Character Introduction

· Konoe Souta
The protagonist of this story
A former hero who was summoned to a different world 『Halderia』 when he was still in junior high school to defeat the demon king.
After the Demon King was defeated, he was repatriated and returned to Earth.
On Earth, he continued to train martial arts out of habit.
One day, in his 3rd year of high school, he was summoned again by getting caught up in his classmates’ different world summoning.

· The goddess who was in the white space when summoning
The goddess that also appeared during the previous summoning. Her tone is like a man’s despite her being a woman.
Short and fair skinned. She has a beautiful face that fits her title as goddess, but her facial expressions are limited.

【The Heroes who were summoned together】
· Minamiyama Daiki
Long brownish hair, he is tall with well-balanced features.
A youth full of justice. He was doing kendo and had a black belt.
He wanders around with his sense of justice and beliefs — usually, it will have a good outcome.
The original president of the Men’s Kendo club.
· Kasai Haruna
With a big ribbon on her shoulder length hair, she has a childish face with a body that does not match it.
She always moves around with Daiki as his childhood friend. People call her the legal wife of Daiki and similar names behind her back.
She had many fans because of her childish face and big breasts, but no one confessed to her because of Daiki.
· Kitagawa Touko
She has long black hair that reaches her waist, and a slightly dazed look. She had a paperback book when summoned.
She became friends with Haruna and Daiki in middle school.
While it’s often thought that people who read books are introverts, her motoric skills are also good.
· Shinonome Aki
A sporty girl with a sharp gaze and short hair.
Got acquainted with Daiki in one of the Kendo Dojos when she was in elementary school.
She was the president of the female kendo club, but she has already retired.

【Kingdom of Addinal】
· Elizabeth Von Addinal
Second princess of the Kingdom of Addinal who summoned the heroes.
She has blond hair and breasts larger than Haruna’s.
She is skilled in recovery magic. She feels sorry for involving Souta in the Summon.

· Gauss Von Addinal
The King of the Kingdom of Addinal, blond haired. Although he is in his late forties, he still looks as though he is in his early thirties. Has a beard, which of course is also blond.
He considered that Souta getting involved in the Summoning was troublesome.
He thought the heroes were useful because he can use them, but he only sees the princess that summoned them as a tool.

· Minister
No name yet.
He did not care if Souta was dragged in or not, only that the other four people that were summoned would be of use to the country.

· Eric
A person who handed the money to Souta at the North Gate. Has three younger sisters that live in the local village. He sent money to their parent’s house.
His Spear technique is a little higher than Level 3, it is par for the course as a knight but he has a good talent for it.
Easily defeated by Souta.

· Rob
A person who handed the money to Souta at the North Gate. Born in the same village as Eric. He doesn’t send money to his family because he is the youngest child.
His Swordsmanship is a little higher than Level 3, it is par for the course as a knight but he has a good talent for it.
Easily defeated by Souta.

· Lexus
Court magician of the Kingdom of Addinal, so far only his name was known. Was this guy the one who cast the brainwashing magic on Eric and Rob?

· Wolf Emperor
No name yet.
The demon who met Souta in the depths of the forest, north of the kingdom.
It used to be a tamed monster of adventurers, but after the adventurer died, it became wild.
Higher rank of Wolf species. As an Emperor class, it can communicate with others via Telepathy.
Like other monsters, it evolved because of the influence of a magic spring.
It was overlooked by Souta.

【Town of adventurers Toura】
· Guard
No name.
A pretty good person.

· Aireen
Known as Airi
Half-elf receptionist with long blond hair and long ears albeit still shorter than Elf ears.
A popular receptionist in the guild, there is a hidden fan club.
Able to explain things without trouble. She has a favorable impression of Souta who was asking questions. It is not romantic favorability, however.

· 3 Material purchase staff

· Guran
Former A-rank adventurer from the dwarven tribe, currently the Guild Master of the Town of Adventurers. Used a hammer and nicknamed 『Bakusai』 when he was still adventuring.
The type that easily loses his temper and gets angry.

· Milfa Kudria
Once called the 『Healing Saint』, a former A-rank adventurer of the elven tribe.
Guran’s secretary. She wears glasses and ties her blond hair in a ponytail.
She looks a little strict, but despite her appearance, she actually has a gentle personality. She is the one who keeps Guran from running around wildly.
Has a friendly relationship with Souta.

· Miri
The poster girl of the inn. Her age is around that of a junior high school student. When she was a little young, she went to the town’s school.
Her height doesn’t reach 150cm, and her shoulder length pinkish hair sways as she moves around energetically with a smile.
The conspicuous characteristic is the beast ears on her head and the stripped tail that comes out of her skirt. She’s a tiger beastman.
She’s always helping out at the inn cheerfully.
There are many older adventurer that comes to the inn, but as their age are too far apart, she only becomes attached to Souta who’s like a gentle older brother to her.
She holds a feeling of love for Souta as her first love, but he’s unaware of this.

· Landlady
Her hair is long and has the same color as Miri’s. Her gentle atmosphere is the opposite of Miri’s liveliness.
Former B-rank adventurer, in the same party with her husband who is in charge of the kitchen.
She was from the same village as her husband and also his childhood friend.
She might be gentle, but is scary when truly angry.

· Miri’s father
「Aiyo」 was his only line.
Former B-rank adventurer and a tiger beastman. He enjoyed cooking and dreamed of being a chef, but became an adventurer instead because of his parents teaching.
His dream could be said to be fulfilled now that he is married and is in charge of the inn’s kitchen.

· Three brothers
Eldest son Garu · Second son Geru · Third son Goru
Underdog C-rank adventurers that are in fact B-rank, in particular, the youngest brother’s Goru is likely to reach A rank.
Their party itself is A-ranked. Their ages are respectively 32, 25, and 20.
They were asked by Guran to test Souta’s strength. The result was complete defeat.
They received new equipment with the reward.

· Elvas
An earl in his sixties and the lord of this region. He has a long beard and gray hair.
His granddaughter is his last living relative, as his son and his daughter-in-law became ill and had died.
He decides to bring the request to Guran. By the judgment of Guran, he met Souta.

· Dan
Elvas’ s escort knight. He was shaking in anger from Souta’s arrogant attitude. His hair is brown.
However, he acknowledges Souta’s ability after he was made to faint, and he lowers his head.
He respects Elvas, who took him in as an orphan.
He is short-tempered, but is capable of lowering his head for important matters.

· Elina
Elvas’s granddaughter. Suffers from 『Stone Fever』 which is said to be abnormal circulation of magical power. She lost her parents from the same illness.
Her age is near an elementary school student’s and has dark-brown hair.

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  1. So this is the first novel that the MC does not have a harem but every body has a favorable impression of him


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