild, Souta is doing low-rank requests and earning money.
He’s doing miscellaneous-type requests instead of collection-type requests.

For example, 「I would like you to help me move.」, 「I would like you to help me demolish my house.」, 「I’d like you to carry my luggage.」, 「I want you to clean the house.」, 「I would like you to tend the shop.」, etc.

Recent adventurers put emphasis on the word 『adventure』 so there is rarely anyone who chooses to do requests of this kind.

Milfa and Guran are puzzled by Souta’s choice.

Considering Souta’s ability, they want him to do difficult requests, but since he’s doing the low-rank ones that nobody else does, they can’t be too pushy.

However, there’s a reason for Souta to choose these requests.

First, he would get stuck at the designated rank request if he tries to do reasonable requests. There is a case that you can team up with other higher ranked adventurers to do high difficulty request but people might get suspicious of his skill level.

Next, D-rank requests are too easy, and they would be cleared too fast. He would attract suspicion.

Finally, nobody takes such requests, and they’re slowly piling up dust. He wants to reduce the number of them.

It isn’t for a noble reason like him wanting to help people in need, but because Souta thinks it will improve the flow of the city.

As the flow of the city improves, it will become easier for people to spend their time peacefully.
That’s the reason he only chooses low ranking requests.

Additionally, money is not a problem.
Regardless of the reason, residents of the city welcome and acknowledge Souta who willingly undertakes the small requests.

It’s the other low-ranking adventurers who aren’t happy with it.

However, if they try to pick a fight in the guild, the three brothers Garu, Geru and Goru would interfere.
On the other hand, those who take the type of request that Souta takes were not able to complete it because they were unfamiliar with them, and in the end, the uncompleted job would lower their evaluation and they would need to pay a fine.
Some try to pick fights with Souta in the city without minding the crowd, only to get reported to the guards and guild by the residents who like him.

Like that, Souta raises his own evaluation from the residents, and the other low-rank adventurers lower theirs.
While there are a few middle and high ranked adventurers who can sense Souta’s power, there are also those who only know about it because of the three brothers’ story about Souta barely exerting himself while fighting them.

Souta works from morning to evening, reports to the guild and returns to the inn.
That’s a normal day for Souta, but there’s a change this time.

Early in the morning, when Souta is having breakfast at the inn’s cafeteria, Milfa comes over.
「Souta-san, sorry for disturbing your meal, I have something to discuss with you, is now okay?」
「*munchmunch* As long as it’s a good one, I don’t mind. You can sit there.」
At Souta’s suggestion, she sits on the seat across Souta’.

「So, what do you want to talk about?」
Souta stops eating, wipes his mouth with a napkin, drinks water, and then prompts Milfa to continue talking.
「Yes, we found a house that fits Souta’s conditions as the remuneration for that duel, so I thought I’d guide you there when you have some time to spare.」
「Oh, it was pretty fast. I thought it would take more time. If it’s convenient for you, I was thinking about taking it easy today or tomorrow as I’m doing requests every day.」
「That’s fine. Is it fine for you if we depart as soon as your preparation complete?」
Asks Milfa as she touches her chin with her finger.

「I brought my luggage along just in case, so I can go there right away.」
I point to my luggage I had by my side and trying to raise it to my back, Miri came to the Souta and Milfa’s table.
She came to pick up the empty dish, but there was something different in her expression.
「What’s wrong, Miri?」
「…… Souta-san, are you going to leave?」
She says it with a lonesome tone.
「That’s right, I got into a duel a while back in the guild, and as a reward, I was to be introduced to a house, since I can’t afford to live at the inn forever.」
「Is…that so, it’ll be lonely.」
She looks like she’s going to cry.
Souta eats every day in the cafeteria and talks to Miri each time, different from other adult adventurers, she has a sense of closeness to him due to their small age difference, and the person himself isn’t aware the feeling of love has blossomed in her.

「Don’t put on that kind of face.」
Souta stands up and puts his hand on Miri’s head.
「I’m not going to live outside of this town, and even when the place where I’ll live is decided, I’ll still come to the dining room to get the delicious meals served here.」
「It’s right, isn’t it? Please do come back! 」
She smiles broadly from the feeling of Souta’s hand, and her mood also recovers.

「Well, I don’t know if I’ll like that place or not.」
Souta releases his hand and says he says that, turning his eyes to Milfa.
「… I think it’s a good property because it’s pretty hard to find.」
There’s a brief delay in her reply, and her expression becomes sullen.
「Oi oi, it’s Milfa’s mood that becomes bad now? I don’t understand anymore.」
「It’s nothing! Rather than that, let’s go already.」
She leaves her seat in anger and heads out of the inn.
「Sorry Miri, I need to go.」
「Fufu~, see you later Souta-san.」

Even though she’s angry, she makes sure Souta’s following her and guides him properly.
She had many thoughts on the way to the building.
(Why did I get so irritated? I wonder if Souta-san hates me. He was only talking to Miri-chan but I got angry so randomly … … ah why it’s like that.)
Her expression is calm, but her heart is panicking.

「Hey, is it still far?」
As her anger and panic settles, Milfa’s pace gradually becomes much slower compared to when they departed.
「Ehh, ahh, we’re almost there, just around this corner. There.」
Even while she’s pondering, she does her duty to guide Souta.

Milfa points at a splendid house that’s quite far from the center of the city.

t/n: so happy valentine guys, this chapter have some hint of love, so it’s quite suitable for today, also as a bonus, because today is 14th, I will also post chapter 14

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  2. “It was not for a noble reason like he wants to help people in need, but because Souta thought that it would improve the flow of the city by solving it.”
    Dude that’s still altruism, just a more light hearted approach to it than acting like some martyr taking on all the burdens of the world.


  3. So they made him a chick magnet as well…

    Sigh… i wonder why author mske this kinds of raijuu in a novel if in the end, their love never progress anyway


  4. ‘It isn’t for a noble reason like him wanting to help people in need, but . . . it will become easier for people to spend their time peacefully.”

    Not noble at all. Such a greedy fellow


  5. This guy just found out he freaking murdered all his comrades and he doesnt seem affected at all
    He doesnt even seem to care to find out more about it…
    Kndtead he is doing retarded shit like cleaning houses thinking it will somehow maje the town superior…
    And meanwhile the demons are slaughtering humans but nope, hes got better things to do apparently…
    His actions make no sense, he specifically knows a dude is brainwashing people in the castle and that he tried to kill him, but nope let that man go free to commit more evils
    Worst protagonist ever


    1. he actually doesnt know what happened to his comrades because he doesnt remember what happens after stabbing the demon lord, what you read before isnt even confirmed to be the truth( some even say its a story made by the humans). secondly he doesnt want to be a hero anymore plus he doesnt need to considering that his classmates can do that. Thirdly why does he need to care about the guy whos brainwashing others? thats not his problem its the castle’s problem. Hes not the best protagonist but hes not the worst either. you should really reread this before commenting


  6. Souta eats every day in the cafeteria and talks to Miri each time, different from other adult adventurers, she has a sense of closeness to him due to their small age difference, and the person himself isn’t aware the feeling of love has blossomed in her.

    What does “the person himself” mean? Is it Souta? I thought they’re talking about Miri.


  7. MIlfa getting angry spontaneously due to jealousy seems to make her as a character very shallow…
    Shes only just met the MC and conversed with him twice but already feelings of love bloom? He’s only ever shown contempt towards the authority of the guild, and was taking advantage of the guild, so where does the good feelings for him come from? Seemed very random IMHO…


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