Re-Summoned Hero Episode 28

After separating with Milfa, Souta heads to the furniture store he’d seen before.
It’s a little small for a furniture shop, but because various pieces of furniture are placed here and there, Souta can easily find what he wants.
Souta purchases several large beds, sofas, chairs, large tables, desks for work, bookshelves, cupboards and the like.
The shopkeeper has the atmosphere of a true artisan. After he tells Souta the price and receives the payment, he doesn’t say anything when he sees Souta putting pieces of furniture one after another into his bag.

The shopkeeper takes a liking to Souta who chooses while reviewing each piece of furniture one by one despite buying in large quantity.
「We also take requests for orders if you have any, so please feel free to come back.」
He says that without any expression. That remark is something that would surprise people who know how taciturn he is.
「Ahh, the things here are good, so I’ll ask you if there’s something I want.」

The shopkeeper is pleased with Souta’s casual remark, but his facial expression remains largely unchanged and Souta left the shop without the feeling being conveyed.

Souta’s next stop is the inn.
It’s to check out of the inn and to retrieve the carriage and Edward.

Because it took times to choose his furniture, it’s evening when Souta arrives at the inn.
Upon entering the inn, Miri welcomes Souta with her usual smile.
「Ah, Souta-san, welcome back!」
「I’m back. Is Milfana here? 」
「Mom? I’m going in to call her, please wait for a bit.」
Miri goes looking for Milfana at a trot.

Milfana seems to have been at the back of the reception area. Miri comes back while pulling her hand right away.
「Ara, welcome back Souta-san.」
Confirming the two of them already come, Souta looks at their face in turn and opens his mouth.
「I finally settled the matter of purchasing the house. I’ve been taken care of so far, but since I‘ll live there, I’m going to vacate this place.」
「That’s…… Un, but it is fine. It’s a good house, isn’t it? 」
Milfana is pleasantly surprised at Miri who keeps down her lonesome feelings and behaves well.
「Miri …… Souta-san’s place is better, understood? My apologies, now then, if you check-out now you will still need to pay for today in full… is this fine? 」

「Ah, that’s fine. The room is the same as last time, and we have all the baggage out so it should only need to be cleaned up. Also… I want to pick up Edward and the carriage.」
「Oh, I understand. Mom, I’m going too.」
「Yes, please. Now then, thank you so much Souta-san. If there is something else, please come again.」
Milfana bowed deeply, Souta gestures for her to raise her head with his hand and lightly answers.
「I’ll still come to the cafeteria. Also, please give my regards to the chef.」

「Souta-san, let’s go quickly.」
Miri has already taken the key for the stables, and tries to goes out while pulling Souta’s sleeve.
「Yes, yes, I’m coming already, so you can stop pulling. Well then, take care.」
In a state like that, Souta says his farewell and leaves with Miri.

When they come to the back and going into the stable, there is a conspicuous, loud neigh.
Ed who’s seen that Souta came raised a voice of joy.
「Oh, Ed cheerful, aren’t you … well it hasn’t been that long, so it’s unlikely for you to become gloomy.」
When Souta goes closer to Ed’s stall and strokes his head, Ed rubs his face on him while snorting.
「Ed, I bought a house so we can live over there this time. I’m going to make a shed for you to live.」

「Souta-san, I opened the gate of the horse garage, so please check the carriage.」
Taking Ed from the stall, they go down together to check the carriage.
There’s no soil or dust on it, and it’s cleaned so well that it gives a shine as if he just bought it.
「This, is it Miri who clean it?」
Ed also raises a voice of joy that the carriage he’ll pull is so clean.
「Ah, yes. It seems like it’s new, and when I thought about cleaning it a little bit, I got too motivated, ehehe.」

Thanking Miri, Souta reaches into his bag.
He thinks about giving her a tip at first…. But it’s not good if she gets money at a place unknown to her parents, and she might also refuse because she only did it with good intent.
Thinking that, Souta takes out a brooch shaped like a bird. It’s a handmade item he created in his previous journey.
「Since you made it so clean, I’ll give you this in return.」
「Eh? Is that okay? Such a wonderful thing … I haven’t done anything to deserve this at all.」
「No, don’t worry, since I used to make this kind of thing. Rather, it might be a little misshapen for a token of gratitude.」

Miri shakes her head vigorously.
「It’s good! It’s really good! I’m really happy … Ehehe.」
Saying so, she wears the brooch on her chest.

「I’m glad that you like it. Alright, Ed, go to your spot.」
Ed moves to the carriage.

After completing the installation, Souta gets onto the coach.
「Miri, please take care. Also, I think that there’ll be times when I’ll go to the cafeteria, so please take care of me that time.」
「Yes, I’ll be waiting! Thank you!!」
She places one hand on the brooch and waves goodbye with the other.

On the way back to the house, Souta stops by some shops to buy vegetables, fruits, seasonings, also, as the sun is coming down, he buys what’s available in the stall trying to close.
He also buys tableware such as cups and dishes, and buckets for Ed to drink and eat with.

Souta reaches the house when the sun has completely set.
After placing the body of the carriage on the edge of the garden, Souta makes a space for Ed to rest.

He takes out a simple tent used when returning from the mountain and puts it in the garden.
To prevent the night wind and to improve ventilation, the cloth on the side is rolled down.
Because he doesn’t have any straw, Souta spreads the king boar fur on the ground.
「Ed, tomorrow I’ll make a shed for you, so can you sleep in this today?」
After snorting as if saying that it’s good enough, Edward lies down on the fur.

A short distance away from the fur, there are two buckets, one to hold drinking water made with water magic, the other to hold the vegetables and fruits he bought.
「This is dinner, I’ll clean up in the house, so please call me if there’s something. Also, you can ask for more after you finish that.」
Ed snorts again and gets up to start eating.

After confirming that, Souta unlocks the door and goes into the house.
Souta concentrates his magic powers to start cleaning first before putting in the furniture.

t/n: don’t have straw? don’t worry i got this rank-A monster material to use as replacement

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20 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 28

  1. “Souta concentrates his magic powers to start cleaning” he’s start to seriously cleaning now!
    thanks for this chap 😀


  2. That horse is going to get the runs/diarrhea with all that fruit and veg and no grass or hay to eat. Horses are Monogastric herbivores, they NEED roughage, what Suota doing is the equivalent to feeding a child solely candy for three meals a day.


  3. hmmm horses usually stand up sleeping. they’re really heavy so if they lay down they might suffocate themselves….or so I heard. this author needs to keep his facts straight lolol! Thank you for the chapter!


    1. they lay down sideway, it’s to rest their legs, only wild horse sleep standing up, because they need to react fast enough to the predator


  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    It feels weird how this author structure relationships. Feels like the author thinks that people is gonna have a good impression of you by just being normal. From where I come from you need to put a little more effort to make people stat having a good perception of you. Souta haven’t done anything that forced him to go out of his way to benefit anyone and even more the rewards for doing his job far exceed what is fair. For someone like me, a komyusho ugly cave man, that needs to do a lot to prevent people around me to not find me scary… Is a little annoying to say the least XD


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