Re-Summoned Hero Episode 50

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Narasu is an influential person?
The number of alchemists is reduced.
Arezel cries, but is happy getting petted.

“Souta-dono, sorry to keep you waiting … Arezel, cut it out, Souta-dono is troubled.”
“Hauu, I’m sorry.”
Arezel jumps back immediately.

“That equipment looks pretty good.”
A rapier is on her waist, and the chainmail she wears is woven with mithril silver, on top of which is a thin coat filled with magic power.
Her gauntlet covers as far as her wrist, knee pads, shoes and other equipment, are all made with mithril.

“Since I’ve not gone adventuring for a while now, I’ll use this one. It’s been awhile since I found a chance to use this.”
“That rapier doesn’t look like mithril one, but it seems like the stronger one.”
Narasu looks surprised.
“Indeed it is. This is based on orichalcum, it was made by mixing other metal with mithril. That also gives it the ability to penetrate magic power.”
“Mixing multiple metals…… It must have been created by a blacksmith with considerable skill. When it comes to making this kind of thing…”
Narasu pulls out the rapier and shows it to Souta.
“Yes, this is created by the descendant of the dwarven hero of the seven heroes.”

“If that’s the case, I’m convinced. If that person has his blood, then there is no doubt what that person make will be good.”
“Err, the price is also considerable…”
Narasu remembers the price, there is a distant look in her eyes.

“Well, the material is a one-of-a-kind, so… Anyway, are you ready? Shall we depart now?”
“Yes, that’s right. The place is not that far, but there is a checkpoint along the way that you need to pass through, the place is blocked at night, so let’s go.”

Once they leave the room, Souta begins to prepare Ed and the carriage right away.
Although the cave is not that far away from the workshop, Souta decides to ride the carriage there considering they need to bring back Dina on the way back.

Following the preparation, the two get into the carriage.
“Please take care both of you.”
Arezel says no more than that, away from the carriage.
“Yes, we will bring back Dina, so look forward to it.”
“When Rouri comes back, tell her the circumstances in my stead.”

They head right after they left the workshop, they reach the west gate of the city shortly after.
The check at the gate finishes without problems, and they keep going along the road until they reach a branching path.
“Which way should I go?”
“To the right. There is a small village if you go to the left.”
After going to the right just like what Narasu said, a guard’s post is visible not long after.

“Excuse me, please stop your carriage.”
They’re stopped by the guard. His polite attitude doesn’t change even when he sees Souta.
“There is only a sealed cave ahead, what kind of business do you here?”
Before Souta can say anything, Narasu starts to explain.
“I’m Narasu, an alchemist, the person here is my travel companion, Souta-dono. We came here for a task we need to do in that sealed cave, can we pass through?”

Hearing that, the guard straightens his back more and corrects his attitude, though his attitude was never sloppy to begin with.
“I-I apologize for my rudeness. To not recognize Narasu-sama……”
“No, your reception is more than enough, I’d rather get our traffic approval than that.”
“Yes, immediately!”
The guard enters the guard’s post, after explaining the thing, he comes back with his superior.
The guard superior is thin, he also gives an impression of being scared.

“Na-Narasu-sama, about going to that sealed cave, that place is…….”
“It’s fine, I know it’s a dangerous place, I also know there is necessary procedure to enter.”
Before the guard’s superior finishes talking, Narasu cuts him off with everything he wants to say.
“A-As expected of Narasu-sama, and for the companion, who in the world are you? Seems like you’re a human.”
He asks the question while choosing his word carefully so he doesn’t break Narasu’s mood.

Souta only shrugs, leaving the explanation to Narasu.
“This is my friend, I’m accompanying him to go to the cave this time.”
“Su-Such thing…”
“Also, is there any problem with him being a human.”

In that place, only the superior has Elven Supremacy mindset. The guard and Narasu look unamused.
Souta just stands there without a care as if the whole situation has nothing to do with him.

“N-No, it’s fine because he’s Narasu-sama companion. Both of you can pass.”
He quickly opens the path, large bead of sweats can be seen on the superior’s face, all because of Narasu’s gaze.
“Now then, excuse us.”
Narasu signaling to Souta to depart with a nod, Souta then uses the reins to tell Ed to depart.

“Fuu~, that shaved off some years from my life span.”
The guard superior is rooted in place.
“She’s beautiful, but intimidating at the same time.”
“Ahh, it totally feels like I stepped on the tail of the wolf.”
“It’s because captain said things like that.”

Even after Souta and Narasu left, there is a strange feeling of tension surrounding the two.

After going straight for a while, Souta and Narasu finally reach the cave.
“This is…… Is this the procedure you mentioned a while back?”
“Yes, we must do something about this first.”

The cave is sealed with strong magic, there is barrier wall surrounding it.

“Can Narasu break this barrier?”
“Yes, I can, though it will take a while… It is difficult if I need to immediately open it with my magic power.”
“If so, should I do it?”
Souta takes a step forward and puts magic power in his hand.
“Wa-Wait a minute, for my magical power is certainly tough, but if we use this, we should manage somehow!”

Narasu pulls out a dagger and thrusts it into the barrier.
Then the barrier opens without any resistance.

t/n: Admittingly, my speed drop so much from not touching the translation for over a week, sorry for not releasing for a while, i’m a bit busy preparing for something,  it’s fine now,  same thing also happen to headless dullahan, i only start to translate chapter 7 now, i will try my best to finish all my translation without skipping releases without forcing myself

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