Re-Summoned Hero Episode 16

After finishing his breakfast in the inn cafeteria, Souta equips the iron sword on his waist and leaves the inn.
At the entrance, Milfana, Miri, and Gordon sent him off.

「Take care.」
「Please come back safely.」
「… … also come again to eat the meal here.」
「Then, I’m off. The matter about the room is just like I said yesterday.」
After waving his hand to those three people, Souta leaves the city of Toura.

Because it would take about a week to go from the city to the mountain of death on foot, Souta decided to buy a carriage.
As this city have almost every kind of shop that handles the thing necessary for adventurers, it’s natural that there was also the shop that specializes in dealing with carriages. Although it was early in the morning, most of the shops were already open because adventurer’s morning was early.
Because Souta already heard the location from Milfana, it’s easy to navigate there.

The shop was quite large, the main body of the horse-drawn carriage was lined up in the shop, and from the back of the shop, the neighing of the horse could be heard.
Souta spoke the man who was wiping the lined up carriage.
「Excuse me, I want to buy a carriage.」
「Oh, Welcome, my name is Stalen, the shopkeeper of this shop.」
「I’m Souta, best regard.」
Stalen shakes Souta hand.
「What kind of carriage do you want? In terms of size, there are small, medium, and large. In term of hood type there are a hood type or a box type. There is also the unroofed one, but it’s not suitable for long distance travel, other than that … There are luxurious one that nobility rides.」

「I see.」
Souta walk around to check the lined up carriage and stop in front of one of the carriage.
「…This one is good, how much is this?」
It was a smallish hood type carriage.
「For that one……One seat for the coachman and some space for three to four people in addition to it. If you load a lot of luggage, it will be a little small … the price will be 7 gold coins.」
「7 gold coins huhh I’ll take this one. Ahh, I also want a horse, do you also sell them?」

He nods and points to the back of the store with his thumb.
「Can’t you hear the voice? There is a stable in the back, you can choose which one you like, the price is different for each horse.」
Guided by Stalen, They reach the stable, there were many horses there.
「Just choose which one you like, you can stroke them and feed them with the vegetable there… … try not to do something that might make them mad.」
「I understand.」
Souta slowly looks at the face of the horse and takes the carrot like vegetable called 『Radi』 that was in the box.
The horses give various reaction such as one that steps back when it was getting approached, the one that tries to get the food, or some thin horses that didn’t respond even when people getting closer to them.
Because the horses make a crowd around Souta, he reluctantly considered to take the friendly horse he saw first.

But the moment he saw the horse that was in the back, that idea disappears.

It has vigorous eyes and nice fur, its body was larger than other horses, there was faint black color on its limbs, overall it has somewhat dark reddish brown color.
「How is it? do you feel like come with me?」
「Guest-san, that is!」
Stalen was panicking, but the horse was accepting Souta’s hand without resistance.
「Do you want to eat?」
Souta holds out the Radi, the horse receives it straight with its mouth and start eating.

「… … that horse is a rampant horse, it was entrusted to me to train.」
「Is that so? it doesn’t look like that… so, how much is this guy?」
Souta asks while his cheek was being licked.
「The one who entrusted this horse to me said it’s fine to sell it if I can’t do anything about it… … It seems you like that horse … … How about a gold coin?」
「Let’s buy it. It should be 8 gold coins together with the carriage … There should be 8 gold coins in this, please check it first.」
The average price of the horse here was three gold coins, five gold coins for the first friendly horse he saw. Souta didn’t know about it, but if you look at only the horse’s ability you can say that the price for this horse was exceptional.

「…… It’s exactly 8. Well then, it will take a while to install it on the carriage.」
「Ahh, please do.」
「Don’t worry about it, so, will you use the carriage immediately?」
「I think I will head east as soon as the preparation finished.」
「Is that so… Should we meet in the East Gate? If there is something else you need to prepare for, you can finish your preparation while we are working on your carriage.」
Souta nods after thinking for a bit.
「…… Please do … I will join you later so please behave and listen to what Stalen says.」
The horse produces bururu sounds from its nose, and answer as if it understand.
「Haha, it’s really tame. You should come to East gate after an hour, the preparation should be finished by then.」
「I understand, then I leave it to you.」
After stroking the horse back one last time, the horse was brought back by one of the coachmen.

An hour later
In addition to cooking made by Gordon, Souta bought some food from the stall, sundry and miscellaneous good that necessary for his journey, and arrive at the east gate on time.
Stalen has already arrived and was doing the final check for the carriage.
「You are early.」
「Mmm? Oh, it’s you. you are on time, I thought you would be late because you are an adventurer.」
「I also thought you are going to be late, my bad.」
「Well, there are that kind of merchant too, so it can’t be helped if you thought so … Leaving that aside, It’s ready. Do you know how to operate a carriage?」

「it’s all right, someone taught me in the past.」
Souta recalls the man who taught him how to operate the horse drawn carriage.
「that’s good then, I am also doing the repair of the carriage, so come here again if it breaks.」
「Ahh~, it will be helpful to know, well then I wonder if I will go immediately.」
Looking at Souta getting on the horse-drawn carriage, Stalen wondered for a moment that he didn’t bring any luggage, but a moment later, he convinced himself that Souta has a magic bag.

The horse seems to be happy to serve Souta, its neigh seems to contain a hint of delight.
What kind of name would Souta give to the horse? He grabbed the reins while making a list of name that would be the horse name in his head.

t/n: not sure about the quality as i translate it in hurry, so if you find any mistake or suggestion just comment below,

and i just notice someone still talking about my grammar in novelupdate review, is it still that bad? or is that guy means the earlier chapter? (which i still don’t have any motivation to edit yet) or just want a perfect english? you know, when you talk about my grammar, i got some motivation to make it better, if you comment here at least i know which is good or bad chapter wise, but if you put it there, it make it seems like my entire translation have bad grammar, or in other word, i’m not actually improving, not getting offended or try to say to not do that, just my heart hurt when the thought comes to mind

if you don’t notice it yet, i make a release schedule for this one in preparation for the 2nd project (already got a title in mind but not final yet) which probably will be started when this one reach chapter 30 or so. you can see the schedule on ToC or home page,

you can just come here when it’s time because there might be some delay (1-12 hours) on novelupdate, mainly because i might be asleep at that time

also character introduction was updated, if you are interested you can go there from ToC or the link in chapter 14

p/s: if this is 1st April, i’m thinking about making his name Stalin, heck, i hold back so much so that i don’t make him into Stalin this chapter

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  1. Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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  2. On the paragraph where the mc approach the horse with Radi are the horses crowding him or not? It said the horses avoid him than after that says there’s a crowd.


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