Re-Summoned Hero Episode 27

Guided by Milfa, Souta heads to the real estate agent.
When they head out of the adventurer guild, Airi follows Souta with her eyes, but she immediately returns to work because she’s in the middle of dealing with another adventurer.
For the guild master secretary to accompany other people is unusual, and other staff and adventurers give curious looks.
Milfa’s secret fans watch with begrudging eyes.

Milfa herself leaves the guild without noticing those gazes.

After they leave the guild and walk for a couple of minutes, they stop in front of a certain building.
「Here it is」
『House of the Earth』 is written on the signboard.

A bell rings from the opened door.
Although the receptionist counter is empty, the person inside notices the sound and comes running out.

「S-Sorry, I’m organizing the documents in the back … … I never thought that a customer would come.」
The person who comes out is a woman with green hair in a fluffy-looking hairstyle.
Despite her short stature, she’s strong. The documents that she had organized are piled up like a mountain in her hands, but she’s carrying them easily.
「Give me a minute… … Please wait … …There.」
After she puts down the documents in an empty space, she moves to the reception desk. It’s the first time they see her face since entering.

「Isn’t it Milfa, what is it? You should have told me earlier. I won’t use honorifics since it’ll put me at a disadvantage.」
「Geez Fuura, can’t you see I’m not the only one that came today? This is Souta-san. We came because of the matter of the house.」
Milfa introduces Souta while rebuking Fuura.
「Ara, that was rude of me. I am Fuura, the store manager of this House of the Earth, nice to meet you, Adventurer-san.」
「I’m Souta, nice to meet you too, Manager-san.」
Greets Souta while shaking the hand Fuura holds out.

「So, when you said the house, is it that mansion? Although that place isn’t too spacious, in it are magic tools in various places. I’d want to live there if I had the money.」
「Yeah, that mansion. Because Souta-san here is supposed to buy it, please do the procedure.」
Milfa speaks casually for a moment there, but she enters work mode again and uses honorifics for Fuura.

「Hee, so this is the person. You’re still young, to buy that house… … Are you an A-rank or a promising B-rank maybe?」
Souta shakes his head.
「No, I’m D-rank.」
「Ha? D? Then … Maybe you’re a young master from somewhere?」
Milfa shakes her head this time.
「I don’t know about his origin, but Souta-san is buying this house with his ability.」
She returns to an informal manner of speech again. Milfa’s mannerism seems to relax when she speaks to Fuura.

「Well, it’ll help me if you don’t pry. Leaving that aside, how about the procedure? I want to prepare furniture and everything else for living there, so I want to move quickly if possible.」
「Ahh, yeah yeah. I’m sorry for carelessly going with the mood. Procedure right, Milfa, give me the documents I handed you the other day.」
Fuura points to the envelope that Milfa is holding.

「Yeah, please do. Also confirm the remaining 200 gold coins that’s entrusted to us … Here, please confirm this.」
Milfa passes the document and takes out gold coins from the magic bag that’s hanging from her shoulder to place them on the counter.
「The document is… Un, it’s fine. Now, please write Souta-san’s name in this spot. I’ll start checking the gold coins.」
Souta skims the contents and signs the document with the pen he received. That document is equivalent to the transfer agreement for that house.

Souta thought that the gold coins would be counted manually, but Fuura brings a magic tool from the back and pours the gold coins into it.
It’s called the coin counter. It counts the number of gold coins inserted and displays it on a small monitor as a numerical value.
「There’s a magic tool like that …. First time I’ve seen it.」
「Ah, well, it’s only used by shopkeepers, so it’s natural that you’ve never seen it.」
「Souta-san, even in the guild, we count with this when we give your reward.」
「Is that so.」
While counting the gold coins, Souta is curiously watching the magic tool.

「Just 200 coins. I got 800 coins from my uncle, so this is all I need. After that, I will prepare the right document and the key, so wait a moment.」
She takes the gold coins bag and goes to the back.

「Yes, she is the niece of Guild Master. Master’s little sister is Fuura’s mother.」
「Houu, so that kind of connection what made it possible for discounts?」
Souta fold his arms and nods.
「That’s right, but as expected, 200 gold coins is too much.」
「It’s amazing already to made it into 1000 gold coins, though I can’t really respect his personality.」

「Fufufu, is it Souta-san’s place to say such a thing to the guild master? He usually has a bit more dignity.」
Souta’s eyes turn upwards and he recalls Guran’s image.
「Dignity …… huhh. A title sometimes nurtures people … is it? No it should be so.」
「I think that’s kind of true. Master was more short-tempered in the past, but he has settled down quite a bit with his current job.」
「So it’s like that.」

Fuura returns from the back.
There are several papers in her hand, as well as the same key that Milfa had when they took a look at the house.
「Sorry to keep you waiting. This paper is the land deed and building deed document. And this is the key to the house. Please be careful not to lose it, since the key is also a magic tool and is difficult to duplicate.」
「Ah, thank you.」
「If there is some trouble about the house, please come speak with me.」
「Ahh, I’ll do so when that happens. Well then, see you.」
Souta turns his back to Fuura and leaves the store.

Souta turns to Milfa who came out with him.
「Thank you for the guiding me and for the procedure. I’ll buy furniture and go take my carriage.」
「Yes, I’m relieved that the house was handed over without problem. Let’s meet again at the guild.」
「Hmm, since meeting you also means meeting Guran, I want to avoid that as much as possible.」
Says Souta while scratching his head.
「Oh, that’s right … I will occasionally be at the reception desk, so I hope that we can meet then.」

Souta waves his hand, and Milfa bows. They separate there.

t/n: join souta harem and live there for free, the offer only valid on this chapter don’t miss it

also, there is no way to reliably translate informal formal language milfa use there so just imagine it in your head somehow

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16 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 27

  1. What really ruins the pace of this is that a few chapters before MC says that his main quest is to find out what happened after he got repatriated and now the novel is taking it’s goddamn time to get there spending a fuckton of time in trivial things. I bet next chapter he goes around buying furniture.
    If anyone has played FFXIV this is the equivalent of housing being a part of the main quest and that you need to buy a house to progress in the story…. absolutely boring.


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