Re-Summoned Hero Episode 20

『That’s strange. That’s different from the knowledge I have.』

「What do you mean?」

『Stone fever is a fatal disease for humans, save for when using ambrosia. Other medicines are only able to slow down the progression of the disease at best. It is also true that to make ambrosia you need a dragon material.』
「… so the material is different.」
The ancient dragon nods.
『That is correct. To my knowledge, it should be fine with dragon tears, not liver. You require a few drops to make ambrosia.』
「…… Who the heck gave that earl jii-san the recipe? The difference in difficulty to acquire the liver and tears is too far apart.」
To get the liver, it’s necessary to rip open the dragon’s belly and take it out from there, but if it’s a tear, it’s possible to get without shedding any blood if you find a dragon that can communicate.

『So, do you want my tears?』
「Ahh, sorry about this. Pretty sure I have a container … there.」
Souta put his hand into his backpack and takes the container out from the dimensional storage. It looks like Souta takes the container out from his baggage to the ancient dragon.
『Is it actually possible with such small bottle… …? Oh well, here it is.』

The ancient dragon moves its eyes to right above Souta.
And then, tears fall down. One drop of dragon tears is quite large, and Souta who tries to catch it with a small bottle gets completely drenched.
「Pehh puehh, salty.」
『Oh, I apologize. However, it seems that it is impossible to collect my tear with that small bottle in the first place.』
Souta puts away the small bottle and cleans himself using cleaning magic.

「Ahh, just in case, can you tell me other ingredients needed for the ambrosia that you know of? Because the person who taught the recipe might be also wrong about the other materials.」
『I understand. First are several drops of dragon tears, next a small amount of basilisk claws, then an appropriate amount of holy water, and finally three leaves from the Iyashi Tree. The quantities are a bit vague, but please make do somehow. It seems I was not paying enough attention.』

「… If those are the ingredients, then I already have everything. With this, earl jii-san’s granddaughter can be saved. The problem is how to convince him that it’s alright if the medicine’s recipe is different. I can make it first, but I don’t know if he’ll obediently let his granddaughter drink it……」
『How about you claim that is the liver?』
「As if they will believe that … or rather, shut up for a bit!」
The ancient dragon laughs at Souta’s reaction.
『Kakkakka, sorry, sorry. It has been a long time since I last spoke to someone in such a manner, so I made a slip of the tongue. 』

「Good grief, even though I’m troubled here.」
Souta shows a bitter face while scratching his head.
『Oh, yes … Perhaps it would be better to show the effect without explaining the ingredients.』
「But the request is for me to get the liver, and the creation of the medicine is handled by earl jii-san.」
『There is no other choice. The important thing is not who makes the medicine, but whether the medicine can save her or not.』

Souta is at a loss for words from the ancient dragon’s remark.
「… That’s certainly true… but it feels strange to be admonished by a dragon.」
『Fuhahaha, it is because I have lived far longer than you.』
「Hahh~, guess I’ll just do it somehow. Seems it’s going to be pretty troublesome. It’d probably be easier to kill you and take your liver.」

Souta’s words cause sweat to drip down from the ancient dragon’s face.
『Wait, it’s not like I’m getting a cold sweat. Y-You’re not serious right? 』
「… …. It’s a joke. I don’t feel like fighting you after all this conversation.」
Souta puts on airs as he tries to show that he has no hostility.
『That pause gives me reason to worry, but I will take your word for it.』

「Yeah. Well then, I need to go. Thank you for teaching me about the medicine.」
『Wait, it will be troublesome to fight the monsters if you go down the mountain like this. I will bring you to its foot.』
「Oh, thank you. That’s a big help.」
The ancient dragon lowers its body. Souta jumps onto its back. After confirming he was on, the ancient dragon flies into the sky.
「Let’s go.」

「Oh, it feels comfortable. Is the wind pressure being suppressed by your magic? 」
『Umu, I would feel bad letting you feel uncomfortable despite saying that I would give you a ride.』
Using a thin barrier of wind, it’s possible to control the passing air so there’s no discomfort from the wind pressure.

After turning several times over the mountain sky, they slowly head toward the foot of the mountain. Meanwhile, the flying monsters that see the dragon immediately turn away and run.

The wind barrier releases after they land softly, and Souta jumps off its back.
『I can send you to the town, but it will make a fuss, so I will just drop you off here.』
「No, this is close enough. My companion should be waiting for me nearby.」
『We may never meet again, so I wish you good health.』

Souta shakes his head, denying the ancient dragon’s remark.
「We might be meeting again sooner than expected.」
『Hmm? What does that mean? 』

「… … If the tears are unable to cure the disease… …」

『I-It should be fine. And I don’t want to be enemies with you.』
「Just kidding, I’ll look for another way if it’s no good.」

The ancient dragon tilts its head.
『I should have told you that it can only be cured with ambrosia, did I not? 』
「Yeah, but that’s based on your knowledge, right? Someone might have researched it and found a new way that you don’t know. Well, it can’t be helped if it really doesn’t work. You can’t take responsibility for that.」
『That is correct. Certainly, you are the only human I have spoken with in the past few hundred years. There is enough possibility that my information is outdated.』
「That’s the case. If I get blamed for it, I’ll move to another town quickly.」
『Fumu, I will give you a ride if you go far away. I will be here for a while.』
「I already thought of it when you brought me here, but you’re pretty friendly compared to the beginning. Although, you suddenly fired your breath … ….」

The ancient dragon’s gaze swims when Souta pokes its sore spot.
『That … … I am sorry. Well, I am aware that I am at fault. I just wished to know if you were worthy of the Dragon God’s protection … … the dragon tribe almost always treats poorly those who receive the divine protection.』
「Actually, I don’t really mind. Well, if something happens, I’ll come again. You helped me a lot. I have to go looking for my companion horse, so it’s about time. See you.」
『It is good that is so. Well then, good bye.』

Saying farewell to the ancient dragon, Souta heads to the forest where Edward was.

t/n: Iyashi tree: literally mean healing tree, it sound strange so yeah, we use the japanese name for this one

earl jii-san: Elvas, an earl, and an old man, you got the meaning

also from our editor

e/n : “Chapter credits: Me, the wonderful Rhea – Honey Milk, the delicious liquid – TacticalPony, the master strategist”

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  1. Man, what a waste of an opportunity to ask about why he might have suddenly gained the Dragon God’s divine protection.


  2. I think that was the best dialogue exchange yet, I didn’t consider it could be a different recipe instead of another way of offing him.


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