Re-Summoned Hero Episode 56

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Narasu is blown away.
The breath is released.
Roury arrives!

「Nnn~ this place is…….」
Behind the three, Dina, who was almost forgotten because of the impact of Roury, is awake.

「Dina, are you alright?」
「Hmmm, Souta-san?」
Looking at Souta’s face who runs to her, she’s wondering 「What happened?」 while scratching her cheek.
「Souta-san !!」
Only after a small delay she remembers her condition and the importance of her seeing Souta again. Tears overflow from her widened eyes.

「Souta-san, everyone is! Brother is!!」
「I know, I know.」
Souta embraces Dina strongly while she’s weeping at his chest.
Her crying echoes in that floor that is already cleaned from monsters.

After a while, whether already calm or other reason, Dina stops crying.
There is no answer to Souta’s call.
「Dina, hey Dina.」
Concerned, Souta peels her off his body to check, only to see she’s sleeping with tears in the corner of her eyes.
「So you fell asleep…… It’s because you cried like that right after waking up.」

「How should I say this, she’s amazing?」
Because she’s pretty different from the image Narasu have in mind, she’s apparently lost for words.
「Ummm, very cute maybe?」
Compared to Narasu, Roury who didn’t have any kind of image of Dina, just says what first comes to mind.
「You never change huh, though it’s great that you’re healthy.」
Souta who knows her from long ago only says those words.

「We can’t stay here any longer…. let’s go back, I’ll carry Dina along.」
Souta carries Dina in a popular princess carry style.
「That’s right. We’ve accomplished our purpose here.」
「Ah, I’m starving. I saved master from a pinch today, so treat me with a feast.」
「Hahhh, seriously, you act like a kid. But, because it’s the time Dina-sama awakened, we will have a celebration.」
「This girl loved to play around noisily with everyone in the old days, I’m sure she’ll be happy.」
The three look at the sleeping face of Dina, they feel relieved and unconsciously smile while looking at her.

Narasu’s Workshop

Because Dina is sleeping, they travel slowly, furthermore some monsters also attack them on the way, so when they arrive, the sun has almost set.
Hearing the workshop door open, Dina wakes up.
「Nnnn, hmm? Souta-san?」
As she rubs her eyes, her mind becomes clearer, and she gradually understands the situation.
「Aa, aaahhhhhhh What did I do! Suddenly weeping and then fell asleep like that……」
She shakes her head vigorously with her hands covering her face. Her covered face aside, her ears are completely red.

「Dina, can you stand by yourself?」
「Er, yes, I think it’s okay.」
Souta slowly puts down Dina on to her feet.
She was sealed for 1000 years, but because the time inside of the crystal also stopped, her body hasn’t deteriorated at all.
While shaking the silver hair tied on her back, she turns around once to check her condition.
「Unn, yes I’m fine. Souta-san, thank you very much.」
「Ah, don’t mind. Instead of that, I want to hear about the thing you mentioned in the memory stone, can you explain?」
「Right, it seems like my physical condition is okay. I also want to ask something from the two of you, it will be good if we can talk in a calm place.」

「Dina-sama, I’m the court painter, Kurugo’s, daughter. My name is Narasu, and I’m an alchemist. This is my workshop, if it’s fine with you, we can talk inside.」
Feeling the tension in her master’s voice, Roury laughs.
「Pftt, ahahahaha, Master is nervous.」
Being made fun of her effort to show respect to Dina who she’s able to met after a long time, she’s blushing as she chases Roury, who’s running away.

「Fufufu, it seems like they’re good people. Good people always seem to gather around Souta-san since long ago.」
「Is that so? Anyway, let go in. This is a workshop, but there is a drawing room, we can talk there.」
With a smile on her face, Dina enters with Souta, and the other two catch up to them afterward.

They notice the smell of the soup when they enter the drawing room.
「Arezel, we’re back, along with Dina.」
Hearing that, Arezel comes out from the kitchen while still wearing an apron.
「Welcome back! S-So you’re Dina-sama. I’m Arezel, Narasu’s disciple, an apprentice alchemist, nice to meet you.」
「Fufufu, such a cute alchemist aren’t you. I’m Dinarius, nice to meet you too.」
Dina smiles while stroking Arezel’s head.
「Fu-fuaaa, cu-cute? me? To be praised by such a beautiful person like Dina-sama! I’m happy! ! 」」
Arezel jumps around on the spot from the joy.

「Arezel, Arezel, I know you’re happy, but calm down a little, also, we’re going to have dinner after those two come back, is that fine?」
「Two people… So you meet Roury-sama right? I’m worried, she ran as soon as I told her about you two going to the cave.」
She looks genuinely relieved hearing the news.
「Ahh, I made a meal because I thought everyone would come back soon. But it’s just a regular meal and not a feast, I wonder if it will fit Dina-sama’s palate or not.」
She puts her hand on her mouth, and a troubled expression can be seen on her face. Looking at Arezel’s expression that keeps changing, Souta and Dina burst out laughing.
「You don’t need to mind that, my mother is originally a maid, she is good at general home cooking, so I’ve more opportunity to eat things like that instead of a feast.」
「Fueeee, ummm I’m sorry, because Dina-sama is a princess, I just assumed so.」
Thinking that she said something rude, she hurriedly bows her head.

「Arezel, we can continue the talk later, for now, can you bring out the food? I’ll also pitch in some food so it’ll be a bit luxurious.」
「Ahh yes. I will prepare it right away.」
Arezel turns around and then runs to the kitchen.

「Hahh-hahhh~ leaving us like that, Souta-dono is terrible.」
「Hahh-hahhh~ Master, pull your punch the next time you hit me uuuu.」
Just as Arezel enters the kitchen, Narasu and Roury barge into the room.
「Both of you, we’ll have dinner soon. Take a seat, also……. wipe your sweat.
Souta takes cloths from his Dimensional Storage and passes them to Narasu and Roury, and then he sits next to Dina.

「Although there’s a lot we need to talk about…… Well for now, let’s eat first.」

t/n: so i kind of forget to add this, but i actually disappointed with the previous chapter, it’s because Roury is the one who saves the day, i don’t mind her saving souta, just not from the Hydra battle, or at the very least, if she wants to show up there, make some foreshadow or something, suddenly showing up there at the last time is plain plot convenience, i actually prefer Ed suddenly show up and transform into a superior monster horse, along with the explanation that Ed is actually Souta’s old horse, despite absurd, i actually can accept that more than Roury suddenly show up


anyway, that’s become a kind of rant, sorry, just want to say what in my mind

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27 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 56

    1. foreshadow of her is there, Elmia already mention about her mother is Narasu’s student, Arezel mention Roury’s name before,
      but foreshadow for her appearing in that cave isn’t


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  2. true, suddenly she’s just appearing and BAMM everyone got saved?and she’s super strong?she can overkill that powered up hydra in 1 hit isn’t she ridiculously strong?beside MC ofc.


  3. Yee I agree about Roury her entrance was weird. It wasn’t too surprising to me that she showed up – after all the elf back in the human town asked Souta to meet her and she was mentioned while they were in the alchemist elf’s workshop – but it IS weird that she can apparently one shot some super monster her master is helpless against? lol? Why is she your master if she’s way weaker than you?


  4. Last chapter MC goes from OP to helpless and is random saved by person with an OP weapon that makes the MC look weak that anyone can use. I am just not sure what the author is trying to convey there.

    This feels like a premonition that this is going to be a string of “as the MC gets stronger random people come out that can equal or exceed him” as some silly mechanic.

    Hope I’m wrong.


  5. Souta who knows her from long ago only says those words.
    should be:
    Narasu who knows her from long ago only says those words.


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