Continuation Announcement

It’s been so long, I’m sorry for not giving any info or news until now, for now, I will tell you what I did over the past weeks.

First of all, right after chapter 56 done, I’m called to my uncle house, this kills my motivation so I stop translating for a while, then I kept saying “I will do it tomorrow, I swear I will” for 2 weeks straight.

In those 2 weeks, it’s not like I didn’t do anything, I re-read most novel to rekindle my motivation, it works, that’s why I’m going to start again, but not now, I almost finish my long march, just 1 title left and I’m done, nothing else to read so I need to make one on my own.


So yeah, chance is, I will start in 2-3 days, again I’m sorry for not giving any information beforehand, and hope you will still accompany me stroll around from now on.

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