Re-Summoned Hero Episode 51

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Narasu has a dwarf-made weapon.
Stopped by the checkpoint to the cave.
Break the barrier with a dagger.

The barrier is opened by Narasu’s dagger.

「Is it a magic item?」
「Yeah, I made this. It’s dull, so it can’t be used as normal weapon, instead …… it’s specialized in cutting barrier created by magic power.」
While talking, Narasu continues working to make enough space for a person to go through the barrier.

「Once we enter, I will close the barrier again, so it might be better for horse-kun to wait in front of the barrier.」
「I probably should remove the carriage so you can move easily if something happens.」
Souta then stores the carriage inside the dimensional storage after removing the carriage from Ed.
「Ed, you will be house sitting again, is that fine?」
Ed nods indicating that it’s a matter of course, and then moves to a place off the road with plenty of grass around and sits there.

「Ed is clever, it looks capable of holding conversation with Souta-dono.」
「It has been like this since the first time we met, it’s like he can understand all my words.」
Souta sends a glance at Ed, noticing that, Ed nods again

「It’s amazing…」
「Because he’s my partner. Anyway, we should hurry.」
Souta urges Narasu while point to the gap on the barrier.
「You’re right, let’s go then.」
After they pass the barrier, Narasu turns around to close the barrier.
There’s no indication showing that it’s difficult to do at all, Narasu fills the magic power on the dagger, and then traces the gap with the handle of the dagger instead of the cutting edge this time.

「This dagger can cut open a barrier and also repair it.」
「It’s convenient to be able to enter and exit the barrier without having to cancel it……. How do you pass the barrier normally? There’s no way everyone has that dagger, right?」
「Normally people come to my place to borrow this dagger, or there is a way to break it with magic power just like what Souta-dono intended to do before. But regardless of your method, you also need to restore it afterward.」
When the restoration is over, she turns around and answers.

「Other than that, there are many magic items, there should be others that can be used here too.」
「Still, that dagger should be still the easiest way, there is an obligation to restore the barrier after all.」
Narasu nods, put the dagger back to its sheathe, and hands it to Souta.
「I still have a couple of them, I will give this one to Souta-dono. It’s quite convenient.」
「I appreciate it, the usability does look good.」
Souta considers another way to use it beside the way Narasu showed him.

Souta puts away the dagger in the dimensional storage and then takes out Izayoi and breast plate and then equip them.

「Well then, shall we proceed?」
Once they enter the cave, Souta feels a sense of deja-vu.
「This feeling… It’s the same with the feeling I got in the forest where I and Arezel met.」
「I wonder if something is happening…… I hope it’s nothing.」
They stop their feet to observe the darkness around them, but it’s just a quiet darkness.

「First of all, we need to do something about this darkness.」
Souta puts magic on his hand and creates a ball of light that lights up the surroundings and lets it float a bit ahead of them.
The light is somewhat dim, but it’s still bright enough to see the surroundings just fine.
「I know the way, but this is better than being attacked in darkness.」
「That’s right, the possibility of missing a trap also decreases.」

They proceed forward while relying on the light.
The ball of light also moves while keeping the same distance away from them.

「How deep is this place?」
「When I checked about two hundred years ago, it had 20 layers. Since then, I don’t know if it’s expanded again or not.」
「Where is Dina?」
「… I’m sure she’s on the tenth layer.」
「Then I’ll do something real quick.」
To increase their pace by reducing the amount of time they need to stop, Souta releases his magic power mixed with intimidation to reduce the number of monsters they need to encounter on the way.

「Wow, that is awesome magic power, in this case weak monsters won’t approach.」
「I’m going to run, follow me.」
As Souta said, he starts to run with Izayoi in his right hand.
In a closed space like a cave, it’s easy to read the flow of the wind. Using wind magic, Souta knows the rough layout of the cave.
That’s why, without any hesitation on his feet, Souta runs to the stairs to the lower layer in straight line.

Along the way, they can see monsters that too late to escape, such monsters along with the monsters that attacking them all get cut down by Izayoi.
「To such a degree … I don’t think my turn will come.」
Narasu showing a wry smile.
「Did you say something?」
Asks Souta without stopping his hands and feet or his speed falling at all.

Second floor, third floor, fourth floor….. they keep going without any hardship whatsoever.
Some powerful monsters appear on the way, but they are also not on the level where they can match Narasu or Souta at all.
Some also endured Souta’s blow, but end up killed by the next blow from Narasu.
In the meantime the two of them advance without saying a word.

Souta doesn’t feel like striking up idle conversation while going to his destination, Narasu on the other hand is desperately trying to not fall behind from Souta with his astounding speed.
Reaching the stairs to the tenth floor, Souta stops.

「To be able to keep up, as expected of former A-rank adventurer.」
「Hahh hahh, it’s… just barely.」
Narasu is only able to say that much before continuing to try to catching her breath.

「Fuhh~, Never did I imagine we will run through everything at once without a break.」
「It’s just a straight line on each floor, so I thought it wouldn’t take that long, right?」
Narasu slumps her shoulder hearing Souta’s answer.
「Hahhh, well that’s right, but … I understand well how out of the standard Souta-dono is now.」

「According to you, Dina is on the next floor … I can feel strong magic power even from here.」
「Yes, it’s uncomparable to the enemies so far.」

Souta puts down a pair of furs in front of the stairs and sit down there.
「For now, let’s take a break before we continue.」
Souta pours the tea into a cup and then offers it to Narasu who sits down across of him.
「You should be tired, I put some Iyashi Tree leaves in this tea.」
Knowing the price of the Iyashi Tree leaves, Narasu almost spurts out the tea in her mouth, but realizing it would be a waste, she quickly swallows it instead.
「Once upon a time, I met a person who had a large amount if this. I never thought it would become such valuable thing.」
Iyashi Tree leaf is used as a material for various medicines, and by itself it has great effect for recovering fatigue.
「Tha-That’s right, I’m just a bit surprised because recently the circulation in the country is also small.」
Narasu wipes her mouth and think about the rarity of the drink she has on her hands.

「After you finish drinking it, Dina rescue operation will start.」
Souta’s gaze is directed downstairs…….

t/n: nobody expects the spanish inquisition,

no i mean, i will try my best to follow the release schedule, but don’t expect it to be accurate, i will be busy until somewhere around the end of july

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  1. We need a heroine and fast.
    Otherwise, the MC is going to fuck his beloved “horse-kun” (though I suspect he already did).
    Anything but that.

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      1. As a gamer, I have never heard of “Dungeon Run” being used as a speed running or rushing of some sorts

        Dungeon running IS related to D&D tho…

        If it was a wide know term, I am sorry if I offended you buy using a pokemon move as a joke about dungeon rushing or something.

        If you were joking, then, sorry for taking your phrase like that as it looks too serious and uninterested.


  2. thanks for the chapter! I have a feeling that dina has already been kidnapped or in the process of being kidnapped


  3. This chapter in three lines:

    Narasu gives Souta a convenient dagger.
    They run down nine layers of dungeon without stopping once.
    Souta makes an expensive cup of tea.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😄


  4. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Reading this, I remembered using an item in a game to stop random encounters with weaker enemies in a dungeon to fight an optional boss. I think it was Wild Arms (I might be mistaken since I last played it a decade ago).


  5. I don’t recall him mentioning that he retrieved the special memory stone that was a lock… or did Dina’s video message simply mean that the substance itself was necessary?

    Also… Ed… sooner or later we’ll discover your true identity!

    Thanks for the chapters.


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