Re-Summoned Hero Episode 19

It’s too late to avoid an already fired off breath that’s quite large in range. Souta’s body is engulfed.

A dragon is a strong monster, and it will lower its guard because there’s no way a puny human could withstand its breath.

However, this dragon doesn’t do so, and it keeps staring at the place where Souta stands.
The fire breath and the smoke clear up. Souta stands there holding his sword.

When the breath reached Souta, he strengthened the heat resistant characteristics of his Salamander’s cloak using his magic power.
Then, he added magic power to the Dragon Beheading Sword and spread ice magical power around it.

Souta tried to defend against the breath by alleviating the heat with his equipment and magic power and by cutting the breath using the Dragon Beheading sword that became an ice magic sword. But he didn’t come out unscratched, as a part of his hair is burned, and the exposed parts of his body such as his hands and face have burns.
Souta doesn’t care about the burns. He runs toward the dragon without even checking his injuries.

The dragon is closely watching Souta’s movement. It was thinking of shooting a second breath, but it’s necessary to concentrate powerful magic power to do so. Souta reacts faster than it thought, and the dragon doesn’t have the time for a second shot.

Instead of its breath, the dragon tries to use「Fire Ball」 of fire magic, the same spell that Goru used as the opening attack in the duel.
However, despite being the same spell, there is a large difference between when the caster is human and when the caster is a dragon. More than ten fireballs are floating in Souta’s view.
Their sizes are also greater than that of the fireball Goru cast, and it’s unknown how much more powerful they are.

The fireballs attack from all directions. Some of them merge into a bigger fireball, and the fireballs come one after another to attack Souta in various patterns.
Souta presses forward without pause as he avoids the fireballs, occasionally slashing them or using ice magic to offset them.

The dragon never thought the fireballs would reach Souta, but it didn’t expect that Souta would be able to come closer.
The dragon shoots another fireball, but this time the dragon shoots it to the ground just a little bit in front of Souta.
A large part of the ground is gouged out, and smoke rises. The dragon lets out the biggest fireball yet and shoots it toward the smoke.

However, the fireball passes straight through the smoke.

In the moment Souta was caught in the blast, he strengthened his feet to jump to the side and move to the dragon’s right side.
When the dragon turns its head, it’s already within range of Souta’s attack.
Souta swings the Dragon Beheading Sword.
It was supposed to break through the dragon scale and skin, but it only scratches the scales and is repelled without being able to cut any further.

Its battle experience and the strength of its scales are not what a young dragon should have. The blow Souta tried was the same one that injured the adult dragon he encountered before.
That’s why Souta is surprised that the attack didn’t pass through the scales of this young dragon.

Souta’s surprise doesn’t end there.

Because the sword was bounced off, the dragon is able to take a distance and shoot more magic at Souta.
However, unlike the previous fireball, the dragon casts 「Thunderbolt」 of lightning magic.
It’s only a beginner magic, but its power is just like the fireball from before – not something from a beginner.
The surprised Souta tries to stop the magic with his sword. But because of the opening created by his surprise, Souta is unable to hold out and is blown away.

The dragon attributes are divided by the color of their scales.
Red is the fire attribute, blue is the water or ice attribute, green is the wind attribute, and yellow is the earth attribute.
A lightning attribute dragon should be silver.
However, the dragon in front of Souta has red scales, and the breath and the magic it used is also of the fire attribute.

Suppressing his surprise, Souta performs appraisal on the dragon.
Looking at its race, Souta asks with a sharp glare,

「Oyy, you can talk, can’t you?」
『Houu~ So you’ve noticed. Looks like you have high-level appraisal there.』
Souta talks without releasing his stance. The ancient dragon is actually not talking with its mouth but with its thought.

「What the heck is with that appearance?」
『The reason I altered my appearance should be the same as you.』

Souta checked the name and tribe in order to learn the dragon’s identity.

『Do you hide your power? It seems you have received the Dragon’s God Protection. That looks … That is certainly a camouflage bracelet.』
「You know that much? … … You said you are an ancient dragon but you disguised as a fire dragon? But you don’t have to hide your power separately, right? 」
『Even as a fire dragon, there were people who aimed for life. However, as an ancient dragon, not only are there more that aim for my life, but the ones that come to see me as their religious object are also troublesome.』
「I see. I just stepped into the place where you live quietly. Then you knew of my power and divine protection and tried to test me? 」
The ancient dragon opens his mouth and laughs.
『Kakkakka… I didn’t think a person who was chosen to receive the divine protection from Dragon’s God-sama would die that easily. I was planning to do it just with the power of a fire dragon, but your performance was beyond my expectation.』

Souta is astounded to know that breath was just a test.
「That breath was quite intense. I would be dead if I lacked the skill.」
『But you’re alive, aren’t you? So it’s all good in the end.』
Souta is amazed at the dragon’s answer.

『So why did you come here? It’s surely not for a trial of strength considering your ability.』
Souta hesitates but decides to speak honestly.
「…… I came because of a request to gather the ingredients for medicine of 『Stone Fever』. It’s difficult to make, but the last thing I need is a dragon’s liver.」
The ancient dragon listens to Souta’s answer and gives a strange voice.
『That’s strange. That’s different from the knowledge I have.』

「What do you mean?」

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      1. do you know that dragons use metals (some are very precious) to lower their body temperature and some dragons have quite a bit of treasures, go figure………… lets hope I wrong about what i think.


  1. I’ll just assume not to trust the guilds in this world, he got setup again. The high nobility or those in the royal court who wanted to sacrifice those heroes for personal gain was a huge red flag.


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