Re-Summoned Hero Episode 26

Upon leaving the lord’s house, Souta, unable to bear his hunger anymore, decides to get a meal on his way to the guild.
Since it’s near lunch time, there are many stalls along the street.

A certain stall grabs Souta’s attention, one that grills batter made of flour, water, vegetable and meat and serves the food with salty-and-sweet sauce.
It looks like okonomiyaki on Earth, but it doesn’t have toppings such as dried bonito, green seaweed, and mayonnaise.
「Give me two of this.」
Souta orders despite not knowing the food’s name.

「Aiyo, it’s 40 copper for two …… Hii, Fuu …. It’s just right. I’m grilling it now, please wait.」
Because there’s no one other than Souta in line, he starts making Souta’s order right away.
The fragrant smell of the sauce makes Souta gulp audibly.

「Here you go. Two of them freshly cooked. Be careful when you eat it because it’s still hot.」
The stall owner hands him the food on a disposable dish.
「Thank you. By the way, what’s the name of this cuisine?」
The stall owner is surprised by Souta’s question.
「I’m ashamed to say this, but this food isn’t good enough to be called a cuisine. It’s something I made a long time ago at my house, and there’s no name.」
Souta puts one of them on the edge of the stall and starts eating the other one.

Souta finishes it in a flash while the store owner watches.
「Un, it’s delicious. As expected, it resembles the cuisine in my hometown.」
「What!? There is someone else who make this other than my place!?」
Souta replies to the stall owner while eating the second one.
「Yeah, there are some regions in my home country where they have this as their specialty. Although it’s so far away that it’s impossible to go there.」
「Did you ever eat it in its place of origin?」

「I did. It was a long time ago.」
「How is it compared to mine?」
Souta thinks a bit.
「Let’s see … well, honestly speaking, the one I ate a long time ago is better than what Ossan makes. Ossan, the final seasoning is only this sauce right? The thing I ate had topping with it.」
「Wha-What kind?」
「There were various things, such as flavored ones and things that tangled up with the sauce. I’m not a chef, so I don’t know the name.」
Of course, Souta knows its name on Earth, but he doesn’t know the name of what would become a substitute here, so he says it vaguely.
「Is that so?…… Say, you’re probably the only one who’s eaten it in here, so please come to eat again and then taste what I added. Of course, at that time, you won’t need to pay!」
「I understand, but I can’t promise how often I’ll come.」
「That’s no problem. I’ll always be on this street in this city, so I hope you’ll come again.」

Souta makes a promise with the okonomiyaki stall owner and heads to the guild while eating the third piece he got for free.

The bar area next to the guild is crowded, while there are not that many people in line for the receptionists.
Souta goes to Airi who he always interacts with.
「Ah, Souta-san. Welcome, how can I help you today? 」
「I need to talk with Guran and Milfa. They should understand if you say it’s about the request from before. Can you ask for it? 」
「Master and Milfa-san is it, I understand. Please wait here for a moment.」

Airi comes to Souta who waited while watching the requests placed on the bulletin board.
「Souta-san, sorry I’ve made you wait. They said they are going to meet you, please go to the usual room.」
Airi returns to her reception table and points at the staircase.

When Souta enters the room what greets him is the same scene as usual with Guran on the sofa and Milfa behind it.
「Ouu, Souta. So about the request this time, did you get the dragon liver? 」
Souta shakes his head at Guran’s question.
「So you could not do it. That means there is likely no one who can get the liver … I feel sorry for Elina-chan …」
「Oi, don’t just assuming things. Elina’s alright, and her Stone Fever has recovered.」
「… … What do you mean? You didn’t get the liver, did you? 」
Guran puts his hand on his chin and asks Souta while frowning.

「Let me just say the conclusion. I prepared a medicine for Stone Fever. Elina healed after she drank it. Elvas-jiisan decided that the request was completed and gave me the rewards. That’s it.」
「You prepared the medicine, but how? It should be harder without liver, so how did you prepare it? 」
「That’s a secret. Isn’t the important thing here the result? Leaving that aside, I’ll pay the 200 gold coins, so please proceed with the matters of the house.」
After Milfa receives the bag containing gold coins, she takes out the document and goes to the safe in one corner of the room.

「Oy, tell me, though it’s probably useless to try to get the story out of you. Eii, no time for that now! Anyway, I would like to thank you for helping Elina-chan, since Elvas is my old friend.」
「She’s in the middle of walking practice now, since she won’t be able to leave her house yet. You should go see her.」
「Ummu, thank you. Thanks to Souta, he doesn’t need to suffer. It’s painful to lose a relative for the same reason twice …」
Guran even while sitting lowers his head deeply. Milfa, who had finished preparing the document, also lowers her head from behind.

「Don’t worry about it, the thanks I got from the lord’s house is enough. Leaving that aside … … the house is okay, isn’t it? 」
Souta shoots a gaze at Milfa to confirm.
「Of course! Because we kept the money, if you go to the real estate agent with this document and do the procedure, that house will be Souta-san house.」
Souta stands up when he nods.
「Then, let’s go to the real estate agent immediately.」
Souta and Milfa both leave the guild master room.

The moment the door closes after they leave, it opens again.
「I forgot to mention that it’s no use trying to hear the details from Elvas. Well then.」

From the room, the sound of Guran’s groan can be heard.

t/n: Ossan : old man
Souta call many people with old man if you translate everything to english, so i’m leaving it as is

ps: i feel bad for guran, but he is funny, so it’s fine, also this is the obligatory MC try to bring japanese food to another world, though this time he is just giving hint to the already exist cuisine

pps: apparently some people think the MC name is Will before they read it, do you also one of them?

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24 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 26

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    For a while there I thought he was going to describe the food in detail like some other stories.


        1. tomatoes tomatoes… is it some super op guy who tempts lolis with food? someone with dragon in his name? 🤔


          1. noo do not speak the name of satou or he will come to steal your lolis and break your common sense, crud and the LN is death march


            1. pretty sure it was vampire ban that was crazy hunting down tomatoe, last needed ingredient for almighty pizza.


  2. If he doesn’t want the truth to spread he should start by just saying that he got the liver without any other clarification.
    Also for the 3774839273th time, japanese food isn’t that big of a deal and there is no way it will succeed in a medieval style land. Even the genuine japanese restaurants in my country are only there because Japanese rich investor need them because their palate is weird and they wouldn’t know how to appreciate a good pastor(mexican kebab) a dish that it could actually be a hit in the isekai world XD

    Thanks for the chapter.


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