Re-Summoned Hero Episode 52

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

A dagger opens the barrier.
Is Dina on the tenth floor?
In the blink of an eye, they reach the stairs to the tenth floor.

After they finish the tea, Souta gives Narasu some items.
「I’ll give this to you just in case. Just to be sure, this is restoration medicine, this is magic recovery medicine, and this one is a medicine that increases your physical abilities temporarily if you drink it.」
「Thank you very much … but, this is a highly effective one, isn’t it? And it’s using the recipe that uses Iyashi Tree leaves too.」
There are two of each, Narasu puts them inside her magic bag one by one in sequential order. [t/n: probably based on souta’s explanation order]

「Yes, are there other recipes used now? Based on the conversation from before, it seems that there are quite a few usages of those leaves before… Well, that was made a long time ago, so don’t mind and just use it.」
Souta says another thing as a follow-up so Narasu won’t mind about the value.
「Use it without worrying about the value, Arezel will be sad if something happens to you while you hold back.」
Narasu also prepared medicine and the like, and considered using them because they’re cheaper, albeit have weaker effect than what Souta gave her.
「Yes, I will gratefully use them.」
However, once Souta mentions Arezel, Narasu changes her mind.

Once Souta puts the furs back to dimensional storage, the two head to the stairs.

They can feel the magic power rising with every step they take.
Once they reach the bottom, they come out at a wide space. A large Demon Crystal can be seen in the back.
「…… That’s the crystal sealing Dina?」
The crystal reflects the light, making what’s inside impossible to see, but there is nothing resembling a crystal that can be seen beside it.

「Most likely… but…」
Monsters fill their lines of sight.
And further back there is a three-headed hydra.
「So we need to do a bit cleaning first huh?…. Narasu, how much can you handle?」

「Let’s see, I think I can handle the monsters in the vicinity. Just…… the central one is a little too much for me.」
Narasu calmly analyzes her strength and enemies’ strength, and then tells it to Souta.
「Then…… I’ll be that big thing’s opponent. I’ll reduce the number of small fry on my way to it, I will leave the rest to you.」
「What do you……! Wha-Wha-What is that!?」
Narasu who tries to reply can’t believe her eyes.

Ten fireballs and the same number of ice balls are floating around Souta.
「Magic of opposite element at the same time!? Moreover, that amount!!」
「Here I come!!」
Along with the shout, magics fly at their enemies.
Narasu is pursuing the magic path only with her eyes, but Souta runs chasing his own magic.

When the fireballs hit, they break up into smaller fireballs and attack the monsters one after another.
As for the ice balls, ice vines grow from the impact zone, the vines grow rapidly. They swallow the monsters one by one, freezing them in place.
With that, half of the monsters there have been defeated.

During all of that, Souta plunges into the rank of their enemies without minding the blast.
The monsters that don’t take magic damage or those that take damage but are still able to fight, try to block Souta’s path.
「Out of the way.」
However, Souta kills them easily with the already drawn Izayoi.

The sword cuts the monsters in half like a hot knife through butter.
However, there are some monsters with hardened skin, in that case, Izayoi is stopped on that skin.
Realizing that the blade stopped, Souta changes the angle of his slash quickly to slash at other monsters.


Narasu’s mouth is gaping open as she watches Souta’s fight.
However, once she sees the cut off monsters behind Souta, she realizes she also needs to do her task.
「Hahhh! I have to go too!」
Narasu unsheathes her rapier and runs after Souta hurriedly.

There is a path made by Souta’s relentless attack, Narasu starts attacking the monsters that stray from that path.
Considering the characteristics of her weapon, Narasu is unable to cut monsters into two like Souta, but she takes the monsters’ lives by attacking their weak points.
Monsters that Souta fails to cut in half also take some damage when she pierces the injured part.
「With this!」
Just when the rapier pierces deep into the monster’s body, she casts fire magic using the rapier as a medium.
Not long after she pulls her rapier and take some distance from the monster, the magic activates and the body of that monster is blown apart.

「Not bad, guess that rank isn’t just for show.」
While confirming Narasu’s movement, Souta keeps on defeating enemies.
His body is dirty with from the blood of the monsters, but he pays no heed to it.
However, as the filth on the blade edge affects the sharpness of it, he uses magic to take off the stain once in awhile.

And so, Souta reaches under the Hydra.
「Finally, It’s your turn.」
The Hydra is positioned in a place where it can easily guard the Demon Crystal where Dinarius is sealed.
「My bad, but I have some business with the thing behind you. I’ll take you out quickly.」
Souta switches Izayoi with the Dragon Decapitation Sword that he takes out of the dimensional storage.

He runs straight to the center head but is blocked by another head that tries to bite him from the side.
Avoiding that, the other head also attacks, and the center head shoots its breath at where Souta was going to move to.

Sota avoids a direct hit by putting up a magic barrier, but he’s still blown back quite a distance.
「Not bad, especially for a guard dog.」
The hydra doesn’t move an inch even though Souta is quite a distance away, it keeps its position in front of the Demon Crystal, it’s obvious that it’s there to protect it.

「How about magic?」
Souta makes the same fireballs and iceballs as before and shots the fireballs at the right neck.
The iceball goes toward the left head, while Souta runs to the center head.
However, since magic itself is beginner level magic, it’s not effective on the Hydra, and so Souta needs to take distance again.

Souta thinks that if he uses more advanced magic, there is a risk that the surroundings will also swallowed by it.
And even if it’s possible to increase the magic so it becomes high-rank magic during effect optimization, the feeling of released magic is weak.

「Fuu~, Now then, what to do…… I won’t say it’s a stalemate, but it’s quite strong.」
Assuming there are 20 levels, it’s unusual for a monster of this caliber to show up halfway down like this.

t/n: so it’s been a long time,what hapen to me? am i busy? no actually no, i’m not really busy this week, it’s just, i spent my time playing game on my pc, which i don’t have access to anymore now

also my part time job will start soon, normally, it should slow the translation, but i got the feeling procrastination will happen and i will end up finish more chapter than i should, though it’s just a hunch, i don’t want to give false promise, so i will still reduce the chapter count from 3 per week to 1 per week, i feel bad for you guys, despite it’s in the middle of arc climax, but what can i do, really

in any case, see you next week

p.s headless dullahan should not be affected as it’s weekly from the beginning

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