Re-Summoned Hero Episode 15

「Souta-san, please come back alive.」
Milfa asks that with teary eyes.
「Yes, I’ll come back alive. There’s no problem. Because there’s some preparation to do, I’ll be going now.」
「Souta-dono, I beg you, please save my grandchild by any means.」
Following Elvas, other people also lower their heads again.

Looking at that, Souta leaves the room.

When he returns to the first floor, many eyes gather on Souta.
Despite his low rank, he has completes numerous requests and been called to the guild master’s room many times.
In addition, the fact that influential adventurers like the three siblings Garu, Geru, and Goru keep observing Souta also brings attention to him.

Because the request reception is free, Airi is mopping the floor of the hall.
There emerges an up-and-coming adventurer, Souta, with a serious look on his face.
「Souta-san, how was it? You have a terrifying atmosphere while furrowing your brow, you know?」
Airi’s curiosity is raised. She calls out to Souta as she points at her own eyebrows.

「Nn? Is that so? That’s not good.」
Souta relaxes his face with a massage.
「How about this?」
「Yeah, that’s fine.」
Airi says that with a smile and her forefinger pointing up.
「So, did something happen?」
「Nn, yeah. I got a bit of a troublesome request, so I was thinking a bit.」
「Wow, it’s amazing how you got a direct request from the guild master even though you registered just the other day.」
Showing surprise, she puts her hands on her mouth.

「Well, it’s not a big deal. It’s a high-rank request. Because of my rank, I got called in to make sure other adventurers don’t fight over it.」
「I see, what kind of request… not that I can ask about it… Please be careful. 」
「Ahh~ thank you. I won’t be gone for that long. Well then, I’m going.」
「Yes, take care.」
She sees Souta out with a beaming smile.
Unlike Airi, other adventurers around Souta give him looks of anger, envy, and jealousy instead.
Those gazes change right after Souta turns around to leave the guild.

Souta returns to the inn for the preparation to go to the mountain of death.
As the deadline for the first 10-day payment is near, Souta worries that the deadline will pass while he is in the middle of the request.
「Oh, Souta-san, welcome back. What happened with the house? 」
The sad expression from before already gone, Miri greets Souta with her usual smile.

「Ahh, it’s a nice house, but the price is a little high. I came back here because I got a bit of a long request to earn the money for it.」
「Hmm, it’s the seventh day today. It’s a 10-day renting period, so there are three more days.」
As long as he can return before 3 days, then there is no problem, but if it passes the deadline, the action that is taken depends on the inn.
In some inns, the luggage is disposed of immediately, and in others, they are kept for about a week. In addition, some of them charge fees for safekeeping the luggage for more than one year.
「Our inn keeps the luggage for about a week. If you want, we will keep it for a longer time if you pay cash deposits.」
Miri explains the matter Souta is concerned about.
「Fufu, were you surprised? … I’m sorry, I just knew that because there are other customers like that.」
Miri sticks her tongue out.

「Is that so? Well, I’ll just put my luggage in the magic bag. If I don’t come back, you can just vacate the room.」
「Oh, amazing! It’s a large magic bag! I also want one… I’m small, so it would be convenient for shopping.」
「The small one should be cheap, it might be good to look for the one that doesn’t exceed your pocket money.」
「Still, it’s good if I can have one, but …」
「The luggage is good, but I have something I want to ask other than that.」
「Ara-ara, what is it?」
The landlady who’s free also joins the conversation.

「I’m going to leave this town for a while to do a request from the guild. I want to order some food from the chef here.」
「Oh? Did you like the meals here that much? There will be an extra fee if you order a lunch box. I will make it if you say you want one. There are also others like that.」
The landlady rejoiced while holding her hands together.

「Yeah, I’d like a lunch box, but I want a certain amount of it. That’s right … I’d like you to make meals for the morning, the afternoon and the evening for a week.」
「Ehhh~ that’s so much, if you don’t to eat it soon, it will rot!」
「… … Do you mean you have the time freeze magic bag?」
The landlady asked while lowering her voice.

There are several types of magic bags, storage type, which can store objects more than normal bags.
Time freeze type, this one has a function that stops the progression of time on the object inside it on top of being able to store more than normal bags. It is difficult to make with the current technology. The price is high, and it is an item that is out of reach for ordinary people.
「Keep it a secret so it doesn’t make a commotion. Well, that’s why I would like you to make 21 meals for me.」
「I understand. I think we can do your order. I will talk a bit with the chef.」
After the landlady says that, she goes into the kitchen.

「Souta-san, you have something amazing, don’t you think so?」
「Isn’t it? Ahhh, can you keep it a secret, Miri? 」
Souta makes a pose and puts his finger on his lips.
「I understand! It’s a secret! 」

When talking with Miri, the chef who only had his voice heard before, Miri’s father, approaches Souta.
「So you’re Souta. My name is Gordon. I already heard the story from my wife. 21 meals, is it? How about the type? No way you want them all the same, right? 」
He rarely leaves the kitchen during work, but he came to ask about the contents of the meals to make.

「That’s true … I’ll leave the specific menu to you, but please prepare seven meals of sandwiches, seven meals that are mainly fish dishes, and seven meals that are mainly meat dishes. I’d like to have the dishes as is, so if possible I’d like the fee to include the dishes.」
「I understand. When do you depart? 」
「I’m planning to go early tomorrow morning.」
「Fumu … … If that’s the case, I think now is fine. How about you have a lunch now? I’ll cook it together with your order, and you can put them in the bag right away to keep them warm.」
The current time is about a few hours after noon.
「How much is the price?」
When Souta asks about the price, Gordon turns his back and goes back to the kitchen.

Souta tries to reach out to stop him, but the landlady immediately moves in front of Souta and responds.
「I’m sorry, but that person only deal with matters of food. I will be the one who tells you about the fee.」
「Ahh, could you please.」
「It is 50 coppers per meal, and since you’re ordering 21 meals, the total is…. How about 10 silver coins and 50 coppers? Because the dishes are cheap disposable goods, they will be on the house.」
「Thank you. I’m fine with that price. I’ll pay in advance.」
Souta takes out the money in his bag and pays.

「Well then, please wait at the cafeteria as we prepare your lunch and the requested meals.」
「Here! Here! Let’s go Souta, I’ll guide you!」
While being guided by Miri, Souta realizes that he doesn’t know the name of the landlady even though he knows Gordon’s name.

「By the way….」
After arriving at the seat, Miri looks back.
「My mom’s name is Milfiana, and I’m Miliana.」
Souta is startled at the thought that his mind was read.
「When my father told you his name, it came to my mind that I never told you my real name and my mother’s name.」
Looking at Miri’s smile, it’s safe to say that it’s just a coincidence.

Eating the delicious meal like usual, Souta finishes his lunch while he puts the meals he ordered one by one into his bag.

t/n: sorry, this is a bit late, i got a bit caught up with something, the result is i only able to translate this chapter instead of the promised character introduction (more like a review, not that important, but important enough that i can’t skip it completely),

if nothing comes up, character introduction will be finished tomorrow, while chapter 16 will be next day after that,

if you have any suggestion and fix, just post it in the comment, i will come back later when i’m free (and feel like reviewing older chapter instead of translating new one)

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  1. There’s a noticeable improvement in this chapter’s grammar. ^^

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  4. Translators, you have to put those who spoke what at the time of the conversation. It’s kind of an hour when one said one thing and another said that. I have to guess who said such a thing or interpret the phrase to get something. Only I do not speak English, let alone interpret the phrase. so that makes it difficult. I liked the beginning that had the names of the side of the phrase at the beginning of Light novel.


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