Re-Summoned Hero Episode 14

Milfa points at a splendid house that’s quite far from the center of the city.

「I think that this house fulfills Souta-san’s requirements. There is a bath installed, though you still need to draw the water yourself using the well at the back.」
「Oh that’s good.」
Souta’s eyes sparkle with excitement.
「In addition, the room is……how about we go inside instead of standing around and talking like this? Since I’m already entrusted with the key.」
「That’s great, let’s go in! 」

Milfa opens the door with the key.
Beyond the front door, there is a spacious entrance hall, doors leading to the left and right rooms, a corridor leading to the back, and a large staircase leading to the second floor.
「I will start the explanation of the first floor. There is the living room and the kitchen is on the right and a big room on the left. You can go to the toilet and the bath by going past the stairs.」
Explains Milfa using the rough sketch of the house.
「Ohh, it’s more than I expected.」
Souta goes into the living room and the kitchen while looking around.
「There are also two rooms in the back of the left side of the first floor, which is the size of an individual room.」
「It’s fine, it’s good enough for me.」
Seeing Souta’s delighted expression, Milfa smiles broadly.

After checking the rooms on the first floor, the toilet and the bath, they come back to the entrance hall.
「The bath is wider than I thought, and best of all, it’s a wooden bath. The wood also comes from pretty good trees.」
Souta is pretty satisfied with the bath because it reminds him of the high-quality cypress baths in Japan.
「It is one of the characteristics of this house. Let’s go to the second floor next.」
Milfa says that while wearing a polite smile. She walks in front of Souta to lead him to the second floor. Her expression relaxes, and her smile becomes one of genuine happiness.

「There are only private rooms on the second floor. Two of the smaller bedrooms are as large as the big bedrooms.」
「It was also like that on the first floor, but the smaller private room is quite large and the big bedroom is larger.」
「How is it? It has more room than what you wanted.」
When Souta checks one of the bedrooms, Milfa inquires about his impressions.
「It’s great. I don’t mind having a lot of rooms, more than anything, the bath is great, and the toilet is made of magical tools that keep it clean.」
「I’m glad that you are pleased with it.」
「… The problem is the amount of money … No way I can afford it, even though it’s far from the center of the city, it’s still more of a mansion than a house.」
Milfa takes out documents from her bag.

「Let’s see… … after calculating our mistake, the final cost is……」
「How much is it normally?」
「The original amount is 1200 gold coins, discounted to 1000 gold coins by the guild master’s mediation. From there, adding our sincerity, the cost is cut by another 800 gold coins, making it only 200 gold coins.」
200 gold coins is not an amount that could be brought out just like that, as it’s worth about 20 million in Japanese yen.
「That discount is odd …… 1000 gold coins for apology was unexpected.」
「That’s just how bad it is this time, if you told the other guild masters, it will probably become a big problem … and it’s probably because of Guran’s expectations for you.」

「I appreciate it, but I still can’t pay 200 gold coins.」
Originally, Souta thought it would be a one-story house with three bedrooms, a living room, a bath and a kitchen. There was a big deficiency in his prepared funds.
「Ummm, but it’s a nice house.」
「… There is a proposal from my Master. If you can complete a certain request, it will be free.」
Milfa says it reluctantly.
「From your expression, it seems it’s not an easy request. I guess it’ll be appropriate for 200 gold coins.」

「Yes … that’s right. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s too dangerous.」
「It’s reasonable for the request to be dangerous after seeing my skill …. what is it? Please tell me.」
Watching Souta that seems motivated to do it, Milfa answers while sighing.
「Hahh~ it can’t be helped. I think that it is equivalent to an S-rank request in terms of difficulty, and the content is …… sorry to trouble you, but let’s talk at the guild master’s place.」
「Hahh~ it’ll be troublesome. Oh well, let’s go then.」
Souta also sighs.

Guild Master’s Room

Souta thought there was only Guran in the room, but other than Guran, there is an elderly man and his knight escort there.
Milfa seems to know as she just goes to Guran’s back without showing a surprised expression.
「Oh, Souta huh? So you came again.」
「Don’t try to play dumb, you know I’m interested in what you want to say.」
Sweat runs down Guran’s face because of Souta’s remark.
「I-I’m sorry. It might be roundabout, but I wanted you to see the house before you met the client because it’s a special request.」

「Ahh, it’s fine. So, is this jii-san the client? 」
The escort tries to draw the sword at his waist because of Souta’s rude remark, although Souta tried to intimidate him. The old man restrains the movement of his escort with his hand.

『You learned the Intimidation skill』

「Please forgive my escort for his rude behavior…… Yes, I’m the client, my name is Elvas. For the time being, I am the feudal lord of this territory. This is the knight that came as my escort, his name is Dan.」
He introduces himself while touching his beard. His tone is soft, but his sharp gaze indicates that he was trying to observe Souta.
「Ohh, so a noble. What kind of request do you have despite having a strong knight like that? 」

Souta’s arrogant attitude makes Dan irritated.
「Oy, you! Souta you said? Your behavior is rude to Earl-sama.」
Dan didn’t try to use his sword this time, but he enters a fighting stance in front of Souta. Elvas doesn’t try to stop him this time.
「Hahh~ so, do you want to make a request or not?」
Dan’s fuse blows as Souta is ignoring him and keeps talking to Elvas.
「You bastard!!!」
Dan raises his fist, but the strike never happens because Dan faints and collapses before his fist reaches Souta.


「Ho ho ho, Dan can’t do anything and faints. That is something that only Guran can do.」
Elvas wasn’t interested in the fainted Dan and seems to be more interested in Souta.
As for Dan, Milfa casts recovery magic on him.
「What did you do to make Dan faint? It did not look like you did anything to him.」
「It was just intimidation. If he can’t bear this amount of intimidation, you probably should refine the quality of the knight.」
「Hoo~, to beat Dan just with intimidation……Ahh for your question, yes, this one wants to make a request.」
He advances the talk without being bothered that his man was injured.

Souta considered rejecting the request if Elvas would get angry with this, but because he looks different from other nobles with their high pride, Souta tries to listen to the request.
「… … What is the request?」
「Umu, at last, it seems possible to talk …… I have a granddaughter, and her name is Elina. My son and his wife died because of a disease not long after she gave birth to Elina.」
Elvas tells the story lightly, and no hint of sadness appears on his face.

「That Elina caught the same disease as my son. Do you know about『Stone Fever』? The body gets feverish and becomes petrified gradually. One theory says it’s a circulatory disorder of magical powers.」
「I’ve heard the name a long time ago, but I’ve never seen it before.」
「Umu, Elina caught this disease one week ago. She will lose her life in about a month after being affected.」

Souta asks a question while furrowing his brows.
「So, that’s the request. To what extent should I do it? 」
He remembers the treatment. It’s something called ambrosia, and the collection difficulty of the material to make that medicine is high.
「I know the treatment … … I have almost all the ingredients for the medicine, just…the liver of the dragon is the last material that I cannot get. I have already used my connections here and there, but I still cannot get it.」
Souta has materials such as dragon nails and skin, but he doesn’t have internal organs such as liver and heart.
「I also ask you to do it, Elina is like a grandchild to me.」
Guran also lowers his head. Behind it, Milfa, and even Dan who woke up unnoticed has lowered his head.
「I apologize for a little while ago, so please accept Elvas’s request, I’m sure if it’s you……」

「…… I understand. I’m going to pick the request even if you don’t lower your heads like that. So, do you know the location of a dragon? 」
「So you accept the request…… For the location, there is a mountain one week away to the east from this city. Neither adventurers nor knights go near this mountain. A dragon is said to live at its summit.」
Milfa chimes in.
「It is called the 『Mountain of Death』. It is not only dangerous because a dragon lives there. There are adventurers who take the requests for A- or B-rank monsters there and do not return.」
「Because of that, as the guild master, I forbid the challenge of the Mountain of Death unless you have permission.」
「Hmm, I’ll go and see it myself. If I bring the dragon’s liver, I’ll ask you about the house. I won’t give you the dragon’s liver if the house is already sold when I’m gone.」
「I-I know. You can be relieved because that house’s sale is controlled with the authority of Elvas and me.」

「Souta-san, please come back alive.」
Milfa asks that with teary eyes.
「Yes, I’ll come back alive. There’s no problem. Because there’s some preparation to do, I’ll be going now.」
「Souta-dono, I beg you, please save my grandchild by any means.」
Following Elvas, other people also lower their heads again.

Looking at that, Souta leaves the room.

t/n: so do the translation quality increase? or is it decrease? it’s probably the best i can do,

also if you notice most of it in 3rd perspective? before this, some of the narration use I as subject, but now, it’s either subjectless or 3rd person, i just change the subjectless one into 3rd perspective.

like always, if you find any mistake or have some suggestion, just comment below

Editor’s note: 20 million yen is about 180,000 USD. Geez, the house has an original price tag of around a million dollars. By the way, Souta should be filthy rich with the money and treasures from the previous time he was summoned. Why doesn’t he just bring out a mountain of gold coins and throw fistfuls of it at Milfa? I demand explanations.

p/s: next is character introduction, I will post it together with chapter 15, it will be done in 48-72 hours, just like usual

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  2. I almost feel sorry for the dragon. MC be like, “I want this house, so you’re going to have to die so I can take ur liver and get this house~~~”
    10/10 would interpret MC as a person who acts upon whims (really? slaying a dragon after registering for less than a week?!?!)


  3. After trashing around dragon lair, the dragon come out.
    Souta: be ready, i’m here to take your liver!!!.
    Dragon: hey wait a minute, I only have one liver, and i’ll die if you take it. How bout a trade?
    Souta: eee… Well what do you suggest?
    Dragon: well how bout my liver for a devil or angel liver. And please do the exchange in here due to i’ll die in a few minutes after I take out the liver without being replaced.
    Souta: well (seeing the dragon offspring at the back), okay, so where is the demon or angel?
    Dragon: thank you, the angel is to the west lake near the border of this country and the demon is to the east in the mountain pass to next country.
    Souta: okay, i’ll got it.

    When Souta met the angel,
    Angel: please go to the northern kingdom and take the revival potion.
    And when he met the devil,
    devil: please go to the southern wasteland and take the chalice of reincarnation.

    So, Souta help them. Then he realised that he already missed the chances to go to another country away from the kingdom. 😀


  4. Thanks for the chapter.

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    1. he doesn’t want to stand out, lets see, if someone suddenly there, nobody know from where he is, just registering as adventurer, obviously not a noble, taking out that much money is suspicious


      1. yeah I mean instead of taking out 200 gold it’s better to Kill a dragon while just having registered in the guild and staying in Rank D while the Lord of the territory knows you can defeat a dragon that even a Rank A party cannot….. Preeeeettttyyyy “LOW” key for the MC. Sounds very logical…………….. right?


        1. ohh are you saying someone can’t train at all before registering as adventurers and every adventurer that register must be a greenhorn that start from zero?
          having high skill as nobody is much more common than taking out a huge amount of money as nobody, you can train in the forest without nobody around, but you can’t get that much money without your name being known


    1. No… The original price was 1200. The guild master haggled it down to 1000. 800 gold in reparations from the guild leaving a difference of 200 gold. 1000 – 800 = 200. He has this sum but he wants to be as mysterious as possible.


  5. This is getting weirdly dumb
    First of all, a small mansion is worth several times more than a god damn dragon?
    Second, why wont he use his own damn money?
    Why is he fucking around being an adventurer in the first place?
    He doesnt wanna adventure and he doesnt need money
    It seems in fact counterproductive to the only goal hes ever shown, which was to find out what happened to his comrades
    And before you go “he read the book he knows now” that clearly wasnt the whole or even correct story
    And even if it was one would think he would wanna visit their graves


    1. 1st- no just the liver is worth the mansion. Not the whole dragon.
      2nd- he doesn’t want to use his previous money because it would be too troublesome to explain where it came from. He would rather just be an adventurer and do odd jobs and live a carefree life. Being a student in that culture he is probably a spend thrift. His main short term goal is to establish his footing so he can gather info. With the ultimate goal being finding out what happened after the battle.


      1. 1st- no, the liver is apparently only worth a sixth of the mansion, the rest is discounted
        2nd- that makes no god damn sense, hes already shown of his battle prowess several times, naturally people would just connect his money to his powerlevel
        Doing oddjobs and living a carefree life is lame, but it also doesnt really make sense for this guy, and he doesnt need to establish his footing, he is literally the strongest being in the world, all he needs to do is put on a mask and either infiltrate the royal libraries or threaten the deuchebag king


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