Re-Summoned Hero Episode 49

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Watch the recording.
Save the princess.
Dina is in the west cave.

「Wha-What did you say? … Tell me the place, I will go there.」

「I hesitated to speak because I knew you would say so…… It’s been 700 years, that little cave with few monsters in it has completely changed now.」
「I feel like I’ve heard that several times now… oh well… I’m aware of the danger, I’ll go.」
Looking at Souta’s firm determination, Narasu sighs, feeling that stopping him now is useless.
「Hahhh there’s no choice, I will go with you. I’ll guide you there.」
「No, isn’t it dangerous? I’ll go alone, just tell me the location.」

「I can’t let Arezel’s benefactor go to such a dangerous place alone.」
「Souta-san, my master is a former A-rank adventurer, she’s actually really-really-really-reeaaally strong!」
Although it’s not about herself, Arezel looks so proud somehow.

「Besides, the road to that cave is restricted now, if I come with you however, I can grant us an entry permit to that cave easily.」
「I will be grateful if you come along then… but I’m curious, why both of you get preferential treatment in the inspection? Or does it actually apply for all elves?」
Narasu stares at Arezel’s face, the person herself is sweating profusely from her forehead despite her smile.

「Arezel … You’ve accompanied Souta-dono for quite some time now since he helped you. Did you never explain it?」
「No, I mean, I thought I should say something, but…. if I keep it a secret and say it later, I thought it would be quite a surprise, isn’t it fine?」
「Fine you say? No, it’s not! Geez, this girl is so…… Hahh, I will explain it.」
She drops her powerful stare from Arezel, and then returns her gaze to Souta.

「There were many alchemists in this country long ago, but non-elven alchemists were forced to leave the country because of the Iyashi Tree leaves incident.」
Souta nods and urges her to continue.
「Among the elven alchemists, there are some that were caught helping other races, those people who help the spillage of the Iyashi Tree leaves were already exported out of the country.」
「Is Carena one of them?」
Narasu shakes her head.
「That child simply feels disgusted by the closed nature of this country and left on her own…… In a sense, you can say she’s helping other races.」

Arezel moves closer to Souta. He pauses for a while and lends his ears to her.
「Carena-sama’s husband is of the human race, and because of that, they both eloped to human territory.」
「Arezel, you should not say anything unnecessary, even if that is the case.」
As Narasu warns her, she lets out a small scream and then hides behind Souta’s back.

「Let’s continue. Because of that, the alchemists remaining in the country continue to decline, and from that scarcity, we received certain rights.」
「Why not just take many disciples to increase the number quickly?」
Souta asks about the obvious solution to the problem.
「In the first place, elves are long-lived, therefore, their awareness to leave descendant is much weaker than of the human race. Because of that our population are small, and from that small population, only some want to learn alchemy.」
「I think the country should support the motion more, or is it also because of the racial nature?」
「Alchemist requests don’t happen every day, I guess the sense of crisis is weak with me still around now.」

「Well, I understand the circumstances. So since Arezel is not an official alchemist, her right is more limited than Narasu, huh.」
Arezel turns her face down, her shoulders slump.
「Since there is a prospect, it will be up to the future training. At the same time, I also need to be more cautious.」
When they see Arezel, despite looking down, her face is full of spirit.

「That’s why I believe we can enter the cave if I go with you. I also want to meet Dina-sama as my ulterior motive, so I will be happy if I can take you there.」
「Me too! I also want to go!! I also want to meet Dina-sama!」
While Narasu explains her reason for wanting to go, Arezel also voices her thoughts.

「No, that place is too dangerous for Arezel. You were just kidnapped not long ago, have somewhat of a sense of crisis.」
Narasu says so, appealing for Arezel.
「B-But but but Uuu~… No good? But Souta-san and master are strong aren’t you? so it’s fine, right? right?」
She knows her master won’t budge from her plea, so she moves her gaze to Souta.

「No is no. Let me say this clearly, if you can’t protect yourself then you will just become a burden.」
「N-No way, you don’t have to say it like that…」
Unexpectedly receiving strong denial, Arezel’s eyes become teary.
「Listen, we can’t always protect you every time there’s danger. If it’s only you then it’s fine, but do you think Narasu will do nothing if you’re in danger, regardless of her own situation? 」
Understanding what Souta tries to imply, Arezel shakes her head while holding back her tears.

「Right? At that time Narasu will desperately try to help you. She might be seriously injured, so we can protect you, but this will be the outcome. Even so, is it okay?」
「No, no.」
Her voice is strained and look as if she is talking with nasal voice.
「Would you wait for us here? Anyway, once we rescue Dina, we’ll come back here anyway, and so you can meet her then. I want you to prepare so we can rest at ease when we come back.」
Souta strokes Arezel’s head.

「…… Yes! I will wait.」
Narasu lowers her head from the angle where Arezel can’t see her.

「Well then, can you prepare yourself Narasu? We will depart once you’re ready.」
「Yeah, I’ll fetch the equipment.」

When Souta tried to pull back his hand, she asks him to keep stroking, in the end, Souta keeps stroking Arezel’s head until Narasu returns.

t/n: so want to know why this chapter is so late? i’m waiting for the editor to fully recover before asking for edit, or at least recover enough that editing this doesn’t make the condition’s worsen

so yeah, this is wednesday chapter, along with wednesday announcement, i’m taking day off for friday and monday, next chapter is on next wednesday,

also i probably will get very very very busy next month for a bit more than 1 month, i don’t know how bad it will affect my release, but’ i’m sure it’s pretty bad

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