Re-Summoned Hero Episode 18

Souta uses cleaning magic from Life Magic to clean off the blood spurting onto him. Then he starts climbing the mountain again.

According to the information Souta got, there were many high-ranking monsters in the mountain.
There was the Rock Lizard he just encountered and the King Boar that he met in the forest, as well as a Flare Bird, a Salamander, a Needle Bear and others.
The Flare Bird was covered in flame feathers that emitted heat that increased proportionally to the bird’s aggressiveness. The heat was even capable of melting half-baked weapons. It was also skilled in fire magic, and it was hard to prevent it from casting magic, as the bird did so while flying high in the sky.
The Salamander’s skin, which is the material of Souta’s cloak, was elastic and slash resistant. In addition, the Salamander secreted a unique kind of oil onto its skin, which could ward off a sharp weapon by making it slipped off.
The Needle Bear’s skin was covered in thorns that could stretch and shrink to certain lengths at will, making the thorns suitable not only for defense but also for offense.

All these monsters were designated as A-ranked or upper B-ranked targets.

Souta had slain them all.

The essence of magic gets denser the closer Souta gets to the summit.
In proportion to that, the number of monsters that attack Souta increases.

Although the amount of monsters increased, Souta doesn’t show any impatience, rather, he’s smiling.
Moreover, Izayoi becomes sharper with each passing second, not duller.

These are due to the characteristic of Izayoi.

Souta tried to make a katana with his dwarf companion when he was previously summoned.
However, it failed many times because of Souta’s lack of knowledge and because the dwarf had never seen the real thing.
And then, as their amount of materials was getting lower, they decided to try again one last time. The dwarf said,
「Hey Souta …… Even if I do the same thing, I most likely will fail again, so let’s try various things for the last one.」
Souta agreed with him, and they created the katana with material that they would not normally use and finished it with only two people.

It was the best katana they produced. Later, it became Souta’s favorite sword, called Demon Katana Izayoi.
This sword had unusual characteristics due to the material used in its creation.
The first characteristic is that it continually sucks magic power from the one who wields it, using the magic power to keep the blade in its best state.

Souta could use this sword despite that characteristic because he had much more magic power than the average person.
The second characteristic is to give the owner an uplifting sensation that increases with every kill.
The third is to increase its sharpness the more it kills the same kind of monsters.

From these three characteristics, Souta and the Dwarf called the weapon the Demon Katana.
The sharpness and the uplifting sensation increase with every kill. In addition, the weapon is always in its best state.
It’s difficult to control the effect even with Souta’s mental strength. It would make a smile form on his mouth.

Although it was heavily used in the battle at the previous summon, due to its characteristics, Souta refrained from using it when facing the Demon race, where instant judgment was important.

Even now, with Izayoi, Souta fights many more monsters than he had in the forest.
While reducing the number of monsters, he continues to progress forward. The figure of the killed monster immediately disappears as Souta keeps defeat more.
The essence of magic suddenly thins out, as if he reached the eye of a storm. By the time Souta reached there, he already wiped out all of the monsters.

「This is … …. This is the summit.」
It’s like a large open square. Unlike the roughness of the mountain road leading here, flowers are blooming aside from one area in the center.
When Souta steps into that square and goes to the center where no flowers grow, he feels a strong presence in the sky. A Strong wind blows following that.
The dragon that is his subjugation target comes down when Souta tries to look up.

The dragon has red scales as if it were on fire and has a massive body that’s bigger than that of any of the monsters that appeared so far.
However, it seems it’s still growing, as it’s quite small for the dragon species.

Although there was no information from someone who fought this dragon in the town, there were people who saw it flying and concluded it was a fire dragon from the color of its scales.
Souta switches his weapons from Izayoi to a one-handed sword called the Dragon Decapitation Sword.
This sword is not as effective as other dragon killing weapons such as the Dragon Killer, as it doesn’t have the characteristics to increase its power when facing dragons, but it’s made to be sharp enough to cut a dragon and is the best among Souta’s anti-dragon weapons.

The dragon slowly flaps its wing and lands.
The roar echoes in the mountains. The voice is full of anger from Souta entering its territory.
The monsters that are near the summit are trembling in fear and try to flee.

The dragon that Souta met before was an old dragon that had high intelligence and could communicate. But this dragon could not do so, as it’s still young.
Although it might just become more complicated if it could communicate and knows Souta’s intention.

The dragon glares at Souta and takes a deep breath.
Flame magic power gathers in its mouth.
It releases the magic power along with a roar, and a breath of flame was sent at Souta.

A dragon is designated as S rank even if it is young. As its magic power grows, it becomes an SS or SSS rank, and there is also the EX rank for the most dangerous ones.
Reflecting the dragon’s rank, the breath has a tremendous amount of heat that could instantly melt the monsters Souta fought so far. That breath is heading straight toward Souta to engulf him.

It’s too late to avoid an already fired off breath that’s quite large in range. Souta’s body is engulfed.

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