Re-Summoned Hero Episode 17

Souta showing a hint of joy on his face when traveling by the horse-drawn carriage.

It was faster to run by himself just like what he did when he went to Toura from the forest, but then the period would be too short that they might question my investigation. This road also often used by adventurers so there was a possibility of being seen.

And, just like what was shown in his expression, Souta was enjoying the journey with the carriage.
It reminds him that a thousand years ago, in the span of his three years journey, Souta travel using carriage a lot, and having fun with it.

「It’s great, Edward.」
Souta speaks to his partner that was at the end of the reins.
It returns a joyful voice that makes it seems like it was answering Souta.
Souta named his horse 『Edward』. This was the same name as the horse that was pulling Souta’s horse drawn carriage a thousand years ago.

The carriage was shaking because of the road but it could not be said that the journey was not comfortable.
There were meadows stretch around the road to the mountain and big trees growing here and there that make the scenery looks beautiful.
Still, this journey, this adventure, was not something he could feel on the earth, and that alone satisfy his feelings.

Although they were attacked by monsters a few times on the way to the mountain, the rank of the monster that appears was low and escapes right away with Souta’s intimidation.

When it gets dark, Souta gets out of the highway and take a rest in the tent from his dimensional storage. The tent was a magic item named the Tent of the Sanctuary, it has a wide space spreading inside, wide enough to include Edward in it.
Souta prepare the meal from the inn, while Edward had vegetables and fruits such as Radi that Souta bought in his free time, this kind of meals was not something that was eaten in regular adventurer’s journey.
Souta also takes out Temperature Control magic tool and install it in the tent to control the tent temperature, creating more comfortable space.

In addition, Souta set up barrier stone in four corners of the tent so low ranked monsters could not approach.
With this, there was no need for night watch and Souta could sleep well without suffering mental fatigue.

Souta’s meal follows the order of the food that gordon makes.
Basically, sandwiches in the morning while operating the carriage, then choosing fish or meat dish while taking a break in the shade during the day and in the evening he eats the one that he didn’t choose at noon.
At night he takes a rest in the tent of the sanctuary.
Because of that, he arrived at the foot of the mountain of death on the evening of the third day. He decided to sleep on the evening before entering the mountain after considering the risk of the mountain.

Next morning
Souta put in the body part of the horse drawn carriage into the dimensional storage, then head towards a nearby small forest located in the north of the resting place. He decides to let loose Edward there as it was an animal resting spot and have a watering hole.
Souta judged that it was not possible to challenge the mountain with it and there was a high possibility of encountering other adventurers on the highway.
「I’m sorry, but please wait here. Even if you leave from this place, I can go look for you because I remember your presence, so be assured.」
Edward snorted and nodded and snuggle to Souta. It satisfied after a while, and let go of Souta.
「Well then, later.」
Edward snorted and nodded just like before, turns its back to Souta and heads toward the watering hole. After confirming that, Souta also turns his back and heads to the mountain.
When Souta reach the entrance of the mountain, he changes the weapon on his waist from the iron sword to Izayoi.
He also changes the iron breastplate to Mithril plate and equips the cloak made from Salamander’s skin.
Salamander was not a dragon species but a lizard species and could not fly in the sky, it was also referred as land crawling dragon, it could breath fire and its skin was good in heat resistance.

「… … Well then, let’s climb, I guess?」
Because it was maintained as a mountain road, while the road was rough, it was easy to climb.
Based on the information that Souta gathered while he was buying miscellaneous goods, this mountain had many useful materials such as medicinal herbs before, and the monster rank was also lower than now, so the adventurer often received the request here.
However, since high-ranked monsters like dragons began to live here, it was said that the maintenance was not done and it gradually became rough.

「This mountain seems to have many high-ranking enemies, an excellent place to get some money … … Is it a monster already?」
Feeling some presence, Souta proceed towards it and found Rock Lizard, a B-ranked monster in the small open space there.

As the name suggests, Rock Lizard was a lizard that was covered in robust scale that looks like a rock, its bite strength said strong enough to be able to crush rocks.
Half blown attack would not deal any damage, and its attack could not be prevented by defending.

Three Rock Lizards.

When one of them notice Souta, it approaches swiftly, it opens its mouth widely and attacks Souta.
There was a sharp fang in its mouth, sometimes it was used as a material for equipment along with the skin.
Souta avoids the blow without difficulty. The next attack was also avoided, and the next, and the next he also avoided it, the three who kept attacking, prepare to unleash a cooperative attack.
In this situation, which usually called a desperate situation, Souta remembered the three brothers in the guild.

The two attack first while the last one gave a finishing blow. The move they do were similar to when Souta was fighting the three brothers Garu, Geru, Goru.
However, unlike that time, there was no need to hold back, so Souta just slashes at the Rock lizard without restraining his power.

This Rock Lizard has fought with adventurers. At that time, the adventurer’s attack did not hurt its body, some of them got their weapon broken instead of damaging the rock lizard.
The rock Lizard takes the life of those adventurers easily.

Therefore, it still tries to bit Souta without dodging.

However, the bite didn’t reach, instead, its body cut into two. The other two who saw looks surprised, but in just a moment they were also cut into two.
Their body were stored in the Dimensional Storage summoned second time folder.
Souta uses cleaning magic from Life Magic to clean off the blood spurting to him, after that, he starts to climb the mountain again.

t/n: so i guess, i just realize i keep using have and has instead of had in the narrative, it feels wrong to use had so i never considering to use them before so tell me if it’s one of the thing i need to change? or there are some fault on my tenses other than that?

also sorry if my update on novelupdate late, i publish this using scheduling function on wordpress because i don’t know if i’m there or not when it’s time to get released, so i leave it to wordpress, in any case, just like usual

if you have any suggestion or fix, just post it in the comment,

p/s: i seriously need to get a grip and retranslate most of earlier chapter, editing them seems not cut it because i need to also recheck the raw, and at that point, retranslating will be faster than editing

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    1. i already make use of them in narrative, except for has and have, because i forget “had” exist, pretty sure the dialogue depend on context and not straight past tense all the way right?


      1. Dialogue may be past, present or perfect participle depending on context, but the narrative 3rd pov is usually in past tense.
        E.g Souta used the cleaning magic from Life Magic to clean off the blood that had spurted onto him, after that, he started to climb the mountain again.


  1. i suggest a proof reader other than yourself, can be anyone. It is really hard to proofread your own work, as you know what it is supposed to say, so your mind auto corrects the mistakes. even professional authors leave most of it to others.


    1. i don’t think i need one if it’s just for correcting simple mistake, most of simple mistake is handled by grammarly, so the thing i need to improve is just tenses and awkward phrasing, which i kept asking every chapter but nobody said anything,
      adding editor or proofreader that change everything makes it feels wrong, it feels like i read different title, hence i put off the editing from naze and choose to retranslate earlier chapter first before asking someone to proofread it


  2. I know the feeling, I hate having my papers proofread. Unfortunately it is the small mistakes that slip by, large ones pop out. For example I have a bad habit of capitalizing words that are important to the sentence or point i am trying to make, when they don’t need to be. I almost never catch them on my own. If you really don’t like people reading over your work then another suggestion is to take a short break (a couple hours or so) and come back and check it then. Also just a heads up, most spellcheck/grammar programs are flawed, an example is Microsoft word won’t correct you if you use a wrong word spelled correctly.


    1. at least this one actually fix simple mistake as long as, like you said, i don’t use the words wrong, unlike google doc that fails me, i start doing that since i implement the schedule, i know about it though, hence i keep saying the earlier chapter translation sucks,


  3. It’s always a language arts class in the comments, despite it all thank you for translating!, I love hearing about the monsters and materials in the story. They have more interesting features than the characters sadly.


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